Dudes Are Doomed (Part I): The Y Chromosome

Part one of seven part series.  View parts two, three, four and five here.

This is part of an ongoing series on Sex and Science. Scientific knowledge is constantly changing, — particularly Genetics, which is in its infancy. Trust Your Perceptions makes an effort to present current knowledge. Women, consider entering Genetics. (This piece is speculative, and meant for mind-fliers who appreciate spectacular views).

Necrophilia Explained, Or, Trust Your Perceptions’ Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Since time immemorial, dudes of Earth have pondered themselves:

What is the meaning of man?


While women handed them plates of food, special thinker-dudes have sacrificed their entire lives to dude-ponder. In fact, certain dudegeniuses have gone full-out immortal for their unintentionally-hilarious tomes of crap (the Why-R-Dudes-Here question being the basis of philosophy and religion everywhere).

What is the meaning of man??

The meaning of man is:

To make a better woman.

Not only are dudes falling down on the job, they are slowly degenerating into non-existence. And this could explain almost everything.

In Parts I and II , Dudes Are Doomed, Trust Your Perceptions explains the genetics of sex, and looks at some examples of genetic war between the sexes occurring under our skin. Trust shows how male existence is now facing a number of serious threats: 1). The male Y chromosome is almost gone, while simultaneously: 2). The male Y chromosome delivery-system of dudesperm is losing its will to swim. Other biological threats to male existence are additionally noted. Trust then presents Trust’s own riveting theories on the hastening of Dudedoom.

In Part III, The Stars of the Show, Trust introduces some of the geneticists who have, since the year 2000, uncovered startling truths about male genetics. They’ll share their discoveries, as we watch this drama unfold.

In Part IV and V, Male Bullshit Stories, Trust looks at how the incessant male bullshit stories of God, How-It-Is, Daily Dudeplots and Porn all serve the Y chromosome. Trust will also present an original theory of porn.

In Part VI, Necrophilia Explained, Or Trust Your Perceptions’ Unifying Theory of Standard Male Bullshit, Trust (with assist from Radfem Foremothers) applies the genetics of sex to decode seemingly inscrutable yet universal male bullshit and the consequent patriarchal horror story we are living in. The puzzling pieces of patriarchy will be pressed together into Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory, which may finally begin to solve the riddle of men.

And finally, in the Epilogue, Prepping for Dude Rapture, Trust will update you on what the world’s geneticists have been up to lately. Trust is telling you: It will make you happy.

This is Part 1 of a 5-part post. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here.

Necrophilia Explained, Or,

Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory of Standard Male Bullshit


Normal X chromosome (Female) and normal Y chromosome (Male)

Sex Ed

No one tells females the truth about sex. Do you want to know the truth about sex? All it takes is understanding sex chromosomes. And then you’ll understand why no one tells females the truth about sex.

Every human being has 23 chromosome couples in every cell of their body. 23 couples in every tongue cell, every gut cell, every brain cell – 23 couples working as event planners and housekeepers in every one of your cells, making you happen and keeping you happening. The 23rd couple is the sex chromosome couple, which, setting aside the rare condition of intersex, makes you either female or male. Like all the other 22 couples, this 23rd couple look alikein females. You are female if your 23rd chromosome couple is an X from your mom, and an X from dude which mom PIVed (daddydude got his X from his mother, meaning your second X comes to you ultimately from your grandmother). To females, males are the mere conduit for femaleness. You are male if your 23rd couple is an X from your ma, and a shriveled-looking Y dude which ma PIVed sent over from out of his balls (the foolish place the Y chromosome cache is kept). Males’ 23rd chromosome couple – XY — is the only chromosome couple in the human being which is wacky-ass different from each other.

Before dude injected ma with his concoction of X and Y chromosomes (aka “cuming),” dude had to have a sperm-making party. During this honky-tonk two-step of meiosis, while all dude’s other chromosome couples were having a good time recombining, dude’s Y hung in the corner alone. The Y is the only chromosome in the human genome which cannot recombine – meaning the Y – that which makes dudes dudes, — can’t share or improve itself (the Y can’t recombine physically, due to the shrivel, and because if the Y tries to recombine with the X, X hurts Y bad). To males, females are the mere conduit for maleness. The Y is passed down male to male to male — the only chromosome in the human genome which functions like a clone.

