Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Part V: Maleness in Context: cross-species sperm-transfer tactics reveals what maleness is.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

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Seminal chemical warfare has evolved not just in human males, but in males across species. Component compounds in semen may vary species to species, yet across species, biologically, the goal of the male is the same: to make the female recreate him. And to do this, to get their sperm, their very own blueprint plans, into females, males across species have evolved not just seminal chemical warfare, but an endless number of war strategies – including specialized morphologies, specialized chemicals and specialized behaviors.


Specialized morphologies. – Males of many species have evolved specialized appendages to seize and hold down females. This seemingly infinite diversity of “organs of prehension in males” was noted by Darwin. (Dude can call them “organs of prehension,” – but what they are are rape-arms).

In water striders (Rheumatobates), male graspers evolved to overcome intense female resistance, dramatic somersaulting by fighting females, by transforming all six legs and even the antennae into grasping appendages. In scorpion flies, when the males’ rape-arms were disabled by researchers, females fought males off. The “disabled” male scorpion flies soon brought females “food gifts.” These “gifts” threw females off-guard, enabling males to rape females even more easily. Other well-developed rape-arms are found in male crustaceans like crayfish. Males also inseminate females against their will by holding them down with specialized hands. Male frogs, for example, have evolved rape-hands, “rough patches of skin on the thumbs, digits, inner arms and/or chest,” called “nuptial pads” by male biologists, – and evolved by males to seize females.

Besides specialized rape-arms and rape-hands, males also use their teeth in service of rape, either delivering chemicals which subdue females with their bite, or else as coercive weapons. Certain male salamanders (Desmognath wrighti) preemptively quash female fight-back by sinking their teeth into the female, teeth which inject chemicals which stupefy. Female blue sharks face serious threats of blood loss and infection from being viciously ripped open by the weapon-teeth of males. (Some biologists believe male sharks invented copulation 400 million years ago. To see footage of sharks is to know this is not just fucking; this is life-threatening rape, – suggesting, possibly, rape as the origin of copulation). Due to the life-threatening danger males pose, female blue sharks avoid males.

Avoiding males to avoid being assaulted is common across species. Female stingrays bury themselves under the sand. Female diving beetles (Dytiscidae), to avoid males/rape, continuously dive under water. Male diving beetles, overruling this female self-defense, evolved adhesive structures on their tarsae to better grasp females under water. Females of some diving beetle species then improved their self-defenses with altered dorsal surfaces which are harder to grasp, though these probably won’t prevail, as morphologies evolved by rapists are much more likely to be reproduced.

Besides specialized rape-arms, hands, and teeth, males of many species also slam females down with their much greater body weight, which can also be considered a morphologically-evolved weapon in service of rape. Male elephant seals use their massive body weight, their teeth, and an assortment of other tactics to rape females. Female elephant seals have super-thick necks, many times thicker than the much larger males, as only females with thick necks survived males’ violent biting during rape, and only survivors pass attributes to daughters. Female elephant seals commonly die from the brutality of these rapes, most often from the male crushing the female’s skull or spine with his jaws, from the male delivering a blow to the female’s head, or from the male crushing the female’s ribs and/or organs, leading to massive internal bleeding. If that wasn’t bad enough, while females hang together for protection (male biologists call these “harems,” – but they would), beta-males loiter peripherally, trying to sneak into female space or else attacking females who leave. Females strongly resist these attacks, which become quite violent, also sometimes resulting in female death. This occurs in both Northern and Southern elephant seals. In Southern elephant seals, however, beta-males actually form into militarized rape posses which either storm and occupy the females’ space which they then turn into a rape encampment, or else abduct individual females. Females also commonly die from these militarized rape raids, as do their pups, trampled by invading males.

Male genitals are themselves specialized morphologies. Sperm-dispensing organs are probably in fact the most rapidly-evolving male morphology, especially in species where females hold eggs internally. Clasping structures on male genitals have been evolved by rapists of different species, and are rather common. Other males have evolved barbs and spines on their penis, including male chimps, lions and tomcats. The barbs and spines on the male cowpea weevil penis seen here damages the female internally, slicing and scarring her genital tract so that she reproduces only that ugly prick, his ugly prick, and no other.

Barbed penis of the cowpea weevil

Males of many species have evolved their genitals into weapons against females. The male Argentine lake duck uses his long penis to “lasso” then assault females. Males with the longest penises were “best” at roping/raping females. Consequently, the male Argentine lake duck has evolved the longest penis of any bird in the world. We can see here how males use a specialized morphology – here it’s genitals, but whatever morphology males have evolved – as a weapon to rape females, use females to reproduce that weapon to rape females, then further “improve” that weaponry through continued rape/continued use of females to reproduce males.

