Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Appendix: Compounds in Human Semen Which Alter Female Psychology, Behavior, and Physiology.

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Table Source: R.L. Burch and G.G.Gallup,

“The Psychobiology of Sperm,” Cambridge University Press.


Cholesterol 6148 Valsa et al. (1992) Steroid hormone precursor.
Cortisol 63 700 Brotherton (1990a) Increase approach behaviors, parental care, affection.
Cortisol 20 000 Abbaticchio et al. (1981)
Transcortin 12 000 000 Brotherton (1990a) Stress response, accentuate dopamine effects, increases oxytocin, corticotropin-releasing hormone, and opioids.
Testosterone 500 Hampl et al. (2000) Sexual drive.
Testosterone 559 Asch et al. (1984)
Dihydrotestosterone 695 Asch et al. (1984)
5a-Dihydrotestosterone 300 Hampl et al. (2000)
Androstenedione 2018 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3a-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5,16-Androstadien-3-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3-one 800 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
4,16-Androstadien-3-one 800 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
7a-Dihydroxy-5-androsten-17-one 1808.18 Hampl et al. (2000) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
7-Dihydroxy-5-androsten-17-one 1694.97 Hampl et al. (2000) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
Estrone 157 Ney (1986) Trigger ovulation, elevate mood, vaginal lubrication,absorption of hormones, pheromone production.
Estradiol 70.2 Ney (1986)
Estradiol 46.9–91.3 Luboshitzky et al. (2002)
Follicle-stimulating hormone 8 500 000 Ney (1986) Steroidogenesis, egg development, ovulation.
Luteinizing hormone 220 000 000 Ney (1986) Steroidogenesis, egg development, ovulation, sex drive.
Luteinizing-releasing hormone 31–71 Chan & Tang (1983) Induces luteinizing hormone release.
Prolactin 86 000 Ney (1986) Antidepressant, facilitates pregnancy, maternal behavior, appetite, oxytocin secretion, and ACTH secretion.
Prolactin 7500 Aiman et al. (1988)
19-Hydroxyprostaglandin E Kelly (1995) Immunosuppressant.
Prostaglandin E1 Ney (1986), Kelly (1995) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Prostaglandin E2 Ney (1986), Kelly (1995) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Prostaglandin F2 Ney (1986) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Oxytocin 1.72 Goverde et al. (1998) Increases testosterone, prostaglandins, involved in orgasm, affiliation and bonding, elevates mood.
Vasopressin 1.84 Brotherton (1990c) Arousal, attention, vigilance, sympathetic function.
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone 12 200 Pekary et al. (1983) Antidepressant.
Melatonin 9.7–45.4 Luboshitzky (2002) Increases steroid effects, affects reproduction, induces sleep.
Relaxin 1240–73 000 Loumaye et al. (1980) Sperm motility, fertilization, implantation, uterine growth and accommodation.
Human chorionic gonadotropin 232.067–2510 de Medeiros (1992) Pregnancy maintenance.
Human placental lactogen Seppal a et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Pregnancy-specific 1-glycoprotein Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 5 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 12 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 14 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Pregnancy-associated plasma protein Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Serotonin Garcia-Hjarles (1990) Antidepressant.
Tyrosine van Overveld (2000) Precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine.
DOPA 40 230 Fait et al. (2001) Precursor to dopamine.
Norepinephrine 151 810 Fait et al. (2001) Attention, cognition, concentration.
B-Endorphin 154.7 Zalata et al. (1995) Immunosuppressant, opioid.
B-Endorphin 308 Davidson et al. (1989)
B-Endorphin 192 Singer et al. (1989)
Calcitonin 331 Davidson et al. (1989)
Calcitonin 754 Singer et al. (1989)
Enkephalin Sastry et al. (1991) Prevents acrosome activation, opioid, orgasm.
Substance P Sastry et al. (1991)
Cytokine interleukin 1a 26.1 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 4 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 6 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 8 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Tumor necrosis factor- a. Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant
Interferon-y Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Macrophage colony-stimulating factor Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Granulocyte elastase Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Carnitine Ruiz-Pesini et al. (2001)
Carnitine 256.92 Menchini-Fabris et al. (1984)


Additional Human Seminal Chemicals

which Manipulate Human Females:

Multiple sources. (See References)

Cells: PMN Leucocytes, Monocytes, Macrophages, Prostasomes.

Peptides: 5-nucleotidase, Tripeptide amides, Calcitonin, Glutathione,

Carnitine, Fibronectin, Bradykinin, Prostate specific antigen (PSA),

IL-8 H,  IL-12 H, sIL-2R, sIL-6R, TNF-alpha,

Transforming growth factor (TGF), Semenogelins, Phospholipases,

Angiotensin, Endothelin, LL-37, PAPP-A H, Transglutaminase,

Proteases, Immunoglobulins, Transferrin, Lactoferrin,

α2-macroglobulin, β2-microglobulin, Fc-receptor-binding protein,

ACTH H, Acid phosphatase, Prostate steroid binding protein (PSBP),

Albumin, Gastricsin, Leptin, Vitronectin, Lysozyme

Amino acids: Taurine, Polyamines Putrescine, Spermidine, Spermine

Catecholamines: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, DOPAC, Eicosanoids

Alkaloids: Endogenous opiates

Steroids: Dihydroepiandrosterone

Sugars: Fructose

Salts: Bicarbonate, Ascorbate, Urate

Metals: Zinc

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive inventory.

pregnant gun photo


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Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part V: Maleness in Context: cross-species sperm-transfer tactics reveals what maleness is.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Seminal chemical warfare has evolved not just in human males, but in males across species. Component compounds in semen may vary species to species, yet across species, biologically, the goal of the male is the same: to make the female recreate him. And to do this, to get their sperm, their very own blueprint plans, into females, males across species have evolved not just seminal chemical warfare, but an endless number of war strategies – including specialized morphologies, specialized chemicals and specialized behaviors.


Specialized morphologies. – Males of many species have evolved specialized appendages to seize and hold down females. This seemingly infinite diversity of “organs of prehension in males” was noted by Darwin. (Dude can call them “organs of prehension,” – but what they are are rape-arms).

In water striders (Rheumatobates), male graspers evolved to overcome intense female resistance, dramatic somersaulting by fighting females, by transforming all six legs and even the antennae into grasping appendages. In scorpion flies, when the males’ rape-arms were disabled by researchers, females fought males off. The “disabled” male scorpion flies soon brought females “food gifts.” These “gifts” threw females off-guard, enabling males to rape females even more easily. Other well-developed rape-arms are found in male crustaceans like crayfish. Males also inseminate females against their will by holding them down with specialized hands. Male frogs, for example, have evolved rape-hands, “rough patches of skin on the thumbs, digits, inner arms and/or chest,” called “nuptial pads” by male biologists, – and evolved by males to seize females.

Besides specialized rape-arms and rape-hands, males also use their teeth in service of rape, either delivering chemicals which subdue females with their bite, or else as coercive weapons. Certain male salamanders (Desmognath wrighti) preemptively quash female fight-back by sinking their teeth into the female, teeth which inject chemicals which stupefy. Female blue sharks face serious threats of blood loss and infection from being viciously ripped open by the weapon-teeth of males. (Some biologists believe male sharks invented copulation 400 million years ago. To see footage of sharks is to know this is not just fucking; this is life-threatening rape, – suggesting, possibly, rape as the origin of copulation). Due to the life-threatening danger males pose, female blue sharks avoid males.

Avoiding males to avoid being assaulted is common across species. Female stingrays bury themselves under the sand. Female diving beetles (Dytiscidae), to avoid males/rape, continuously dive under water. Male diving beetles, overruling this female self-defense, evolved adhesive structures on their tarsae to better grasp females under water. Females of some diving beetle species then improved their self-defenses with altered dorsal surfaces which are harder to grasp, though these probably won’t prevail, as morphologies evolved by rapists are much more likely to be reproduced.

Besides specialized rape-arms, hands, and teeth, males of many species also slam females down with their much greater body weight, which can also be considered a morphologically-evolved weapon in service of rape. Male elephant seals use their massive body weight, their teeth, and an assortment of other tactics to rape females. Female elephant seals have super-thick necks, many times thicker than the much larger males, as only females with thick necks survived males’ violent biting during rape, and only survivors pass attributes to daughters. Female elephant seals commonly die from the brutality of these rapes, most often from the male crushing the female’s skull or spine with his jaws, from the male delivering a blow to the female’s head, or from the male crushing the female’s ribs and/or organs, leading to massive internal bleeding. If that wasn’t bad enough, while females hang together for protection (male biologists call these “harems,” – but they would), beta-males loiter peripherally, trying to sneak into female space or else attacking females who leave. Females strongly resist these attacks, which become quite violent, also sometimes resulting in female death. This occurs in both Northern and Southern elephant seals. In Southern elephant seals, however, beta-males actually form into militarized rape posses which either storm and occupy the females’ space which they then turn into a rape encampment, or else abduct individual females. Females also commonly die from these militarized rape raids, as do their pups, trampled by invading males.

Male genitals are themselves specialized morphologies. Sperm-dispensing organs are probably in fact the most rapidly-evolving male morphology, especially in species where females hold eggs internally. Clasping structures on male genitals have been evolved by rapists of different species, and are rather common. Other males have evolved barbs and spines on their penis, including male chimps, lions and tomcats. The barbs and spines on the male cowpea weevil penis seen here damages the female internally, slicing and scarring her genital tract so that she reproduces only that ugly prick, his ugly prick, and no other.

Barbed penis of the cowpea weevil

Males of many species have evolved their genitals into weapons against females. The male Argentine lake duck uses his long penis to “lasso” then assault females. Males with the longest penises were “best” at roping/raping females. Consequently, the male Argentine lake duck has evolved the longest penis of any bird in the world. We can see here how males use a specialized morphology – here it’s genitals, but whatever morphology males have evolved – as a weapon to rape females, use females to reproduce that weapon to rape females, then further “improve” that weaponry through continued rape/continued use of females to reproduce males.

That males have evolved specialized morphologies to rape females, – and that these specialized morphologies widely-exist among males of different species – means three things: 1). Males across species commonly rape. 2). Specialized morphologies in males evolved through rape itself. And 3). Females often become mere conduits for the evolution of rapists.


Specialized chemicals. – Besides having evolved specialized morphologies to get their copy orders into females, males have also evolved specialized chemicals, in addition to those in semen, towards this end. These specialized chemicals include toxins which render females unconscious or induce physical paralysis. The male funnel-web spider (Agelenopsis aperta), for example, sprays the female with a toxin, rendering her unconscious before raping her. In scorpions, the male stabs the female multiple times with his venomous stinger, physically paralyzing the female before raping her.

Most chemical hexes males cast to possess females, however, are mediated through semen. While Homo sapiens have their own special blend, males of other species also have theirs. In the greater hooked squid (Onykia ingens), though females are more than five times bigger than males, males have evolved an enzyme in their semen to dissolve female flesh. The male uses his penis to spray the female (this goo-sprayer one of the proportionally-longest in animal dudedom, a specialized morphology for improved aim, as dude doesn’t get up-close-and-personal with this intimidating female). When his ejaculate hits the female’s body, an enzyme in his semen dissolves her tissue, so his sperm can burrow their way through her skin.