The female X is in possession of about 2,000 genes. The male Y, — once a normal X, has corroded over time into the shriveled lower-case-letter it is today. The Y coming gift-wrapped in the sperm of most any dude you now know has lost about 1,955 genes — ie, over 97% of itself. Currently, the Y chromosome is a trainwreck of about 45 surviving genes. (Some geneticists count 27). These hangin-on-by-their-pinkies-genes are primarily devoted to sperm-making. The rest of the Y chromosome is a wasteland of meaningless repetition. This rate of repetition is between 99.94 – 99.997%. Scientists were shocked by this repetition, and at first, could not distinguish one male from another, — not even from opposite ends of the planet. Sequencing the Y took longer than planned due to the excruciating tedium of this repetition. This repetition is the frantic but failed attempt of the Y at do-it-yourself self-repair.

Chromosomes are constantly hit with mutations, most of which are bad news that need fixing. The first 22 chromosome couples have this mutual-relationship-type-thing; they help each other repair themselves. Chromosomes make each other strong and pretty by sharing. No such luck for the loner libertarian Y, the only chromosome to travel down the generations alone, cordoned off in the hellhole of dude’s balls. The balls are the worse place ever to stash Ys, as they are, geographically, exposed to dangerous oxidation and easily bombarded by mutations. Males are defenseless against this constant onslaught. In fact, with each generation of men, mutations take hold at a rate thousands of times higher than mutations on other chromosomes. The Y, despite its best efforts, cannot repair itself, — and so dumps all mutations from one dudegeneration into the next. “Adam” passes all his mutations onto his son, who passes his father’s mutations and his own mutations onto his son, who passes his grandfather’s mutations, his father’s mutations and his own mutations onto his son… The destruction, — because it is cumulative, — is astronomical. Each dudegeneration becomes more and more damaged. Each dudegeneration becomes weaker and weaker.

The X chromosome, on the other hand, has the lowest mutation rate of any chromosome in the entire human genome.

War Between the Sexes: Intro to Silencing

So there’s Y, — hanging in the corner at dude’s sperm-making party all alone. While all the other chromosome couples are honky-tonking, the XY is put into deepfreeze. This frozen isolation, called Meiosis Sex Chromosome Inactivation (MSCI), is the bargain Y makes to die gradually – (by failing to recombine) rather than dying NOW – (for even trying).

When the Y and X are thawed at the party (tinkering scientists tried it), when the Y is nudged into asking X to dance, — X kicks Y’s ass, — damaging sperm and rendering infertility. More specifically, the Y is left incapable of making any more males.

This going-deepfreeze happens so Y gets through. Avoiding forced sterilization, — preventing the X from putting one serious period after your ass cuz something about you ain’t right (called “aneuploidy” and “apopotosis),” — this allows the Y to keep making Ys – specifically, his Y. His Y hopes to get relayed to a son, a son who will inherit the mutations of his forefathers and accumulate his own mutations, before, again, wagering for unavoidable gradual death rather than death right now.

It is Trust’s best guess that tinkering scientists, in thawing and nudging the Y, were trying to induce Y recombination, and btw, maybe rescue dudes. It also seems likely that tinkerers were on a reconnaissance mission, trying to see if they could move Y’s 45 dying-ass sperm-making genes onto the X chromosome – getting the X to do even more shitwork for dudes. (The X already provides genetic material dude needs for, for example, making his brains (40% of the X is devoted to brain-making), making his balls, and making his future sperm tails lash. (That’s right. Man’s raison detre – and they can’t even make their own balls. “He’s got BALLS.” Sure he does… From mother)). Given the precarious state of the Y chromosome, many genes4dudes once on the Y are now eating out of the fridge over at dude’s other chromosomes. All by themselves, they got up and left. Perhaps tinkerers hoped, if arranged for before the Y totally discombobulates, this colonizing-another-chromosome final strategy could keep dudes around. Since the X isn’t turn-key quite yet, scientists interested in saving their danglies may have to look at hotwiring another chromosome from dude’s own lot.

A second silencing is called “Genomic Imprinting.” This occurs when an embryo is being made. The male targets certain genes on different female chromosomes, turns them off, and snaps his own genes — intrusive puzzle pieces with different instructions — in their place. Females likewise reciprocate. Scientists treat genomic imprinting as if it’s an equal tit-for-tat between the sexes. But this is incorrect. The female is acting in self-defense. Genomic imprinting serves males in several astonishing ways.

Most commonly, males use genomic imprinting to make sure they stick around. Males regularly disable female genes instructing for a small embryo, imposing their big embryo instructions instead. The female defensively counters, which only ends up tempering dudedictate.

