Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part II: Shit’s Lethal: what happens to females prevented from evolving resistance to semen.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Semen is lethal to females. This has been scientifically shown, and is empirically supported.

It had been noticed across taxa that females died after “normal” sexual exposure to males (eg, (Trivers, 1972), (Parker, 1979), (West-Eberhard, 1984), (Partridge, et al, 1987)). – But in 1989, scientists reported copulation itself reduced females’ lifespan. The frequency female fruit flies were fucked correlated to the frequency female fruit flies died. (Fowler & Partridge). In 1993, male fruit flies voided of sperm still proved lethal to females, ruling out sperm as cause of death (Chapman & Hutchings). In 1995, male fruit flies voided of semen proved non-lethal to females, leading researchers to conclude semen itself killed females. (Chapman, et al) Chapman and team further confirmed their results by subjecting female fruit flies to high levels of semen. The higher the level of semen exposure, the more likely females died.

In 1996, scientific torturer William Rice allowed male fruit flies to evolve normally, while simultaneously stopping female fruit flies from evolving for 41 generations. (For methodology, see Rice’s paper: “Sexually Antagonistic Male Adaptation Triggered by Experimental Arrest of Female Evolution.” (Dude quite the man’s man, having also penned the research paper “Male Fitness Increases when Females are Eliminated from the Gene Pool: Implications for the Y Chromosome,” – but more on that another time)).

Male fruit flies allowed to evolve normally intensified their seminal toxicity. This resulted in 1). males siring more sons, and, 2). more females dying. Rice used three parameters to define “net male fitness,” which is what he was ultimately measuring: success in fucking a previously-fucked female by “overcoming female reluctance,” displacing the sperm of a predecessor, and number of sons sired. Under female arrested conditions, “net male fitness” increased dramatically. Increased dickery reigned amid a fruit fly babyboy boom. (Look at this: When females could not evolve to protect themselves against semen, males commandeered the genome, and the Y-chromosome “duplicated itself” with abandon. Right here ya’ll: The whole thing. – Trust rests Trust’s case). Not only did increased dickery reign amid a fruit fly babyboy boom, but females prevented from evolving, or, as Rice called them, “static targets,” could not develop counter-defenses to the intensified toxicity of semen, – consequently dying at very high rates.

Rice: “After 30 generations there was evidence of substantial adaptation of the experimental males to the target females…The observed increase in adaptation of experimental males is associated with a substantial decrease in the survival of their mates…seminal fluid has substantial toxic side effects in females, with increasing quantity leading to decreasing female survivorship…The decreased female survival is associated…with an elevated rate of remating, but males further reduce female survival by inducing higher mortality per insemination.” What dude be saying is: females who were fucked the most died the most.

Dude calls males becoming more lethal to females a “substantial adaptation” resulting in “increased net male fitness.” Male biologists and male-identified biologists also refer to this female death by dudefuck as “the cost of mating,” “the physiological cost to females,” “the ability to reduce female lifespan,” “the life history parameters of mated females” and “the intercept of the female’s survival function.” Dude-convolution hardly takes a break.

In his experiment, Rice showed that females must continuously update their defense system against the toxicity of male semen or die. Biologists call this “co-evolution.” Defined as the force organisms exert on each other as they evolve over time, whether mutual or antagonistic, this term is not inaccurate. But it ain’t truthful either. Truthful is that female hosts, constantly subjected to the life-threatening and all-consuming demands of male genetic parasitism, are in the business of defense, which is not the same as offense, unless you are a dude. However half-assed, Rice does allude to this, but his allusion is submerged in dude’s very strange language of equality: “Because each sex is a counteracting ‘moving target,’ their coevolution may parallel that between a species and its parasites, predators and competitors…”

Females are kept busy staving-off constant dude virulence. It’s troubling to see, on the macrolevel, so many females, due to male trauma and male economics, “barely surviving,” “just getting by.” But this is where males keep females at, – and, in fact, this is where males “must” keep females at – in this parasite-host equation. Every day in the macrolevel we see females struggle just to maintain – yet in fact this struggle for females just to maintain originates at the microlevel.

In 1999, in fruit flies, the exact source of male toxicity was narrowed down to proteins in semen – most notably seminal protein Acp62F – which enters the hemolymph of females “after mating” and has significant sequence similarity to a lethal spider neurotoxin. (Lung & Wolfner)

Also in 1999, Holland and Rice tested the lethality of males over 47 generations under conditions of forced monogamy. Monogamy resulted in less females dying. Females exposed to a virgin male for a single copulation lived longest, followed by females kept with a monogamous male over time. Females exposed to many males had high rates of death.

Holland and Rice concluded that under conditions of forced monogamy, males became less toxic to females, who in turn did not have to evolve counter defenses against male toxicity. When these monogamous females were put into an active poly group, however, they suffered the highest deathrate of all. Holland and Rice: “We found that females from the monogamy populations were harmed to a greater extent, by both ancestral males and control males, than females from control populations, providing strong evidence for the evolution of reduced female resistance.” What dudes be saying is: Monogamous females died after being fucked by their fathers and other poly males way more than the poly females, who, used to this shit, had been evolving counter-defenses all along.