Widespread seminal-chemical tactics include chemically-branding females and physically sealing females off to other males. Males of many species chemically-brand females by injecting what male biologists call “anti-aphrodisiacs” to prevent, as they dudeifully explain, “recently-mated females from wanting to remate.” More accurately, these chemicals deter other males from their normal course of behavior – sexually harassing the female unrelentingly, and should correctly be called “back off-bros.” Certain female butterflies are subjected to just one male just once, as back-off-bros have been highly-evolved by males of many butterfly species. (Property law goes back). Males also draw property lines by commonly sealing females off to other males with sperm plugs, which are typically produced through semen. Sperm plugs are used, for example, by 62 primate species, male dragonflies, male kangaroos, male ground squirrels, male rats, and males of many other species to prevent other rapists from messing up dude’s copy order.


Specialized behaviors. – Besides specialized morphologies and specialized chemicals, males across species also deceive females in countless ways, target vulnerable females, and sexually-harass females unrelentingly.

Males of certain species use deceptive alarm calls, so when frightened females run, they’re ambushed. Sexual mimicry, in which males feign femaleness in order to trespass female space and access females, is also a reoccurring tactic of deception used by males cross-species. (Females sometimes employ this tactic in reverse, feigning maleness in order to protect themselves from sexual assault. Examples include damselflies, gravid female lizards, and female fiddler crabs. But this only works in small numbers. When females of a population mimic males in large numbers, males notice, and it is no longer a rape-protection strategy). Some male fish (eg, Corynopoma riisei) have even evolved deceptive lures, a transparent tail with a colored tip, which, when swished, looks like food, baiting the hungry female, who is then attacked. Male bats pick a warm spot to “hibernate,” so that they don’t fully sleep, and can then “inseminate” sleeping female bats. Male bats across all bat species practice this deception. Males of the dance fly (Empis opaca) lure females with willow-seed fluff disguised to look like a food offering. As the female hopelessly tries to feed on the fake food, the “gift-giver” rapes her.

Exploiting vulnerability is a tried and true male-perpetuation tactic. Male fruit flies patrol sites where females are emerging from their pupae, and rape them while their bodies are still soft and transparent, before their wings have unfolded, as these females can’t either fight or take flight. The red-sided garter snake overwinters communally by the thousands in underground dens. During spring emergence, sex-ratios outside the den become male-biased, as females who first emerge get out of Dodge ASAP. Late-emerging single females are assaulted in a writhing ball of hundreds of male snakes, where they are at risk of death by crushing.

Unrelenting sexual harassment by males occurs in most species. An example of this is the solitary bee Anthophora plumipes. As the female forages for nectar, the male chases her, tackles her, and/or knocks her to the ground. Harassment has been recorded at 11 tackles per minute. Rarely are these rape attempts successful, but females respond with male-avoidance, which is also life-avoidance. Females limit their foraging and eat less, – preferring the risk of starvation to the risk of males.

Anthophora plumipes, female

While avoiding males to avoid being assaulted is common across species, this can unfortunately, for females, lead to higher rates of predation (ie, being eaten by other species), and other life-threatening problems arising from withdrawal.

And finally, there are the impalers. – A category which stands alone. Certain male fish, like Malabar rice fish, stalk females like bow hunters, then let loose sperm-filled “arrows” which impale themselves into the female’s side. The male Dana octopus squid gets more up-close, using his beak and claws to pierce holes in the female before inserting his sperm into the fresh cuts. Upping the ante, male bedbugs use their dicks to impale female bedbugs – anywhere, – though usually the abdomen. Semen has to evolve to highly advanced degrees of evil for this shit to even work. Yet “traumatic insemination,” of which bedbugs are just one example, is not rare. Males of different species have evolved it many times.


So we can see: It’s rampant cross-species.

It’s cross-cultural and cross-species…

Meaning the problem is biological.

Males are not a socialization problem.

Male are a biological problem.

The evolutionary trajectory of males is to develop every goddamn hellacious satanic shit imaginable, whatever it takes, irregardless, to rape/fuck/sperm females. Males across species single-mindedly, unceasingly shoot for this, their dial set to Megalomanaical Delusions of Immortality – Me Me Me – Forever. Driven to make more of themselves, males spread the virulence of maleness, and are driven, at the deepest level, to disseminate their particular strain.

The evolutionary trajectory of males, once launched, cannot be unlaunched, because it is self-fueling, self-reinforcing, – as males who aren’t on the cutting-edge of fuckery tend to be discontinued, – while the male vanguard, developing “better” diabolical tactics, pushing dude-depravity to new extremes, are rewarded by winning the prize they’re after: a good shot at being made new.

Males who are “best” at getting their sperm, their blueprint plans, their recreate-me copy orders into females – because of “better” rape-arms, “better” rape-hands, “better” bite chems, “better” weapon teeth, “better” force of weight, “better” surprise attacks, “better” organized rape posses, “better” abduction tactics, “better” clasping/wounding genitals, “better” knocking unconscious/paralysis toxins “better” enzymes for dissolving flesh, “better” chemical-branding, “better” sperm plugs, “better” deceptive alarm calls, “better” sexual mimicry, “better” bio-lures, “better” awake-hibernation, “better” fake-gift giving, “better” exploitation of vulnerability, “better” overwhelming, “better” unrelenting sexual harassment, “better” stalking, arrows and aim, “better” claws to open skin, “better” impaling, which depends on “better” semen – males who are “best” at getting their sperm, their blueprint plans, their recreate-me copy orders into females because they are “best” at any of these or other strategies – are most likely to be reproduced. These males are then copied into the next generation of males, who improve, in good turn, upon evil.

By brandishing every goddamn hellacious satanic shit imaginable, males have completely reversed their inherently weak position – as the genetic dependents of females – to become rulers of genomes. – The worst graspers have seized control of entire genomes, – the worst graspers have seized control of many many many genomes, – with males then steering those genomes towards their own single-minded self-interest of self-perpetuation, – this single-minded self-interest completely at odds with the health and well-being of females and the species at large.

Biologists call this species situation in which males have the ball and are running towards the abyss “runaway sexual selection.” Biologists lie through their teeth when they say “female choice” drives this male-made Armageddon. This is, in fact, a hijacking. Biologists will not state the obvious: The war males wage on females is ultimately males’ war for control of the genome.

Male control of the genome hinges on males bringing female reproductive powers under male control. While Homo sapien males continue to do this in a number of ways, ancestral males and males of other species commonly did this through rape. Males commonly drive their own evolution – and consequently the evolution of their species – through rape. (“Commonly” does not mean this is not a crime. This is a war crime).

Once males have brought females’ reproductive powers under male control, once rapists have commandeered the genome, males’ specialized morphologies, chemicals and behaviors are unavoidably perpetuated when females perpetuate males.

A female who makes a male is making war for females. A female who makes a male becomes the means by which males war against females. A female who makes a male, however unintentionally, is enabling and continuing and even improving males’ war against females. She is “helping” males become “better” and “better” rapists; she is “helping” males become more formidable. – The diving beetle, for example: Even though the female tries to avoid males/rape by diving underwater, the male still dives after her to try to grasp/rape her. Females in turn evolve altered dorsal surfaces, making it harder for males to grasp them underwater. But the males who “overcome” this female morphological defense will do so through “improvements” – having better graspers, being the biggest males, etc. – making them even more hellacious rapists, – which the female will be forced to perpetuate, – inadvertently bringing a new level of hell to other females.

Eventually, once males have reached a certain level of formidability, an ever-present threatening force, once females at large reflexively yield to males, males can continue to drive their own evolution without rape. (This is no doubt why men consider themselves biologically superior, and have forever told us so. Men are saying they won. – Men are saying women have lost the war for control of the genome, a war women may not even realize they were in. Instead of taking mens’ biologically superior claims apart, women fear and avoid biological inquiry. This is no doubt because white men since Aristotle been dealing out erroneous biological accusations against women and all other living beings to explain their ascent to Alpha-patriarchy (not cuz they were cruelest; not even cuz they took male violence on the road, their only novelty being they crossed oceans with it, no, – cuz: biodestiny), with women consequently now doubting the validity of biology, thinking it an anachronism, an offensive anachronism, which dudes are again using to their advantage by now claiming biology isn’t really real after all – women believing this shit – not once, both times).

Males use females to evolve themselves into a more and more formidable evil, – thereby establishing themselves in the genome, – inextricably. Males drive their evolution towards inextricable indestructible immortality, – however delusional that may be… The physically-threatening outcome of males’ experiments in genomics – ie, themselves – dissuades females, as intended, from easily reclaiming control of the genome.

Once rapists have seized control of a genome, females wanting to reclaim their right to manage that genome as Makers of the Species must evolve extremely radical strategies. Alternately, females can regain genome management following a genomic or environmental catastrophe by evolving new strategies to survive. Because females have the ultimate biological power, females across species have done both these things – and in fact, females have done both these things many times. (Trust hopes to write about this in the future). When females decide males have become too costly, or when females face a crisis, females have completely rewritten their species, – sometimes even in a single generation.

Yet in our own species, given the degree to which Homo sapien females have capitulated – (holy shit, we got handmaidens wanna end females’ inherent Species-Admin Rights, we got women killing their babygirls because men want them to, we got alpha-patriarchy males sterilizing women they see as makers of beta-patriarchy rivals, we got females taken lifetime host-hostage because abortion might mean jail time, we got women everywhere forced to birth babies they do not want, we got planet-altering overpopulation cuz women convinced men’s non-stop dick-sticking is something they have to abide, we got females not allowed to remove rapists’ chromosomes from their bodies, we got women surrendering or selling their daughters to men and pimps, we got illiterate 10-year-old girls confined by men who rape them and will make them breed more rapists of 10-year-old-girls because women accept this as “tradition,” we got women putting no hope or resources into daughters and all they’ve got into sons, we got feminists breaking bonds with other feminists because they all oxytocin-high on babyboy, we got females everywhere consistently “selecting for males” who can physically overpower females – if and when the fuck they want) – given this sorry scene, – it seems highly unlikely that prior to extinction, – which might not kill us all, – or even after extinction, – females will reassert control over the genome. – Because for females to reassert control over the genome, they would have to become Feminist Mothers. – Feminist Mothers are not mothers who hand babyboy a doll he will try to stick his dick into or beat his sister with. Feminist Mothers select for, for example, smallest, least aggressive, lowest-testosterone, far fewer or no males (think how much male violence could be averted, think how our world would change, if Feminist Mothers selected males to just be smaller than females). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to use any female cell (another woman’s or even their own) to fertilize an egg (this has already been done in mice and is now being perfected by Dr. Orly Lacham-Kaplan (female), who *wantsta help* sperm-tanking dudes by using any male cell to fertilize an egg, discovering any female cell also could be used). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to merge two eggs (also already done in mice and extremely possible in humans, with biologists hoping to cash in, in fact, by making stem cells this way, “avoiding moral issues,” because life created without sperm isn’t considered life). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to get back to parthenogenesis (harder, but not necessarily impossible, being initially technically similar to merging two eggs in that male-blocked gene Igf2 would have to be unblocked). Feminist Mothers could try any of these options. – If we only had Feminist Mothers. – Here in Homo sapien land.























Trust is also sorry to report that the biological problem of maleness can never be solved by Spinsterism/Radical Feminist Lesbianism/Separatism alone. In fact these are only ass-saving strategies good for one lifespan (hey, nothing wrong with saving your ass). Evolution is about whose offspring inherits some advantage to survive. That offspring must also reproduce, inscribing that advantage into the genetic code. Because this is how Life works, Spinsterism/Radical Feminist Lesbianism/Separatism are, by themselves, unfortunately, evolutionarily meaningless. – Stepping away from the genome while males tap whole nations of handmaidens to re-create themselves does not solve the biological problem of males. For Spinsters/Radical Feminist Lesbians/Separatists, there is only the small consolation of not having made any, of not having done that to women.