When scientists merge two eggs, the embryo is tiny. But when they merge two sperm (you can’t merge two sperm; they irradiate an egg first then put their sperm donor contribution inside), the embryo is super-sized. Neither embryo lives. But what this shows us is that males try to make “their” embryo super-sized for maximum extraction of female reproductive resources. This is a merciless vampirism by the male of the female’s bodily resources, in the male interest of making females make bigboy dudebabies, ie, the successful perpetuation of their Y — at the expense of the female. According to scientists: “(Genomic imprinting) apparently occurred because of a parental (sic) battle between the sexes (sic) to control the maternal expenditure of resources to the offspring. Paternally expressed genes promote growth, while maternally expressed genes suppress growth. Thus, paternally expressed genes enhance the extraction of nutrients from the mother during pregnancy, whereas the maternal genome seeks to limit it. This genetic battle between the mother and father (sic) continues after birth, since lack of a particular male-imprinted gene results in reduced maternal nurturing behavior.” (It’s like they always told you: Women made to be mommas). This has Trust wondering if the “fight”over embryo size ultimately results in sexual dimorphism. This would make perfect sense, despite scientists claiming they have no idea why males tend to be bigger than females.

Dudes also make sure they stick around by every once in awhile imprinting genes which help females (a gene deterring breast cancer, for example, — which you’ll notice, is also helpful to males, since somebody needs to raise the (baby(boy). This, like dude fixing your flat tire, isn’t benevolence. (Does dude fix bro’s flat tire?) It’s more like the news story of the guy who slashed a woman’s tire in a parking lot, and when she came back to her car, offered to “help).” Dude needs his Y transferred, and so makes the female need him.geants-mini-bebe-doigt-543po

The most sinister aspect of genomic imprinting was discovered in 1984 when scientists tried to create parthenogenesis in the lab. Two teams attempting parthenogenesis at about the same time arrived at the same conclusion: Male genes block parthenogenesis. It was eventually shown that in mice and presumably humans, male genes Igf2 (primarily) and Dlk2-Gtl2 are The Size12 Dude Foot which stops women from shutting their door. (Two guesses why: 1). Because they love you and wanna be with you and take care of you for eternity?? 2). Because males force females – genetically — to keep producing males?) Gotta keep your foot in the door.

This genomic battle of swapping out each other’s puzzle pieces has been going on a very long time. When the female’s turned-off genes are turned back on, when dude’s intrusive puzzle-piece genes are removed, the embryo isn’t viable. It’s genetic trauma-bonding (can’t live without dude…) Down the long spiral of time, it’s become a highly co-dependent heterosex mess – which, at this time in evolutionary history — generally results in viable fetuses. (Of course, females are the only ones with unlimited control over reproductive outcomes. — And reproductive direction).

Interestingly, scientists have figured out how to manipulate genomic imprinting, how to close the door on The Size 12 Dude Foot genes to prevent the need for a male in reproduction. It’s very preliminary work (done in mice). Trust will bring you up to date in Part V, The Epilogue, as this is some seriously shocking shit. For now, the important thing to understand is that warfare between females and males goes all the way down to the gene-level, and a weapon of war is silencing.

A third type of silencing happens only to females. As the future girl unfolds from her mother’s egg, the girl’s 23rd XX chromosome couple do the damnedest thing: One of the future girl’s XX chromosomes goes silent. At first, the X from pa goes silent, but then pa’s X gets reactivated — and either the X from pa or the X from ma is then shut down seemingly randomly in almost every cell of the future girl. – For life. Scientists call this “X-inactivation” or “dosage compensation,” — an indirect way of saying that after all X chromosomes are nearly doubled to shore-up dude’s dying Y (oh gosh, scientists always forget to mention that part, — how X chromosomes first rescue the Y, — but Trust will explain this small detail next), — after all X chromosomes are doubled to rescue dudes, the female’s XX chromosomes then get halved.

X-inactivation “happens” because the Y is dying. Imagine three life jackets hanging on a pier – X, X, X. With Y, — out in the water, — drowning. Somehow, in response, all X, X, X life jackets get super-inflated. — This is called “X-upregulation.” The Y needs the super-inflated X life jacket ma tosses him. Her super-inflated gene-rich X saves his drowning ass. If dude couldn’t float on this super-inflated X, all the genes on it

nearly doubled just for him, dude would go under. (Remember, the Y only has 45 genes; a pre-inflated X has 2,000). Since all X chromosomes are super-inflated, even in females, females now have two super-sized XX chromosomes. According to scientists, in order to (get this:) “restore and fine-tune the balance between the sexes” to “equalize dosage,” — these 2 super-sized XX chromosomes are then “downregulated.” Which means: One super-sized X chromosome is then deflated and stowed in most cells of the human female. This is a lot of work: The human female has 10 trillion cells. (Given the ongoing genetic-chemical warfare between males and females, doesn’t it seems kind of strange that the XXXs, having pity on their water-choking bros, agree to super-inflate so he can use one of them, thereafter selflessly crushing down one of their own blown-up XXs – in an act of genetic communism?) Scientist agree that men’s dying Y has triggered X-inactivation in all the world’s women, — yet they are weirdly unclear on meaningful details. (This is because scientists aren’t looking at how the XXXs super-inflate. Scientists are fixated on the crushing down and storing of one X in females instead. They have poured themselves into looking at how girl goes silent). (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post: “X-Inactivation: How Dudes’ Dying Asses Get Saved While One of Women’s Two X-Chromosomes is Shutdown for Life).”