Male toxicity is genetic. Evolving counter defenses to male toxicity means to genetically change. Females exposed to males must genetically change to survive. Scientists call this ongoing war at the gene level “interlocus contest evolution (ICE).” Males’ war against females is taking place at the gene level.

Additional research indisputably corroborates that semen is lethal to females: (Arnquvist, 1989), (Partridge & Fowler, 1990), (Rice, 1992), (Burpee & Sakaluk, 1993), (Arnquvist & Rowe, 1995), (Chapman, et al, 1995), (Rice, 1996), (Rice & Holland, 1997), (Holland & Rice, 1998), (Civetta & Clark, 2000), (Crudgington & Siva-Jothy, 2000), (Moore, et al, 2001), (Chippendale, et al, 2001), (Sawby & Hughs, 2001), (Pitnick & Garcia-Gonzalez, 2002), (Wigby & Chapman, 2004), etc.

Findings are not limited to fruit flies. In the species Dysdercus cardinalis, for example, in which females maintain the option of reproducing parthenogenically (which sciencedudes hilariously call “virgin birth),” the researcher Kasule reported: “Virgin females had the longest life, followed by females pairing with a male up to first oviposition, and females pairing with a male for life, in that order.” (Demonstrating once again the eternal infernal dude-obfuscation Trust encounters in scientific research, Kasule, who determined the above, concludes: “The results obtained indicate that (1) mating is a prerequisite for normal gonadal activity in Dysdercus cardinalis, and (2) repetitive mating increases the rate of reproduction.” ‘Males lethal to females cross-species’ – or better yet, ‘Male-free females live longest’ – which is what Kasule actually found, – these shocking findings are quietly dropped under the desk.

Semen tends towards lethal across species. However, the thinking at this time is that in species which females don’t mother much (eg, insect species), semen has evolved to be highly lethal to females, whereas in species which females spend tons time mothering, (eg, mammal species), semen appears to be less lethal to females. (Dudes be far less killer to self-sacrificing mommas. – Ain’t that sweet? – “Mother privilege,” though nothing like anyone imagined, appears, in fact, to be real). If the current thinking is true, scientists fail – per usual – to consider the obvious: it’s not just “mothering” which tempers dudes’ poison, it’s the mothering of dudebabies, – for Homo sapiens, the 20+ years of putting the finishing touches on parasite’s personal replica. Parasite lets momma live – for that.

Experiments to determine the toxicity level of human semen have not and will not be done. – Though one hears anecdotal stories of cloistered nuns, who, after being gang-raped by warring males, soon after die. These women may have had compromised ability to self-defend against semen by never having been exposed. – Which could have been compounded by the as-yet-unconfirmed possibility that substances in semen exist in higher concentrations when men rape (researchers are studying rape kits to test this theory). And of course women prostituted every day to many men have significantly shorter lifespans than women prostituted by the sanctity of marriage to a single semen-maker. In countries where women live on average to their early 80s, prostituted women die on average by their early 40s – a lifespan cut in half. There may be multiple reasons for this, but in other species, it has been established that the more different males’ semen, and the more semen itself, a female is subjected to, the sooner and more likely she will die. So while it appears that Homo sapien males inject far less lethal semen than males of other species, the actual degree of toxicity of human semen is not in fact a known.


It remains unclear to Trust at this time if male toxicity is intended to hobble female hosts for exclusive sperm rights, intended to kill other dude sperm, or both. The research on this is contradictory, possibly because male toxicity can work either way. Though questions remain, what is unquestionable, however, is that for females without a bio-defensive system in place, semen is lethal.


Let’s get our heads around this ya’ll: Semen = Death.

Males are inherently harmful to females. Males’ inherent harmfulness to females originates at their geno-bio-chemical level, at their core. – Males are – at their core – inherently harmful to females.

Patriarchy isn’t a “mentality” “which needs to be changed.” Patriarchy isn’t a mentality which can be changed. (We vote now, but now there’s rape porn. Kinda a shell game, don’t ya think?) Patriarchy, at its core, is biological. We are dealing with a biological problem here. A terrible terrible biological problem

Unfortunately, females don’t have the courage to fix this biological problem, – which they could easily do, – preferring instead to spend their lives, – in one way or another, – trying to mitigate male harm.

Check it: They gonna be like this til extinction, ya’ll… And most heterosexual women gonna be fool enough to hold out for dude… For females, males are war. In the past, in the present, in the future, til extinction. And if any survive extinction, – they will war even more.


Male emissions appears to hold both life and death. – But what looks like the potential for life is just necro-parasite trying to be made anew. – What looks like the potential for life is just the potential for more necro-parasite.

Still, women roll the dice, – and half the time, remake, for us all, – necrophilia itself.