Females of some species never conceded species management to males in the first place. These are the golden orb spiders, the black widow spiders, the praying mantises of the world. The practice in which females eat males, called “sexual cannibalism” by male biologists, has been, until recently, totally misunderstood. For a long time, it was thought that the female ate the male post-copulation, that the male, in an act of “self-sacrifice,” served as a food source for the female, providing nutrients towards her reproductive efforts. Males were cool with this, the theory went, because males were “investing” in their offspring. While the female sometimes does eat the male post-copulation, it is now known that in 40 out of of 49 species of spiders under female species management, the female eats the male without copulation occurring. These females are in fact usually hostile to copulation, and routinely kill males upon detection. (Though walking on eggshells, males being males, still try sperming females, despite very low odds of sperming and very high odds of dying). These female spiders, – successfully managing their species, – select for kind of male they want to live. – All other males, – they eat.


Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part IV: Present Evolutionary Context of Seminal Sorcery and Investment Planning: semen responds to unprecedented barriers.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Male writers report the evolution of concealed estrus – females not signaling males – as the dawn of total female sexual openness to males. – But they would.

Males’ abducting/raping/keeping females captive likely originated after females stopped signaling. It’s unclear when males’ abducting/raping/keeping females captive was transformed by dudes worldwide into the Holiness of Matrimony, the Sanctity of Marriage, – but as recently as AD 200 in Northern Europe, for example, dudes still hadn’t fully made “the transition:” “Among the Germanic Goths, a man married a woman from within his own community. When women were in short supply, he captured (sic) his bride-to-be from a neighboring village. The future bridegroom, accompanied by a male companion, seized any young girl who had strayed from the safety of her parental home (sic). Our custom of a best man is a relic of that two-man, strong-armed tactic; for such an important task, only the best man would do (sic). From this practice of abduction, which literally swept a bride off her feet (sic), also sprang the later symbolic act of carrying the bride over the threshold…Since there remained the real threat (sic) of the bride’s family’s attempting to forcibly gain her return, the best man stayed by the groom’s side…alert and armed.” (Panati)

Males responded to concealed estrus by “improving” their sem-chems while institutionalizing “the keeping of females” to continuously fuck them – whether ovulating or not. Keeping females to continuously fuck them not only overruled the NO of concealed estrus, but, one-upping non-signaling females, maximized for Y-cloning. A female held captive and continuously fucked was highly likely to Y-clone her captor. Evolving their sem-chems on captive host-bodies, males overcame females’ no info/no interest new terms and conditions, easily embedding their sperm, parasite-like, into ripe eggs, ensuring their hosts continued to make them. All this served parasitic Y-chromosomes well – very well – for a very very long time.


Y chromosomes in sperm, captured by florescent in situ hybridization (FISH) technology


Females around the world may have periodically appealed to males for fewer personal restrictions under captivity. But these appeals, even if successful, amounted to very little in terms of hitting dudes where it counts. Women who won the right to vote in the US/India/Saudi Arabia, for example, were still held bodily captive by males. By legal right, males still owned almost all female bodies on which they could evolve their semen and remake themselves through continuous spermatic injections. In other words, nothing changed that mattered.

It wasn’t until the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement that a significant number of women started to hit dudes where it counts. Assorted feminist challenges, – from birth control and abortion to Women’s Liberation and Lesbian Nation, – posed probably the greatest biological threat to males since the evolution of concealed estrus.



Though birth control was developed at least 5,500 years ago (this is the beginning of writing, when birth control methods were first recorded; birth control may actually far precede this date), and though women the world over developed birth control, from crocodile dung cervical caps in ancient Egypt to mercury ingested to induce abortion in ancient China, highly-reliable widely-available birth control only first became available in the US in 1960 with the birth control pill. Other forms of highly-reliable widely-available birth control for the hetwim masses soon followed, including, in many places, safe and legal abortion. And so only very recently in the long span of Homo sapien history, just “a fraction of a nanosecond ago,” an array of highly-reliable widely-available sperm-defeating/sperm-killing birth control came to be used by women worldwide on a mass scale. While the evolution of concealed estrus created a crisis for males because males could no longer tell when the Y-Copy Shop was open for business, widespread use of birth control by heterosexual women created a new crisis for Y-copy shoppers: Store owners now shot whoever came through the door.




Women’s Liberation and Lesbian Nation, starting in 1967, were historically unprecedented and radically shattering by questioning and/or straight-out refusing male access to female host-bodies. The right not to have children/the right not to marry men/the right not to be sexual with men at all/the right to be a Freewoman and/or out Lesbian are often overlooked in historical accounts of the Second Wave, which emphasize job gains, yet in the history of men and women on Earth, freedom from males, was, for females, one serious goddamn fucking triumph. Due to Second Wave women who made it their right to live openly man-free, in many parts of the world, new generations of women show little interest in signing til-death-do-we-part blood-pacts with dudes.

indexLesbian Avengers breathing fire. British Columbia chapter.

And so across the spectrum – from the dullest hetwoman using birth control pills to the sharpest Lesbian Separatist honing her labrys, – male ejaculate was suddenly dead-idling on the interstate, – gridlocked. Finally females hit males where it counts. Males have correctly interpreted these collective barricades as a major biological threat.


As significant numbers of women rendered man-concoction meaningless, two things happened: fellatio was standardized into hetsex, and males started to fuck as many females as possible (aka “the sexual revolution.” (The Sexual Revolution, actually, was women beginning to assert a minor management role over their genome by refusing to incubate on cue)).

Fellatio, previously, in many places, had not been part of the standard hetsex repertoire. In the US, for example, fellatio was standardized into hetsex only about 48 years ago. We know this because males are vectors for disease: In the US in the early 2000s, there was a sudden increase in oral cancers in women. According to the 2008 McClatchy New Service article reporting this story: “…(M)edical experts suspect the increase in HPV oral cancer stems from a shift in sexual behaviors…” An ear, nose and throat doctor witnessing this spike in cancers of the mouth and throat in women dated its origin to “about 40 years ago.” This puts us at 1968. – The approximate year a critical mass of males started demanding females suck their dicks.

With dudegoo suddenly faced with new impediments, it is probably incorrect to attribute the standardizing of fellatio into hetsex accompanied by the new fucking of not just one captive, but as many females as possible to the separation of fucking from babymaking, which is how this “shift in sexual behaviors” is typically explained. Instead, because males were experiencing a biological threat, it seems likely males responded frantically, trying new approaches to get their psychotropic seminal chemicals into females, and into as many females as possible in fact, “counter-adapting” asap.

 This argument is further supported by the recent standardization of anal sex into the hetsex repertoire. Like fellatio before it, anal sex previously had not been part of the standard hetsex repertoire, and its recent standardization has been likewise accompanied by a new fuck as many females as possible campaign. Biologically, anal sex has likely been standardized by males as a way to deliver their evil serum into women unimpeded, because unlike the acidic and immune-responsive vaginal tract, dudegoo is not efficiently decimated by the female in the anal tract, meaning female-altering seminal chemicals may be more successful in getting into the female bloodstream, and in turn, possibly may evolve more aggressively. A recent article in The Guardian (2015) reported girls “under the age of consent” were experiencing an epidemic of severe internal damage from males, who apparently have succeeded in normalizing anal sex for whole new generations of females. Males commonly report to dudebros how “obedient” “their female” becomes after anal sex, even charting on the Internet an average duration of submissiveness of about 30 days before a “booster” is “needed.” This, at this time, isn’t to Y-pass; it’s to regulate: seminal chemicals regulate females for males. Whatever women’s now unstoppable aspirations may be, for parasite, females must remain male-regulated, females must remain accessible host-bodies, females must remain spellbound to dude.

Males ejaculating on female’s faces and bodies is also new and biologically strange, yet is not without male precedent in other species – ie, once males have evolved their semen to bypass the vaginal tract or pass through female skin. (See Maleness in Context: cross-species sperm-transfer-tactics reveals what maleness is). Besides their obvious hate joy, one has to wonder why men are doing this at this time. Females as pores? As one million holes? Males appear to be chemically experimenting on females in strange and desperate ways.

Another new experiment heterosexual males are trying is sexual mimicry, used by males of other species, but heretofore, not ours. In other species, sexual mimicry is the male tactic of mimicking females, males disguising themselves as females to access females to rape. (Male biologists also call this “copulation sneaking.” – But they would). Sexual mimicry is an old strategy, a successful strategy, and not uncommon in males of very different species, – now apparently including Homo sapiens, toying with their pervs.


In mens’ most recent fuck as many females as possible campaign (“sexpozzie hook-up culture,” normalizing new trends in female soul-murder, including kink, bdsm and omnipresent porn), – females are enlisted/females have enlisted in men’s war against women as dude-approved lab rats, – providing themselves as research material in men’s ongoing experiments on females. Volunteers are successfully trained not to know the difference between being fucked and being a research and development torture subject. Females making total donations have been trained to believe dudes’ latest exploratory seminal experiments, dudes’ pilot programs, are “normal” “sex” “acts.”

Dudegoo is now facing not just the external threats posed by female host-bodies these past few decades, but as sperm counts plummet and the Y-chromosomes in sperm slowly unravel over time, also the threat of internal decay. Given this dire situation, of course males would try every semonic strategy imaginable. The cells which make up semen are thought by male scientists to be the most rapidly-evolving cells in the human genome. If this is true, and it seems possible, it would be expected that semen, which acts as the armed-to-the teeth elite special forces guarding increasingly fragile sperm, is evolutionarily experimenting, – furiously compensating for internal decay, while at the same time, trying to better manage host-bodies in order to assure male perpetuation.

Increasing semen exposure to females provides males the opportunity to better evolve their semen. As it stands now, the chemicals in semen already deaden women, estrange women from themselves, make women doubt their own perceptions, trusting in men and not themselves, discipline women for obedience and loyalty to men, discipline women to let men access and inhabit their bodies, make bitches learn and remember new tricks, get women to ask to be fucked, tie/chain/bond women to men, addict women to men, create dependency, stymie alliance-building between women, prevent women from defending themselves, and dole out rewards to women when fucked. This, men’s micro-level war against women, is of course restated at the macro-level: Men/Porn deaden women, estrange women from themselves, make women doubt their own perceptions, trusting in men and not themselves, discipline women for obedience and loyalty to men, discipline women to let men access and inhabit their bodies, make bitches learn and remember new tricks, get women to ask to be fucked, tie/chain/bond women to men, addict women to men, create dependency, stymie alliance-building between women, prevent women from defending themselves, and dole out rewards to women when fucked. Who knows: We may even be able to approximate the war men are waging against women at the micro-level by observing how men are currently reinforcing their war against women at the macro-level. Otherwise, hard to know where men’s new seminal experiments are heading.