Why Have Males?

According to scientists, the reason males and heterosex exist is to mix it up for females, — to provide diversity to females who otherwise face a world where monocrops (clones) can easily perish. A man holds more than his Joker Y, — should a woman feel like a game of cards. All his other chromosome couples recombine normally (because none are sex-specific). Dude brings this deck to the genetic card table. And if inclined, the female draws. (But as we shall see, a new game may be in order because genetic conditions are changing, — and men aren’t the only ones holding a deck).

So in species-reality, the meaning of man is to make a better woman. To offer females, — the Makers and Admins of the Species, — a full deck of genetic options. The Makers and Admins of the Species use this full deck of genetic options to hedge against the vagaries of the real world. Females, it appears, have biologically decided that the genetic “second income” males provide outweigh the high cost of making males. This was a species-management decision by pre-human ancestral foremothers, who, we are told, did the math. Once males are genetically involved in a species, however, this species management decision can’t be easily re-examined. Or at least that’s the schmoozing-over the card sharks deal out. Because of course, while all this is true, it is important to recognize that males have their own motive.

Males aren’t necessary in large numbers. This makes males expendable. – A fact even redneck hunters know. Hunters set their sights on males — because males don’t matter much. The critical being is female. And not only is the critical being female, but females are the norm.

A woman who is pregnanting will always make a girl. Fetuses are female, — unless derailed by the Y chromosome – specifically gene SRY on the Y chromosome. (You’ll notice dudes have vestige nipples – because before they became boys, they were going to be girls). Males inject gene SRY, which is itself a mutation, by sperm, into women. SRY is called the “the sex-determining gene.” But this is incorrect. A fetus’ sex is pre-set female. After about 8 weeks of girl-making, SRY, if present, conscripts the female-fetus male. SRY intercepts the girlchild plans, forcing the pregnanting woman to reproduce the spermdonor in babydude-form.

To males, females are walking copy machines. Some male scientists have even called maleness a “parasitic stratagem,” by which “males trick females into copying their genes for them.” Males use females to copy male genes, while minimizing their own labor and cost. And so, for preferred parasites, — ones who can fix their flats, — females unwittingly provide a low-cost Male-Genetic-Perpetuation Service.

But it doesn’t stop there. To males, a female is a walking copy machine and genetic ATM. (Dude’s got your PIN). As we’ve seen, the male’s dying Y needs a super-sized X to survive. The gene-poor male makes genetic “withdrawals” from the super-sized X he gets from ma. The X is a genetic bank to males, — and dude is seriously in debt.

Males are in a biologically weak position: 1). Males aren’t necessary in large numbers. 2) Males are an aberration from the norm. 3). Males are parasitically-dependent on women to a). copy their genes for them, and b). “borrow” the bulk of genetic material they need to get made and survive. In this biologically weak position, men’s genetic interest is not the same as women’s.


The Makers and Admins of the Species keep males because genetic diversity beats back the barrage of virulence. Diversification, an optimal species survival strategy, is in the female’s genetic interest. But the male’s genetic interest isn’t to help the female with her species survival strategy. Men understand, in their cells, they are as expendable as the bucks they shoot. Given men’s weak biological position, men’s genetic interest is to keep females making them. Or more specifically, a man’s genetic interest is his urgent need to make a female copy and genetically-support his particular Y. (We’ll see how this works in Part IV). But as we’ve already seen: Dudes make sure they stick around. Male genomic imprinting, by preventing parthenogenesis, literally blocks the female from re-examining this entire arrangement.

The sexes have different genetic interests because biologically, females are the Makers and Admins of the Species, while males, as supplemental genetic material, are precarious and peripheral. Genetic interests not only differ, but due to males’ genetic parasitism, can even be said to be in opposition. — Yet weirdly, these interests are not mutually exclusive. — Not as long as the Makers and Admins of the Species continue to feel the math works out. — Or unless males become extinct, and females have to come up with a new calculus.