That males have evolved specialized morphologies to rape females, – and that these specialized morphologies widely-exist among males of different species – means three things: 1). Males across species commonly rape. 2). Specialized morphologies in males evolved through rape itself. And 3). Females often become mere conduits for the evolution of rapists.


Specialized chemicals. – Besides having evolved specialized morphologies to get their copy orders into females, males have also evolved specialized chemicals, in addition to those in semen, towards this end. These specialized chemicals include toxins which render females unconscious or induce physical paralysis. The male funnel-web spider (Agelenopsis aperta), for example, sprays the female with a toxin, rendering her unconscious before raping her. In scorpions, the male stabs the female multiple times with his venomous stinger, physically paralyzing the female before raping her.

Most chemical hexes males cast to possess females, however, are mediated through semen. While Homo sapiens have their own special blend, males of other species also have theirs. In the greater hooked squid (Onykia ingens), though females are more than five times bigger than males, males have evolved an enzyme in their semen to dissolve female flesh. The male uses his penis to spray the female (this goo-sprayer one of the proportionally-longest in animal dudedom, a specialized morphology for improved aim, as dude doesn’t get up-close-and-personal with this intimidating female). When his ejaculate hits the female’s body, an enzyme in his semen dissolves her tissue, so his sperm can burrow their way through her skin.

Widespread seminal-chemical tactics include chemically-branding females and physically sealing females off to other males. Males of many species chemically-brand females by injecting what male biologists call “anti-aphrodisiacs” to prevent, as they dudeifully explain, “recently-mated females from wanting to remate.” More accurately, these chemicals deter other males from their normal course of behavior – sexually harassing the female unrelentingly, and should correctly be called “back off-bros.” Certain female butterflies are subjected to just one male just once, as back-off-bros have been highly-evolved by males of many butterfly species. (Property law goes back). Males also draw property lines by commonly sealing females off to other males with sperm plugs, which are typically produced through semen. Sperm plugs are used, for example, by 62 primate species, male dragonflies, male kangaroos, male ground squirrels, male rats, and males of many other species to prevent other rapists from messing up dude’s copy order.


Specialized behaviors. – Besides specialized morphologies and specialized chemicals, males across species also deceive females in countless ways, target vulnerable females, and sexually-harass females unrelentingly.

Males of certain species use deceptive alarm calls, so when frightened females run, they’re ambushed. Sexual mimicry, in which males feign femaleness in order to trespass female space and access females, is also a reoccurring tactic of deception used by males cross-species. (Females sometimes employ this tactic in reverse, feigning maleness in order to protect themselves from sexual assault. Examples include damselflies, gravid female lizards, and female fiddler crabs. But this only works in small numbers. When females of a population mimic males in large numbers, males notice, and it is no longer a rape-protection strategy). Some male fish (eg, Corynopoma riisei) have even evolved deceptive lures, a transparent tail with a colored tip, which, when swished, looks like food, baiting the hungry female, who is then attacked. Male bats pick a warm spot to “hibernate,” so that they don’t fully sleep, and can then “inseminate” sleeping female bats. Male bats across all bat species practice this deception. Males of the dance fly (Empis opaca) lure females with willow-seed fluff disguised to look like a food offering. As the female hopelessly tries to feed on the fake food, the “gift-giver” rapes her.

Exploiting vulnerability is a tried and true male-perpetuation tactic. Male fruit flies patrol sites where females are emerging from their pupae, and rape them while their bodies are still soft and transparent, before their wings have unfolded, as these females can’t either fight or take flight. The red-sided garter snake overwinters communally by the thousands in underground dens. During spring emergence, sex-ratios outside the den become male-biased, as females who first emerge get out of Dodge ASAP. Late-emerging single females are assaulted in a writhing ball of hundreds of male snakes, where they are at risk of death by crushing.

Unrelenting sexual harassment by males occurs in most species. An example of this is the solitary bee Anthophora plumipes. As the female forages for nectar, the male chases her, tackles her, and/or knocks her to the ground. Harassment has been recorded at 11 tackles per minute. Rarely are these rape attempts successful, but females respond with male-avoidance, which is also life-avoidance. Females limit their foraging and eat less, – preferring the risk of starvation to the risk of males.

Anthophora plumipes, female

While avoiding males to avoid being assaulted is common across species, this can unfortunately, for females, lead to higher rates of predation (ie, being eaten by other species), and other life-threatening problems arising from withdrawal.

And finally, there are the impalers. – A category which stands alone. Certain male fish, like Malabar rice fish, stalk females like bow hunters, then let loose sperm-filled “arrows” which impale themselves into the female’s side. The male Dana octopus squid gets more up-close, using his beak and claws to pierce holes in the female before inserting his sperm into the fresh cuts. Upping the ante, male bedbugs use their dicks to impale female bedbugs – anywhere, – though usually the abdomen. Semen has to evolve to highly advanced degrees of evil for this shit to even work. Yet “traumatic insemination,” of which bedbugs are just one example, is not rare. Males of different species have evolved it many times.