Clearly, this is the realm of seminal sorcery. Stepping back, we see these are spells men cast on women – spells men cast on women at every level – the microlevel, the macrolevel – and the supralevel, – ie, the level of women’s collective unconscious. Males are constantly administering and “upgrading” women’s collective unconscious, so that each successive generation of women will find it harder to scrub their minds of what the sado-sorcerers put there. Women can now chase their dreams, but women’s collective unconscious remains under male management. (Yet it can be done: Over time, with persistence and self-forgiveness, one can scrub one’s mind of what the sado-sorcerers put there). Feminism splintered in the 1980s because so many women hit a wall, finding it damn-near impossible to eradicate the man-sown masosadism/sm which had deeply and stubbornly rooted in their minds, and were instead now content to attend to their goals, to star in their own lives, feeling they had bargained well-enough, with many even enthusiastically choosing to cultivate the masosadism/sm they could not eradicate, even denouncing women who either never took that synaptic path, or who, abandoning old synaptic pathways, cleared new ones swinging their labrys. Naturally, men used this break between women to further hellify women’s collective unconscious, with special attention paid to Lesbians – whose collective unconscious the sado-sorcerers were particularly interested in keeping under male management. Then as now, women disagreed over whether or not to concede women’s collective unconscious to men, with many women decidedly spellbound, – women, who, because they could not fight male mind, fought other women for “the right” to keep male mind.

D. H. Lawrence: “Into her he poured all his pent-up darkness and corrosive death, and he was whole again… And she, subject, received him as a vessel filled with his bitter potion of death.” Men dump into women – guilt, shame, hatred which becomes self-hatred, bitter potions of death – all manner of toxins. Men discharge into women sub-lethality itself. Women are disabled from these sub-lethal discharges. Yes: Women are disabled from these sub-lethal discharges. How can, for example, a raped woman, the victim of a crime, be overcome with guilt and shame, and the rapist feel none? How can females at large, who after all, originated Life, feel so completely incapable? Men become agitated sitting in their own pot of toxins as it reaches a boil, complaining of getting “backed up.” Men discharge their disabling toxins into women, seminally and otherwise, – polluting women, transforming women’s collective unconscious into men’s toxic waste dump. The supralevel – women’s collective unconscious – oughtta be declared a Superfund site.

Regular sub-lethal discharges, of course, prepare women for sacrifice. Women must be prepared for sacrifice because women must be sacrificed to keep making males. Men ritualistically sacrifice heterosexual women every time they fuck them. Heterosexual women are familiar with the sense of being sacrificed when fucked, though are discouraged from pulling back the drapes on this insight, and encouraged, instead, to eroticize it. Males make women themselves want to be sacrificed. And so these sacrificial rites men perform on women are concealed by heterosexual women themselves, who, – so willingly it seems, – self-sacrifice on the altar of men.


Women may picket for women’s right to control their bodies, and see women’s right to control their bodies as just one sexist shit issue on a long list of sexist shit issues they wish they had the time to put more fight into. Women ain’t understanding. Women ain’t understanding how deep this goes: Women’s right to control their bodies is the bottom line ya’ll, – the very heart of the corpus delicti, – the beating heart of Patriarchy.

Photo by Lennart Nilsson. Mother unknown.



Teenage white boys cherish Life.


If we look at males, we can see they have placed their sperm bets across the board. “Risk-adverse” males, conservative males, still use what biologists call “mate-guarding,” – acting as a life-sized lifelong breathing burping sperm-plug, insuring that dude’s copy-orders and only dude’s copy-orders get copied. Other males, liberal males, enjoy taking more risk in the hope of higher rewards, ie, trying new ways to transmit their sperm/themselves while simultaneously trying to increase their returns by sperming more females. Yet other males, males who take the highest-risk, high-risk at the level of junk bonds (which commonly default, but if they don’t, can bring the highest returns), are the heterosexual males who attempt sexual mimicry itself.

Males appear to be “politically divided” over their sperm investment strategies, holding different opinions on the best way get their sperm into females. Aiming for good Y-returns, having placed their sperm bets across the board, males have in fact diversified their risk. Looking at males as a whole, we can see that males’ diversified sperm investment portfolio actually fully covers males, insuring they’ll be perpetuated – whatever the eventuality.

Of course there is only one unforeseen problem with males’ diversified sperm investment portfolio – and that is the declining value of sperm. As sperm counts drop and the Y-chromosomes in sperm degrade into oblivion, dude currency will be worthless. Still, dudes will keep trying to reinvest/reinvent/remake themselves. – Being, after all, one inherently narcissistic chromosome.

Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part III: Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineering: how females not signaling estrus trumped males.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Human semen likely evolved into its modern state of fuckery in a freakout response to ancestral females who permanently turned off their fertile-now signal. Pre-human ancestral females evolving not to signal estrus was good news for females. – But for males, – it was a disaster.

Across species, most females on Earth signal estrus, – whether by swellings or scents or chems – in an attempt to accept males only when ovulating, and at no other time. Our closest primate cousins, for example, go pink-butt when fertile to give notice that they are now accepting applications. Most other primates do not signal with pink swellings, but by emitting scents or chems. Among mammals at large, only a handful – including humans, dolphins, vervet monkeys and gray languars – do not signal estrus. Given how rare concealed estrus is, there must be some reason pre-human females evolved it.

Trust Your Perceptions will deal out the leading theories on how concealed estrus evolved (amazingly, most fail to grasp how evolution works, as these theorists aren’t all biologists). Trust will also offer obvious explanations which no one seems to have considered.

Noonan (female) and Alexander (male) proposed females all-together willed themselves to stop signaling estrus to force males to be monogamous with them and co-parent. This “Paternal Investment Theory,”/“catch and keep a man Cosmogirl theory,” despite remaining a leading theory, does not work on two counts: First, some species signaling estrus are monogamous and some species concealing estrus aren’t monogamous (Wagner), meaning concealed estrus is not linked to monogamy. Second, evolution doesn’t happen by willing a body function to stop. Symons (male) proposed less of a love story in his “Sex and Reward Hypothesis,” suggesting males coming home from the hunt “exchanged” meat to fuck hungry females who were signaling estrus. Burger-crazed females then mimicked being hot for dudes continuously, the theory goes, so that estrus as a fixed event disappeared. Dude brilliance blinds. – Yet dude doesn’t understand evolution: It does not work through will. A whole population of females can’t mimic signaling estrus through sheer paleo-willpower until none of them is signaling estrus. Schroder (female) and also Etlin (male) proposed the “Social Bonding Hypothesis” in which females stopped signaling to win dude detente. Peacenik females, according to this theory, wanted dudes to stop fighting over fucking them and just be friends. Females collaboratively stopped signaling to put an end to male competition, the theory goes, and usher in a new era of male bonding. While it seems logical females would want males to stop killing for territory/resources/females themselves, a non-stop dude activity, females collaboratively and willfully not signaling in the name of world peace would be a matter of great biological interest, as this is not how evolution works. (Schroder also suggested it wasn’t just world peace females wanted, but beta males’ genes, – and by willfully concealing estrus a female could sneak “clandestine copulations” with beta males, duping alpha into not knowing who baby’s poppa was (gosh, does this mean females had no choice? –) Though this is one of the only theories to hint at the extreme non-stop violence of males, evolution doesn’t select for bromantic sex-ay endings just cuz it would make money at the box office. Mealey (female) recently offered a new theory, suggesting enlarged breasts have now evolved to replace pink-signaling estrus. (Does Trust even have to explain the absurdity here?)

Other slightly-less absurd theories, – all lacking in development however, – include Burley (female), who proposed females stopped signaling estrus through “abstinence.” Burley theorized that because childbearing resulted so often in death, females, although still signaling estrus, decided to “abstain.” – And that this collective refusal of dudes led the signaling of estrus, somehow, to stop.

This theory is kind of confusing because abstinence/no babies would mean no evolution, though fewer babies, which could increase the survival of both mother and babies, would work. But how a “No Means No” campaign could both stop the presumed physical swelling, and, – far less likely, – be honored by dudes, – remains sketchy.

The “Reduced Infanticide Theory” put forward by Hrdy (female) is probably the most favored theory at this time. This theory, unlike most theories here, actually takes the mechanics of evolution into account, and also, albeit indirectly, the male obsession with their Y. Males killed babies, Hrdy proposed, when they thought a baby wasn’t “theirs.” Females who were naturally better at concealing estrus could obscure who the father was, securing higher rates of survival for their offspring by confusing males into periods of non-murder. Hrdy further proposed that females who let many males fuck them were best able to survive because fucked females could enlist the help of many males in child rearing, – all these males apparently showing up for their shift – because baby could be “theirs.”

Trust would like to point out that male cougars and other male mammals kill and even eat babies regularly, – whether “theirs” or not. – Biologists have not shown, to Trust’s satisfaction, that males are in any way discriminating in their violence, – much less meticulously discriminating. (Biologists try to explain male violence as having biological utility, when holy-shit obviously male violence is a threat to the species itself). – And Trust not even gonna bother ridiculing the sexpozzie female gets herself a staff of babysitting dudes idea. – Shiiit no.

Trust will offer this footnote, though, on baby-killing males: Females may have started to feed males to get males to stop killing and maybe even eating their babies. (This was first proposed by the writer Soledad de Montalvo (female)). Though males kill everything and anything on a regular basis, toddlers, whether killed recreationaly, or for toddler taretare, certainly would have alarmed.

Ain’t it odd though, – that all the women of the world, irregardless of culture, cultures so different, – hand dudes food? – Why have males eaten first and most when it is females who should have nourishment-priority as Makers of the Species? Why do males not only have the universal right to critique food females hand them, but also the right to, if displeased, threateningly fume? In 2015 in Nigeria, for example, an actual public debate broke out over whether women should be “traditional” by letting males eat first. In some places, males had, and even still have, their own tables where women serve them food. If the table is shared, the male sits as “head,” expecting to be served first. It is common the world over for males to be served first, and to be handed the best food, the choice cuts. Any sensible mother should know her daughter is biologically far more important than any male at the table, and feed her daughters first. Yet mothers generally feed their husbands first, – the biologically most expendable and expensive one, – with males even known to get jealous of a baby being breastfed – the echo of male threat from epochs past… Women have become so inured to the ordinary male death threat that when pointed at them, they no longer experience it for what it is, but instead, as the sudden need to post-haste placate. Females try to quell male violence through appeasement. Handing dudes food looking like one-half of womens’ international campaign to plead for niceness from dudes. Here: Just please stop killing the children, ok?

Bolin and Wheelan (both female) and also Pawlowski (male) proposed that our hominid female ancestors’ signaling of estrus ended with bipedalism. Because the concomitant tilting of the female pelvis could, evolutionarily, over time, end signaling, this theory seems plausible. Yet there may be more here too.

No one seems to have wondered if pre-Homo sapien females initiated bipedalism, – if females stood up to get males off their backs. – Literally. – Females would have been sitting targets, a bent back a virtual “landing pad” for attacking males, – who could hold down females easily, as females’ eyes and arms faced away from the attacker, – who the female couldn’t even kick. Dude’s most vulnerable parts would not be accessible to crush, and so effectively used as a weapon. To stand up was to remove the bent back, to remove the landing pad for attacking males. Some females may have stood up in self-defense, and stayed standing up – to be better vigilant against marauding males, checking what creep be creeping up behind them, and be better able to physically fight off male attacks. Females may have even survived best by standing up to hide their swelling, and avoid the life-threatening horde. Those females who stood up re-oriented their pelvis in relation to males. Those females who stood up could have improved their survival, and the survival of their daughters – by lowering their death rate in any of these ways. (Biologist Tanner (female) suggested bipedalism evolved as a “male phallic display.” Why would males expose their greatest physical weakness and open themselves to comparison? They can’t even use a public urinal without going into distress). Clearly, once bipedalism was the norm, exposed male genitals let females know what dudes were up to. In this way, bipedalism was a reversal in females’ favor – hiding females’ genitals from males, with males now unable to conceal). Once females stood up, the physical shifting of the female pelvis was a profoundly radical evolutionary change. Considering how much death from child-bearing this pelvis-shift brought upon females, bipedalism could have easily been selected against, and so there must have been a strong impetus for females to overcome this, – and stay standing up.


Evolution works like this: Concealed estrus evolved because females who could naturally better conceal estrus were more likely to survive and/or females who signaled estrus did not survive. Obvious theories which have been overlooked include:

1). Females who signaled estrus died from being fucked to death by all males within 100 miles. Females murdered by rape-raging males is common across species. Ducks for example: “In several species of ducks, males frequently harass females on land, water, and in the sky. Males grasp at females with their beaks and attempt to mount them. It is not unusual for the antics (sic) of one pair (sic) to attract the attention of many more males, resulting in a mass of struggling males (sic) enveloping (sic) a single female in the middle. Struggles can be violent enough that females die.” (Arnqvist and Rowe) Or quolls: when females of this very old carnivorous marsupial species signal estrus simultaneously each winter, males go into a fuck-frenzy, trying to fuck as many females as possible, biting females in the neck while dragging them off. When this shit is all over, it’s a battlefield littered with corpses.

A variation on this theme is the killing of babies by males on rape stampedes. Two/thirds of seal pups are regularly trampled to death, for example, by stampeding males in a rape-craze. If females die, if babies die, or both, the genetic line shifts to surviving females who can successfully reproduce daughters who will also succeed in reproducing. Females who were naturally better at concealing estrus may have better avoided the homicidal man-gangs, passing their better-concealment genes down to their daughters.

Or 2): Females who signaled estrus died in too-high-an-incidence of childbirth. After all, childbirth would be like clockwork, no break. – Females would be “bred” every season. Females dying in high numbers from childbirth would make survival of offspring unlikely.

Or 3): Simultaneous birthing of babies as a result of synchronized signaling of estrus would be catastrophic when facing a limited food supply, abnormally severe environmental conditions, or a thousand other very bad scenes. Females all giving birth around the same time would be resource-demanding and high-risk. (Even all females pregnating at the same time could lead to all kinds of problems). Those females naturally better able to conceal estrus may have pregnated out of sync with other females, giving their offspring a better chance to survive.

Or 4): Males battle it out. The biggest meanest prick wins. He fucks all the females. Resulting in bigger meaner prickbabies. Who grow into big pricks. Who battle it out. – The biggest meanest prick wins. He fucks all the females. Resulting in bigger meaner prickbabies. Who grow into big pricks. Who battle it out –

Having just one DNA alphadude “option” limits genetic diversity, which would weaken a group’s ability to deal with constant biological adversity. If one generation = Alphamale + All the Females, and if Alphamale picked up HIV from raping monkeys in his spare time, for example, – everyone dies. Male biologists miss this because the Alphamale is their *Hero.* Females who could naturally conceal estrus from alphamales and mate with HIV-negative betamales, eg, could divert their tribe into concealed estrus in just one generation. (– C’mon young feminist women: You can see how stupid these theorists are. Take over Biology. Take over Genetics. This world is yours).

However concealed estrus evolved, once it took hold among females an estimated 4-6 million years ago, it was unprecedented and devastating for ancestral dude. As a genetic parasite who must make a female copy him, – who must make a female surrender her resources towards the continuation of his strange little sex chromosome, – dude was all-a-sudden locked outside in the night. Getting copied/resource-extracting females was now gonna be a long shot, – a total shot in the dark. This was “life-threatening” to males, a great biological threat, – utterly cataclysmic. Like all semen producers cross-species, ancestral males had of course always wielded female-targeting seminal chemicals, but males locked outside in the night faced this new era of dead-bolted females by refining their semen over millions of years into its modern state of high-level fuckery.

Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part II: Shit’s Lethal: what happens to females prevented from evolving resistance to semen.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Semen is lethal to females. This has been scientifically shown, and is empirically supported.

It had been noticed across taxa that females died after “normal” sexual exposure to males (eg, (Trivers, 1972), (Parker, 1979), (West-Eberhard, 1984), (Partridge, et al, 1987)). – But in 1989, scientists reported copulation itself reduced females’ lifespan. The frequency female fruit flies were fucked correlated to the frequency female fruit flies died. (Fowler & Partridge). In 1993, male fruit flies voided of sperm still proved lethal to females, ruling out sperm as cause of death (Chapman & Hutchings). In 1995, male fruit flies voided of semen proved non-lethal to females, leading researchers to conclude semen itself killed females. (Chapman, et al) Chapman and team further confirmed their results by subjecting female fruit flies to high levels of semen. The higher the level of semen exposure, the more likely females died.

In 1996, scientific torturer William Rice allowed male fruit flies to evolve normally, while simultaneously stopping female fruit flies from evolving for 41 generations. (For methodology, see Rice’s paper: “Sexually Antagonistic Male Adaptation Triggered by Experimental Arrest of Female Evolution.” (Dude quite the man’s man, having also penned the research paper “Male Fitness Increases when Females are Eliminated from the Gene Pool: Implications for the Y Chromosome,” – but more on that another time)).

Male fruit flies allowed to evolve normally intensified their seminal toxicity. This resulted in 1). males siring more sons, and, 2). more females dying. Rice used three parameters to define “net male fitness,” which is what he was ultimately measuring: success in fucking a previously-fucked female by “overcoming female reluctance,” displacing the sperm of a predecessor, and number of sons sired. Under female arrested conditions, “net male fitness” increased dramatically. Increased dickery reigned amid a fruit fly babyboy boom. (Look at this: When females could not evolve to protect themselves against semen, males commandeered the genome, and the Y-chromosome “duplicated itself” with abandon. Right here ya’ll: The whole thing. – Trust rests Trust’s case). Not only did increased dickery reign amid a fruit fly babyboy boom, but females prevented from evolving, or, as Rice called them, “static targets,” could not develop counter-defenses to the intensified toxicity of semen, – consequently dying at very high rates.

Rice: “After 30 generations there was evidence of substantial adaptation of the experimental males to the target females…The observed increase in adaptation of experimental males is associated with a substantial decrease in the survival of their mates…seminal fluid has substantial toxic side effects in females, with increasing quantity leading to decreasing female survivorship…The decreased female survival is associated…with an elevated rate of remating, but males further reduce female survival by inducing higher mortality per insemination.” What dude be saying is: females who were fucked the most died the most.

Dude calls males becoming more lethal to females a “substantial adaptation” resulting in “increased net male fitness.” Male biologists and male-identified biologists also refer to this female death by dudefuck as “the cost of mating,” “the physiological cost to females,” “the ability to reduce female lifespan,” “the life history parameters of mated females” and “the intercept of the female’s survival function.” Dude-convolution hardly takes a break.

In his experiment, Rice showed that females must continuously update their defense system against the toxicity of male semen or die. Biologists call this “co-evolution.” Defined as the force organisms exert on each other as they evolve over time, whether mutual or antagonistic, this term is not inaccurate. But it ain’t truthful either. Truthful is that female hosts, constantly subjected to the life-threatening and all-consuming demands of male genetic parasitism, are in the business of defense, which is not the same as offense, unless you are a dude. However half-assed, Rice does allude to this, but his allusion is submerged in dude’s very strange language of equality: “Because each sex is a counteracting ‘moving target,’ their coevolution may parallel that between a species and its parasites, predators and competitors…”

Females are kept busy staving-off constant dude virulence. It’s troubling to see, on the macrolevel, so many females, due to male trauma and male economics, “barely surviving,” “just getting by.” But this is where males keep females at, – and, in fact, this is where males “must” keep females at – in this parasite-host equation. Every day in the macrolevel we see females struggle just to maintain – yet in fact this struggle for females just to maintain originates at the microlevel.

In 1999, in fruit flies, the exact source of male toxicity was narrowed down to proteins in semen – most notably seminal protein Acp62F – which enters the hemolymph of females “after mating” and has significant sequence similarity to a lethal spider neurotoxin. (Lung & Wolfner)

Also in 1999, Holland and Rice tested the lethality of males over 47 generations under conditions of forced monogamy. Monogamy resulted in less females dying. Females exposed to a virgin male for a single copulation lived longest, followed by females kept with a monogamous male over time. Females exposed to many males had high rates of death.

Holland and Rice concluded that under conditions of forced monogamy, males became less toxic to females, who in turn did not have to evolve counter defenses against male toxicity. When these monogamous females were put into an active poly group, however, they suffered the highest deathrate of all. Holland and Rice: “We found that females from the monogamy populations were harmed to a greater extent, by both ancestral males and control males, than females from control populations, providing strong evidence for the evolution of reduced female resistance.” What dudes be saying is: Monogamous females died after being fucked by their fathers and other poly males way more than the poly females, who, used to this shit, had been evolving counter-defenses all along.

Male toxicity is genetic. Evolving counter defenses to male toxicity means to genetically change. Females exposed to males must genetically change to survive. Scientists call this ongoing war at the gene level “interlocus contest evolution (ICE).” Males’ war against females is taking place at the gene level.

Additional research indisputably corroborates that semen is lethal to females: (Arnquvist, 1989), (Partridge & Fowler, 1990), (Rice, 1992), (Burpee & Sakaluk, 1993), (Arnquvist & Rowe, 1995), (Chapman, et al, 1995), (Rice, 1996), (Rice & Holland, 1997), (Holland & Rice, 1998), (Civetta & Clark, 2000), (Crudgington & Siva-Jothy, 2000), (Moore, et al, 2001), (Chippendale, et al, 2001), (Sawby & Hughs, 2001), (Pitnick & Garcia-Gonzalez, 2002), (Wigby & Chapman, 2004), etc.

Findings are not limited to fruit flies. In the species Dysdercus cardinalis, for example, in which females maintain the option of reproducing parthenogenically (which sciencedudes hilariously call “virgin birth),” the researcher Kasule reported: “Virgin females had the longest life, followed by females pairing with a male up to first oviposition, and females pairing with a male for life, in that order.” (Demonstrating once again the eternal infernal dude-obfuscation Trust encounters in scientific research, Kasule, who determined the above, concludes: “The results obtained indicate that (1) mating is a prerequisite for normal gonadal activity in Dysdercus cardinalis, and (2) repetitive mating increases the rate of reproduction.” ‘Males lethal to females cross-species’ – or better yet, ‘Male-free females live longest’ – which is what Kasule actually found, – these shocking findings are quietly dropped under the desk.

Semen tends towards lethal across species. However, the thinking at this time is that in species which females don’t mother much (eg, insect species), semen has evolved to be highly lethal to females, whereas in species which females spend tons time mothering, (eg, mammal species), semen appears to be less lethal to females. (Dudes be far less killer to self-sacrificing mommas. – Ain’t that sweet? – “Mother privilege,” though nothing like anyone imagined, appears, in fact, to be real). If the current thinking is true, scientists fail – per usual – to consider the obvious: it’s not just “mothering” which tempers dudes’ poison, it’s the mothering of dudebabies, – for Homo sapiens, the 20+ years of putting the finishing touches on parasite’s personal replica. Parasite lets momma live – for that.

Experiments to determine the toxicity level of human semen have not and will not be done. – Though one hears anecdotal stories of cloistered nuns, who, after being gang-raped by warring males, soon after die. These women may have had compromised ability to self-defend against semen by never having been exposed. – Which could have been compounded by the as-yet-unconfirmed possibility that substances in semen exist in higher concentrations when men rape (researchers are studying rape kits to test this theory). And of course women prostituted every day to many men have significantly shorter lifespans than women prostituted by the sanctity of marriage to a single semen-maker. In countries where women live on average to their early 80s, prostituted women die on average by their early 40s – a lifespan cut in half. There may be multiple reasons for this, but in other species, it has been established that the more different males’ semen, and the more semen itself, a female is subjected to, the sooner and more likely she will die. So while it appears that Homo sapien males inject far less lethal semen than males of other species, the actual degree of toxicity of human semen is not in fact a known.


It remains unclear to Trust at this time if male toxicity is intended to hobble female hosts for exclusive sperm rights, intended to kill other dude sperm, or both. The research on this is contradictory, possibly because male toxicity can work either way. Though questions remain, what is unquestionable, however, is that for females without a bio-defensive system in place, semen is lethal.


Let’s get our heads around this ya’ll: Semen = Death.

Males are inherently harmful to females. Males’ inherent harmfulness to females originates at their geno-bio-chemical level, at their core. – Males are – at their core – inherently harmful to females.

Patriarchy isn’t a “mentality” “which needs to be changed.” Patriarchy isn’t a mentality which can be changed. (We vote now, but now there’s rape porn. Kinda a shell game, don’t ya think?) Patriarchy, at its core, is biological. We are dealing with a biological problem here. A terrible terrible biological problem

Unfortunately, females don’t have the courage to fix this biological problem, – which they could easily do, – preferring instead to spend their lives, – in one way or another, – trying to mitigate male harm.

Check it: They gonna be like this til extinction, ya’ll… And most heterosexual women gonna be fool enough to hold out for dude… For females, males are war. In the past, in the present, in the future, til extinction. And if any survive extinction, – they will war even more.


Male emissions appears to hold both life and death. – But what looks like the potential for life is just necro-parasite trying to be made anew. – What looks like the potential for life is just the potential for more necro-parasite.

Still, women roll the dice, – and half the time, remake, for us all, – necrophilia itself.

Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part I: Male Chemical Munitions: what semen does to females.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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1280px-Human_semen_in_a_petri_dishWithin an hour or two after oral, anal and/or vaginal sex with a male not wearing a condom who ejaculates, chemicals in semen move into the female’s bloodstream. The female is dosed with  1). barbiturate-like chemicals, positive-reinforcement chemicals, opioids, 2). antidepressants, 3). bonding drugs, 4). chemicals which make a woman want to be fucked, 5). learning- and memory-reinforcement compounds, 6). immunosuppressants to stop the female from killing sperm, 7). potential pathogens, and 8). compounds forcing and maintaining pregnancy to increase the liklihood of duplicating dude’s own Y-chromosome.

All compounds discussed below exist in human semen. Many of these compounds act in multiple ways, or act synergistically, but can broadly be said to manipulate women, psychologically, behaviorally, and physiologically, in the following ways:


Barbiturate-like chemicals, positive-reinforcement chemicals, opioids. The Number 1 cause of death for females ages 15-59 worldwide is males. More specifically, women ages 15-59 die in this world primarily as a result of being fucked by males.

Nepalese woman dead from childbirth

According to the World Health Organization’s most recent figures, the Number 1 cause of death for females in this age group is HIV. Number 2 is pregnancy and/or childbirth. Number 3 is HIV-relatedtuberculosis. Number 4 is suicide/being burned. Number 5 is cervical cancer from HPV. Number 6 is males murdering females outright. (This last figure does not include number of women killed in men’s wars). And so: Five of the top six ways women die in this world are from men. The argument could be made all six of the top six ways women die in this world are from men, as the high rate of death by burning in India, Asia and the Middle East is almost always males murdering females, and suicide, for females, is often dude-related, or misreporting by males who have murdered females. In any case, indisputably: The top non-age-related causes of death – and taken together, the main cause of death – for females in this world – is men.

Given how life-threatening and life-altering encounters with males can be, females commonly respond to males and male lechery with anxiety.

Semen has evolved barbiturate-like chemicals, positive-reinforcement chemicals and opioids to lower women’s anxiety, to lower women’s resistance to men, to lower women’s resistance to being fucked by men, – to change women’s minds.



“Just chill” seminal chemicals – prolactin, vasopressin, endorphins, enkephalins, thyroid hormones, and glucocorticoids – sedate females. These sem-chems dull females’ thinking, disconnect females from themselves, encourage females to ignore their impulse for self-preservation, deaden females to the threat they feel in their minds and bodies. These are female-deadening chemicals – female-deadening chemicals transmitted by males to gain female compliance. When researchers say “these compounds are correlated with increased approachability,” the scientific worldview the dude view per usual, what scientists are reporting is that semen makes females passive. Obviously it’s way easier for dudes when you’re numb and open to them, preferably a breathing corpse.

Dudegoo not only has its own in-house roofie, dudegoo also hands out prizes, – like dopamine. Dopamine is the ultimate behavior-reinforcement drug, the neurological happiness jackpot. Opioids are also high-end door-prizes women take away from dudegoo: transcortin, enkephalin, endorphins. Opioids, famous for causing bath-soaking trust fund babies to drown in just 8 inches of water, are serenity in slow-motion. Dopamine and opioids are both serenity drugs, behavior-altering drugs, behavior-reinforcement drugs. Dopamine and opioids are both high-reward chemicals, – high-reward chemicals implicated in addiction. Males reward females for being seminated with chemicals which are habit-forming.

When the main non-age-related cause of death for females in this world is men, – ‘males are under selective pressure,’ as drug-peddling dependency-causing science-dudes would say, to bait their goo.

For users, this is Chemical Spellbinding and Bedevilment


Antidepressants. Dudegoo offers women having a hard day in patriarchy a cocktail of antidepressants: seratonin, endorphins, estrogen, prostaglandins, a whole family of catecholamine neurotransmitters (epinephrine, norepinephrine, 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine, 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid), the precursor tyrosine, and thyrotropin-releasing hormone.

Dudes are quite the diabolical drink-mixers on this one, as women are commonly depressed from living in patriarchy or with individual dudes. Men make life hell on Earth, then “offer” – to women who accept their emissions, – a short-lived chemical respite from that hell. Antidepressants seminating a woman’s bloodstream temporarily alleviate those chronic crummy feelings any woman living under patriarchy is familiar with. Antidepressants in semen “teach” women to associate being fucked with “feeling better,” making women “cool” with it, and even, “self-medicating,” – to seek it out themselves.

Females, destabilized by patriarchy as a matter of course, always made to feel like there is deep-down something wrong with them, are starved for well-being. Men offer women temporary access to elusive feelings of well-being – a seminal chemical salve – which isn’t a salve at all, – it’s the hook. – It’s abuserdude getting you to sign up for more of his shit by apologizing for all the shit he been puttin you through lately with a fistfull of droopy tulips and a promise to do better, as your heart beats with hope. This is the Chemical Cycle of Violence – Honeymoon Phase.


Bonding drugs. Semen doesn’t just anesthetize females for their seminators, making them ignore their common-sense perceptions about the danger of men. Semen magnetizes females to their seminators, making them reverse their common-sense perceptions about the danger of men, pulling them to men like a coin to a magnet. Chemicals in semen also make women reverse their common-sense perceptions about the safety of women. Semen reverses the female “magnetic field.” With men, magnetic repulsion becomes magnetic attraction; with women, magnetic attraction becomes magnetic repulsion. Seminated women will stick to men, and at the same time, seminated women won’t stick with other women.

Oxytocin and vasopressin in semen – disseminated into the female bloodstream – are intensely powerful bonding drugs. Most males are exposed to substantially less oxytocin than females, though males do manufacture it for the purpose of injecting it into females. Yet scientists, and by extension, the media, continuously refer to oxytocin and vassopressin as “pair-bonding” drugs. As seminal chemicals, what oxytocin and vassopressin actually do is bond a woman to her seminator. – Whenever a male ejaculates into a female, his sem-chems work to secure her allegiance. Oxytocin is also released in females upon orgasm, and so for females who orgasm with seminator, bonding with dude is exacerbated. (Heterosexual women get drugged, then think the woozies, shit, be LUV. (That’s right: all those “nice” feelings from sex are just the release of chemicals)).

Not only do oxytocin and vassopressin bond a woman to her seminator, they also commandeer her perceptions and behaviors. Oxytocin and vasopressin have been shown to: make and keep the female focused on dude (oxytocin), make the female have exclusive/monogamous feelings towards dude (oxytocin and vasopressin), dispose the female towards “sexual jealousy” (vasopressin), dispose the female towards “mate-guarding” (vasopressin), and dispose the female towards “aggressive mate defense” (vasopressin).

In other words, the embarrassing dude-prostration females do, making complete abject asses of themselves, is chemically-commanded by dogtraining dudes. Dude, – snapping the female on a retractable leash, – reins her in. Alphadawg trains the female with sem-chems to hate on other bitches, – other bitches who, – raising her hackles and flashing her canines, – she has even been known to lunge at.

Even the seminated woman who retains a feminist inkling will find exception with dude who shoots her up. Seminated women defend their seminator with remarkable ferocity, – often at all costs, – preferring to break bonds with other women rather than check their sem-chem habit.

Semen also leaves high levels of cortisol in the female bloodstream. High levels of cortisol have been shown to make females more receptive to male sexual advances, and also increase female affection towards males.

Additionally, semen deploys pheromones, which also bond a female to her seminator. Pheromones can make the just-fucked female temporarily uninterested in other males, or even make females release their own come-hither pheromones when ovulating next. Getting the female to issue alerts when ripe for another Y-perpetuation attempt helps dude lots; dude doesn’t need to work hard at all – with female flagging him down. Co-habitating heterosexual women are always amazed when they discover their menstruation and ovulation cycles have been synchronized – because pheromones injected by dude, residual dudecum loitering in their vaginal tracts, resets females into a predictable schedule – for dude. For dude, it’s like setting an alarm clock.

This some serious chemical conjury… Serious Females are chemically-leashed to male handlers, who give out sem-chem treats, which only makes females more loyal. No wonder so many women are mentally blocked, their non-dude possibilities, their wide-open options, chased-off like home intruders. Instead of pursuing their own pack, females slobber affection on their leash-holder, usually with repeated and disastrous attempts to dedicate themselves to a single seminator. Leash-holders chemically-succeed in reversing bitches’ perceptions of reality, making them view not males, but other females as a danger to them. Females are chemically-commanded to stand by their seminator, irregardless of predictably-abusive male behavior, and are, most pathetically, unable to put not just other women, but themselves above the primacy of dude.

Men’s seminal chemistry is masosadism itself. Women who are continuously injected with masosadism self-betray – doubting the validity of their own being, – doubting the validity of other women’s being, – but never-ever-ever doubting the validity of dude.

This is Chemical Dog-Brain Replacement, with Separation Anxiety, no extra charge.


Chemicals which make a woman want to be fucked. Testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and lutenizing hormone releasing hormone transmitted via semen make a woman want to be fucked. According to R.L. Burch and G.G. Gallup in their paper, The Psychobiology of Semen: “Testosterone is in relatively high concentrations in human semen…(and) is absorbed by the vagina…at higher levels than testosterone administered transdermally…Testosterone levels correlated significantly with sexual intercourse frequency.” The astonishingly-high concentrations of luteinizing hormone and lutenizing hormone releasing hormone dudes also dose women with also increases female sexual initiative, making women be good sports – by asking for it. This is Chemical Male Sexual Empowerment.


Learning- and memory-reinforcement compounds. Intoxicating the female – with barbiturate-like compounds, positive-reinforcement compounds, opioids, antidepressants, bonding drugs, and chemicals which make a woman want to be fucked – is but the first drink of the night in men’s all-the-time war against women. Before the night is up, the semen-soused female finds a note in her pocket not to forget to get fucked. – Females, apparently, need a reminder.

Semen contains a number of glucocorticoids – all of which consolidate information and enhance learning and memory. Semen also contains epinephrine and noorepinephrine, released during learning experiences to remember what was just learned, to keep it.

From the basic evolutionary point of view, males who could evolve and dispense learning- and memory-reinforcing compounds were more likely to be reproduced. – Yet there is something deeper here.

Mary Daly, who wrote about Life’s parthenogenic origin before the evidence had even accrued, – not only said men’s war against women requires continuous injections of masosadism to block Womankind, but also that men block women’s “Memory of Gynocentric Origins.” Amazingly, our gynocentric origins have now been substantiated as fact.

Scientists have known since 1984 that males block genes in females (called “genomic imprinting”) in order to disable females’ parthenogenic capability, – in order to block parthenogenesis. In mammals, it’s believed males block one gene in females – gene Igf2 – to prevent parthenogenesis. In 2004, Japanese scientists succeeded in making a baby mouse without sperm by unblocking male-blocked genes in two eggs – two eggs they then merged. (Tomohiro Kono, et al, Tokyo University).

Mouse pup conceived without male, born of two eggs. 2004.

Human males are also believed to block gene Igf2 in human females (De Sousa, Rosalind Institute, Scotland). Males block parthenogenesis in order to make females make males. (Trust will explore parthenogenesis and the origin of maleness in the next set of posts). Males are genetic parasites, possibly having originated as parasitic DNA or an infectious genetic virus (noted by French biologist Claude Combes in Parasitism: The Ecology and Evolution of Intimate Interactions), or later, simply by mutation (see geneticists Sykes, Jones or Graves). Maleness appears to have evolved on Earth independently at least three times (but probably many many more, and most likely in different ways), yet maleness as a biological strategy is the same: intercept females’ power of generation and harness that power to perpetuate yourself. Parthenogenesis – life without males – was once the norm (and for some species, still is). Mammalian females, though blocked, though now incapable of successful parthenogenesis, have not yet lost this genetic relic.

“(T)he fathers have recognized (the Memory of Gynocentric Origin) as their enemy,” Daly wrote, “and they have worked to destroy its vestiges in women…Since men cannot by themselves completely erase this Memory from women, they must channel women into the erasure ourselves…The most effective means employed by males to induce women to perform this dirty work has been and continues to be the manufacture of illusions which trigger the mechanism of Self-hate and horizontal violence against women. Thus programmed and activated in the direction of Self-destruction, women actively will not to re-member deep Memory, for woman-identified knowledge has been made to seem repugnant…Women whose memories have been this destroyed become converted into walking, talking subliminal messages/messengers of the phallocratic belief system…and are thus ‘purified’ of even the desire to re-member…”

For women who have the desire to remember, this is what females are made to forget: The first 1/3 of Life on Earth was exclusively female (noted by biologist Steve Jones, 2003 interview). Not only did females evolve the godpower of generation, the godpower of generating Life, when defining “female” as a living thing which can self-replicate, we can see that the first Life on Earth was female, – that Females are the Origin of Life. – And so: Females are not for males. (Even in our recent Homo sapien time, women have been made to forget the women who were not for males. – The women who were for themselves and other women, – the spinsters, the hermits, the feminists, the Lesbians, the separatists, the witches, the mad ones. – Many of these women reversed the reversal of male-identification. – With some even resisting ever becoming male-identified. – These being the women erased the most).

Men erase women’s memory of Gynocentric Origins, and replace it with what Daly calls “male-authored memories.” Male-authored memories are the memories men make women keep. Men make women keep the memory of being fucked, – chemically searing it into female memory. Female memory is thus disciplined on genetic interlopers’ behalf. Coded with fuck instructions, females cannot remember before males, females cannot remember not being for males.

On both the biochemical and sociopolitical levels, when males block female memory, what they are ultimately blocking is women from being female-identified. Females must be prevented from being female-identified. Females must be co-opted into identifying with and serving the reproductive needs of males. Learning-reinforcement and memory-reinforcement sem-chems indoctrinate heterosexual women for male-identification, – indeed, they indoctrinate women for heterosexuality itself. This is Chemical Male-Identification.


Immunosuppressants to stop the female from killing sperm. The female body experiences sperm as an antigen – ie, an invading foreign body which must be destroyed.

Semen acts as the elite special forces shielding sperm, shooting down a woman’s self-defenses. The sheer number of immunosuppressants men wield is astonishing… Seminal immunosuppressants include: suppressor T-cells, interleukins (eg, IL-12, sIL-2R and sIL-6R and tumor necrosis factor), prostaglandins (especially prostaglandins E1 and E2), eicosanoids, the polyamines spermine and spermidine, plasma protein-A (PAPP-A), Zn and Zn peptide complexes, catecholamines (including aderenaline, noradrenaline, 3,4 dihydroxy-phenylalanine (DOPA)) and (3,4 dihydroxy-phenylacetic acid (DOPAC)), immunoglobulins, prostasomes, transcortin-bound corticosteroids, beta-endorphin hormone, andrenocorticotropin hormone, acid phosphatase, endorphins, cytokine, interferon, opioid peptides, endogenous opiates, granulocyte elastase, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, macrophage stimulating factor, androstenedione, TNF-alpha, transglutaminase, proteases, transferrin, lactoferin, alpha2-macroglobulin, beta2-microglobulin, FC-receptor-binding-protein, ACTH, prostate steroid binding protein (PSBP), gastricsin, and zinc.

This phenomenal number of immunosuppresants in semen is “forensic evidence” of the hellacious war males have waged against females. This war originates at the biochemical level, the micro-level – and likely began as the origin of maleness itself. Interestingly, producing too many immunosuppressants for combating the female can be a danger to dude, as this live arsenal can easily turn on dude and make him sterile. For dude’s all-important Y-line, this is self-defeating self-destruction, – to be avoided at all costs. Yet the fact males nevertheless produce this phenomenal quantity of immunosuppressants at their own risk demonstrates that female fight-back has been fierce.

Females would completely annihilate sperm if semen didn’t protect it. Without semen as sperm’s own armed-to-the-teeth elite special forces shielding sperm through the dangerous straits of the vaginal tract, females would wipe sperm out easily, – not just through vigilant antigen annihilation, but also because females have evolved an inhospitably acidic vaginal tract in order to kill sperm. In 1998, men in Western Siberia contracted an inflammatory disease affecting the male glands which make semen (Philippov, et al. 1998). Because the afflicted could not produce “normal” assassin-level semen, which would include immunosuppressants to suppress the females’ destroy response, the females’ destroy response wasn’t suppressed, and females destroyed all incoming sperm. This rendered dudes what medicine-men called “sterile,” but what was in fact the successful annihilation of threatening antigens by the local womens’ immune systems. Without its sem-chem thug crew, sperm is pretty weak stuff.

This is Chemical Female Disarmament.


Potential Pathogens. Because semen suppresses heterosexual women’s immune response, heterosexual women are much more likely to be infected by sexually-transmitted and other diseases present in and delivered by that very same dudegoo.

According to Dr. Aldo Poiana: “Mammals (sic) can transmit a very impressive array of micropathogens through ejaculate during copulation including viruses, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), classical swine fever virus, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, blue tongue virus, Cytomegalovirus, and many bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Trichomonas vaginalis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydophila psittaci, Brucella ovis, Campylobacter cryaerophila, Campylobacter fetus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus viridans, Streptococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, beta-hemolytic Streptococcus, Enterobacter agglomerans, Klebsiella sp., Proteus mirabilis and the yeast Candida.” Dr. Poini, in his paper, “Complexity of Seminal Fluid,” seems willing to go further than his colleagues by listing the above pathogens as “components” of seminal fluid. Though the good doctor did forget to include cancer –which men manage to give women through Human Papillomavirus (HPV), – as far as Trust knows, the only essentially “transmittable cancer,”courtesy, naturally, of dudegoo. (Lesbians, not subjected to seminal fluid, rarely if ever contract these pathogens).

Sperm carrying staph pathogen

So why is dudegoo brimming with so many pathogens? Sickening and/or killing your host seems counter-productive, as it would seem to lower your likelihood of being reproduced. And if a female isn’t reproducing you, you would be selected against, meaning die out, which should then cause the pathogen load in male ejaculate to drop. Yet the pathogen load in male ejaculate remains very high. A long-held view by male scientists is that dudegoo is a hapless medium for these pathogens. Evolution would ask how this high pathogen load in male ejaculate has been selected for, but the Darwin boys have been ignoring evolution, and insisting this whole thing with dudegoo being a Leading-Disease-Vector is non-selective, practically an accident.

In 2000, however, biologists Johnstone and Keller proposed that the necro-nature of semen may be selected for in accordance with the laws of evolution: “Damaging effects of copulation to females may be selected in males if those effects are sub-lethal and result in a delay in female re-mating.”

Sub-lethal… That’s right ya’ll: Making females sick, half-dead, – but not totally dead – appears to be just another tool in the dudebag. This is Chemical Zombie Impregnation.

(Trust notes here that semen also contains antibiotics. Science dudes, grasping for something Prince-Charming in the middle of all this shit, have suggested males evolved antibiotics to “benefit females,” – as some sort of sorry-bouquet for subjecting females to disease. It is true that parasitic cells commonly inject both poison and its antidote into a host as a “bonding” tactic. Dr. Stephen Stearns of Yale: “… (P)lasmids addict their host cells to their presence by producing a poison/antidote system in which the poison decays slowly but the antidote decays rapidly.” As fascinating and suggestive as this is, it seems instead likely semen evolved antibiotics because females across species can be carriers for bacteria which kills males in utero. Per usual, male scientists fail to cough up logical explanations. (Trust will explore male-killing bacteria in a future post). For now, Trust conjectures that antibiotics in semen likely evolved to exterminate any male-killing bacteria females may be harboring).


Compounds forcing and maintaining pregnancy to increase the liklihood of duplicating dude’s own Y-chromosome. Because males need females to clone their Y-chromosome, to copy it into a boybaby, males want a female to be ovulating, – to be a ripe and ready egg for dude.

But because human females have evolved not to signal ovulation to males (aka “concealed estrus”), males don’t know when a female is ovulating. Human males have, in response, evolved sophisticated seminal fuckery: compounds in human semen can trigger either ovulation or an egg flush, – depending where a woman is in her cycle. Remarkably, Homo sapien semen mimics the female ovulatory cycle, dispensing compounds females themselves produce to tweak conditions as needed in total-dude-favor. In chimpanzees, one of our closest relations, male chimps have not evolved ovulatory mimicry as a seminal strategy (though like all semen-makers, chimps have their own fuckery blend). Male chimps didn’t evolve ovulatory mimicry as a seminal strategy because female chimps signal estrus.

The human male can trigger ovulation in the human female by injecting her with sem-chems – super-high levels of luteinizing hormone, plus luteinizing hormone releasing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, estrogen, and estrone – all of which make an egg ripe for dude. Leutenizing hormone is in fact the compound women test for in themselves with store-bought ovulation strips; for women interested in pregnating, the higher the leutenizing hormone level, the higher their chance to pregnate. Furthermore, because estrogen peaks at ovulation, when a woman is nearing ovulation, dude can force her into maximum fertility with just his extra sem-chem shot of estrogen alone. The estrogen and estrone in semen, in addition to forcing ovulation, also elevates female mood, makes females release odors attractive to the male, and induces vaginal lubrication – all totally dudepozzie.

Conversely, if the woman has some other dude’s chromo taking hold of her egg, new dude def wants that flushed. Prostaglandins found in semen can induce abortion. Prostaglandins, in fact, are used medically as an abortifacient. As early as 1959, Scientific Torturers noted that when a pregnant female was fucked by a new male, she aborted. The mechanism wasn’t understood at the time, and the mechanism by which males successfully apply these contradictory compounds still isn’t fully understood. Irregardless, chemicals in semen attempt to micro-manage female – or rather, malereproduction. Males inject these compounds into women to increase the chance their sperm will worm its head into egg. – And Y-score.

Sperm worming its head into egg. Photo by Lennart Nilsson.

Seminal chemicals also induce vaginal and uterine contractions. Specific sem-chems for this job include prostate specific antigen (PSA), the prostaglandins (notably prostaglandin E1, prostaglandin E2, prostaglandin F2), and endothelin. This isn’t to make females love-tremble for dude. This is to make females suck sperm deeper into their bodies. And when those muscles contract, this is exactly what happens.

Dude for-sure doesn’t want his goo running out. A female who stands up post-injection, or better yet, gets up to pee, can seriously fuck with dude’s whole project, his little baby Y-chromosomes just pissed away. Melatonin and other compounds in semen make the female sleepy, an attempt to keep the female supine so that sperm can get in a good swim. Sem-chems which make women sleepy have the added benefit of discouraging females from castrating or killing males who are knocked out cold in a post-coital coma. Females of many species do in fact chow males down at this time, an easy source of energy they didn’t have to waste their own getting. – Perfect. – But not for Sleeping Beauties.

Semen also contains a slew of compounds for making sure baby parasite gets made. The polypeptide hormone relaxin, for example, according to researchers MacLennan and Weiss, “may have significant roles in fertilization, implantation, uterine growth and accommodation, the control of myometrial activity to prevent pre-term labor, cervical ripening, and the facilitation of labor.” Oxytocin, meanwhile, assists in blastocyst (pre-fetal) development. Semen also contains placental proteins, – including human chorionic gonadotropin, human placental lactogen, pregnancy-specific B1-glycoprotein, placental protein 5, and ferritin. Concentrations of these placental proteins in semen, according to Burch and Gallup, “greatly exceeded those in the serum of non-pregnant women or men, and sometimes they even exceeded pregnancy levels.” (Wtf?) The leptin, prolactin, and thryrotropin-releasing-hormone-like peptides in semen also drafts females for dude-making-duty. All chemical compounds in semen, in fact, conscript females into a dude-saluting standing army prepared to answer the call.

Team Boy

This is Chemical Vampirism. But dude is way worse than Vampire. He needs more than just your blood. He needs everything you have.


To be a human male is to have a Y-chromosome in nearly every single one of your 70 trillion cells, with those Y-chromosomes orchestrating the production of sperm, semen and testosterone. Men are born to produce semen – which wars against women. Men are born to produce testosterone – which wars against women. Men are born to war against women. Men are primordially a war against women, a biological war against women.

This war against women, originating at the biological level, originating at the microlevel – is amplified into men’s war against women at the sociopolitical level, at the macrolevel – that everyday bullshit we know. That everyday bullshit we know is but the long shadow of males’ core war.

Women fail to understand this. Even feminist-leaning women constantly wayside themselves into an endless brain loop by analyzing and philosophicating ad nauseum about the sociopolitical level, the macrolevel, with particular fascination with males’ macrolevel psych-ops on females, which they then waste their entire life-energy trying to change. Males won’t change. The idea is in fact absurd. Feminist-leaning women exhaust themselves trying to fix – not the problem, – but the shadow of the problem. In the West starting in the 1870/1880s, women campaigned for men to be less lecherous, and, failing that, a century later, starting in the 1970/1980s, women tried to become as lecherous as men – in either case not getting that these equally ridiculous attempts at “equality” are way off target, “equality” being a dudebro concept which doesn’t even fit into this picture. (“Equality” is a much-contemplated but never in fact achieved idea (because: biology) between the alpha-patriarchy and all subordinate and disgruntled beta-patriarchy members). The problem with males is not that they are too lecherous or that women aren’t lecherous enough. The problem with males is biology. Feminist-leaning women fail to spend what would be far-more-productive brain-time deliberating on this fact: Being a human male is a genetic condition, a genetic condition wielding a proprietary biochemistry, a proprietary biochemistry for warmongering against females – and every other fucking thing. – Men have always warred against women. — And always will. — Men must – to keep us making them. – As Trust Your Perceptions will show, men’s war against women is in fact, ultimately, men’s war for control of the genome.

Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. No-Skip Intro.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. Part IV here. Part V here. Appendix & References here.

Men wage war against women, it’s said, by injecting masosadism continuously into women’s minds, – masosadism defined as doubting the validity of one’s own being, doubting the validity of other women’s being, and the willingness, then, to self-betray.

But masosadism isn’t injected into just women’s minds. For women who are fucked by men, masosadism is injected literally – chemically – as an arsenal of chemicals in fact – into women themselves. This arsenal of chemicals – which men evolved – this arsenal of chemicals – which all men make – induces women to self-betray.


Sperm swimming in semen

Male ejaculate is composed of: 1). Sperm and  2). Semen.

“Sperm” and “semen” are commonly regarded as the same thing. They are not. While it’s true sperm and semen together compose male ejaculate, sperm and semen are in fact two totally different things.

1). Sperm, those squiggly things that look like tadpoles, are chromosome sets with tails. Males constantly make sperm in their testicles. The number of sperm males make – “sperm counts” – as well as the Y-chromosomes in sperm – are both in steep decline. Sperm constitutes only a miniscule amount of male ejaculate – 1-5%. Sperm is suspended in, protected by and swims via semen.

2). Semen is a cruel brew of liquified chemical compounds. Men constantly make semen in their male accessory glands (the seminal vesicle, the Cowpers gland, and prostate), under the direction of testosterone and other male hormones. Semen, the subject of this post, is not in decline, and is in fact thought to be rapidly evolving. Semen constitutes 95-99% of male ejaculate. This means almost everything which shoots out of an erection is semen.


Semen is an arsenal of chemicals, – an arsenal of chemicals which alter female psychology, behavior and physiology. Over 100 chemicals which alter female psychology, behavior and physiology have been identified in semen thus far. (See Appendix). Since almost everything which shoots out of an erection is semen, this means almost everything which shoots out of an erection is meant to manipulate, manage and modify women.

Most women of this world are continuously injected with men’s seminal chemicals, – as men demand to dick-stick women with insanely-abnormal regularity (for practically all life on Earth, this happens only certain times). This means most women of this world are being continuously regulated by the chemicals in semen. Semen regulates women for men.


In this piece, Trust Your Perceptions will explain: I. Male Chemical Munitionswhat semen does to females, II. Shit’s Lethal what happens to females prevented from evolving resistance to semen, III. Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineeringhow females not signaling estrus trumped dudes, IV. Present Evolutionary Context of Seminal Sorcery and Investment Planningsemen responds to unprecedented barriers, and V. Maleness in Context cross-species sperm-transfer-tactics reveals what maleness is.


First, let’s remember: Fucking, for a male, is a cloning opportunity. A man’s Y-chromosome, – what makes him him (without it, him would be her, the biological norm), – is the only chromosome which doesn’t recombine. The Y-chromosome acts like a clone, but needs a female to copy it into Dude, Jr. Biologically, dude’s reason for living is hooking a host who will copy his Y, or as many hosts as he can for the job. The male exists as a genetic parasite. The penis is a chromosome syringe; the testicles, a chromosome lab, the male glands, dude’s own chemical weapons factory. “Sex,” for dude, is not about chocolate and hearts or mystical unions; sex, for dude, is all about dude. (Noticed?) What looks like males being nonstop pervy and promiscuous is actually males trying to get their Y into the endzone to score. The more time in the endzone, the better dude’s odds. Male biology has calculated for favorable statistical odds, not investment in aftermath. The more females dude can get his sperm into, the better his odds of getting his Y copied, and if enough time in the endzone results in his Y being copied by more than one female, this increases the genetic variety of his sons, which increases his sons’ survival rate, which increases the odds for successful perpetuation of dude’s own Y-line. For males, Y-perpetuation is a life-or-death situation, because if a dude doesn’t pass his Y, dude’s Y dies with dude. This renders all amassed valor in Y-perpetuation by his father’s-father’s-father, etc. biologically meaningless, – a colossal fail. This is why men call fucking an “urgent need” – and put fucking on par with eating – when, eating, – completely unlike fucking, – if you don’t do, you die. – This is not, as Dr. Richard Dawkins got genius-rank for claiming, both males’ and females’ “selfish genes;” it’s Dr. Dick’s very own megalomaniacal chromosome, Dr. Dick’s Y pushing to make more little Ys, Dr. Dick’s thrust to make more little dicks. Male and male-identified biologists are blind to the obvious: The male’s urgent need to fuck is the biologically parasitic male calibrated to clone himself, himself, himself, himself…



The arsenal of seminal chemicals men shoot into heterosexual women serve this end. These chemicals subdue women, make women receptive Y-hosts, at no or optional cost to men, but at great cost to women, who unwittingly abdicate their lives for the cause. From the male biological perspective, women’s bodies and lives are merely resources for Y-perpetuation, an energy substrate, the seed coat they feed on, food for the Y-worm. This is why males can’t see females as anything more than material bodies which exist to serve male needs, – service-providers, domestic servants, personal transcriptionists, – things to be owned and used – functional objects, – and why – never-ever – even if feminists inherit the Earth – will males see females any other way. (Nigel just a dude who gets blown for his tact).

Semen has evolved, not figuratively, but literally, to narcotize females into Y-perpetuation. This is both easily evolved and easily “continuously improved,” – because those chemicals in semen which do the job on women likely result in Y-copies – and are therefore passed down into the next round of dudes. Males of this new generation who “refine” their seminal chemicals on females are also likely to score their own Y-copies, passing their “improvements” in male chemical munitions down to the new batch of dudes, etc.


We live in a time when we think we have free will. We have lost the ability to see ourselves as animals. We are even less able to see ourselves as made of and managed by chemistry. But as astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson asked: “What is Biology if not the most complex expression of Chemistry we know?” We should never underestimate how chemistry controls us. And yes, at the same time, as a Laureate in Literature said when asked about free will: “Of course I believe in free will. I have no choice.”

To preface: Research presented here on the manipulation of females by seminal fluid is not intended to enable heterosexual women in het-hell to justify why they’ve stayed or why they’re staying, and Under No Condition does Trust Your Perceptions accept the use of this research for any-such-kind of cowardly shit.

Also, some womxxn may be creeped out by pictures of semen and sperm, and Trust, initially, wasn’t gonna subject y’all. But hystorically, womxxn have not been allowed to look at the biological basis of men. And so we should. – This is especially important in the Age of T(y)ranny. – Patriarchy’s avant-garde effort to destroy any remnant ability we may have to trust our perceptions.