So we can see: It’s rampant cross-species.

It’s cross-cultural and cross-species…

Meaning the problem is biological.

Males are not a socialization problem.

Male are a biological problem.

The evolutionary trajectory of males is to develop every goddamn hellacious satanic shit imaginable, whatever it takes, irregardless, to rape/fuck/sperm females. Males across species single-mindedly, unceasingly shoot for this, their dial set to Megalomanaical Delusions of Immortality – Me Me Me – Forever. Driven to make more of themselves, males spread the virulence of maleness, and are driven, at the deepest level, to disseminate their particular strain.

The evolutionary trajectory of males, once launched, cannot be unlaunched, because it is self-fueling, self-reinforcing, – as males who aren’t on the cutting-edge of fuckery tend to be discontinued, – while the male vanguard, developing “better” diabolical tactics, pushing dude-depravity to new extremes, are rewarded by winning the prize they’re after: a good shot at being made new.

Males who are “best” at getting their sperm, their blueprint plans, their recreate-me copy orders into females – because of “better” rape-arms, “better” rape-hands, “better” bite chems, “better” weapon teeth, “better” force of weight, “better” surprise attacks, “better” organized rape posses, “better” abduction tactics, “better” clasping/wounding genitals, “better” knocking unconscious/paralysis toxins “better” enzymes for dissolving flesh, “better” chemical-branding, “better” sperm plugs, “better” deceptive alarm calls, “better” sexual mimicry, “better” bio-lures, “better” awake-hibernation, “better” fake-gift giving, “better” exploitation of vulnerability, “better” overwhelming, “better” unrelenting sexual harassment, “better” stalking, arrows and aim, “better” claws to open skin, “better” impaling, which depends on “better” semen – males who are “best” at getting their sperm, their blueprint plans, their recreate-me copy orders into females because they are “best” at any of these or other strategies – are most likely to be reproduced. These males are then copied into the next generation of males, who improve, in good turn, upon evil.

By brandishing every goddamn hellacious satanic shit imaginable, males have completely reversed their inherently weak position – as the genetic dependents of females – to become rulers of genomes. – The worst graspers have seized control of entire genomes, – the worst graspers have seized control of many many many genomes, – with males then steering those genomes towards their own single-minded self-interest of self-perpetuation, – this single-minded self-interest completely at odds with the health and well-being of females and the species at large.

Biologists call this species situation in which males have the ball and are running towards the abyss “runaway sexual selection.” Biologists lie through their teeth when they say “female choice” drives this male-made Armageddon. This is, in fact, a hijacking. Biologists will not state the obvious: The war males wage on females is ultimately males’ war for control of the genome.

Male control of the genome hinges on males bringing female reproductive powers under male control. While Homo sapien males continue to do this in a number of ways, ancestral males and males of other species commonly did this through rape. Males commonly drive their own evolution – and consequently the evolution of their species – through rape. (“Commonly” does not mean this is not a crime. This is a war crime).

Once males have brought females’ reproductive powers under male control, once rapists have commandeered the genome, males’ specialized morphologies, chemicals and behaviors are unavoidably perpetuated when females perpetuate males.

A female who makes a male is making war for females. A female who makes a male becomes the means by which males war against females. A female who makes a male, however unintentionally, is enabling and continuing and even improving males’ war against females. She is “helping” males become “better” and “better” rapists; she is “helping” males become more formidable. – The diving beetle, for example: Even though the female tries to avoid males/rape by diving underwater, the male still dives after her to try to grasp/rape her. Females in turn evolve altered dorsal surfaces, making it harder for males to grasp them underwater. But the males who “overcome” this female morphological defense will do so through “improvements” – having better graspers, being the biggest males, etc. – making them even more hellacious rapists, – which the female will be forced to perpetuate, – inadvertently bringing a new level of hell to other females.

Eventually, once males have reached a certain level of formidability, an ever-present threatening force, once females at large reflexively yield to males, males can continue to drive their own evolution without rape. (This is no doubt why men consider themselves biologically superior, and have forever told us so. Men are saying they won. – Men are saying women have lost the war for control of the genome, a war women may not even realize they were in. Instead of taking mens’ biologically superior claims apart, women fear and avoid biological inquiry. This is no doubt because white men since Aristotle been dealing out erroneous biological accusations against women and all other living beings to explain their ascent to Alpha-patriarchy (not cuz they were cruelest; not even cuz they took male violence on the road, their only novelty being they crossed oceans with it, no, – cuz: biodestiny), with women consequently now doubting the validity of biology, thinking it an anachronism, an offensive anachronism, which dudes are again using to their advantage by now claiming biology isn’t really real after all – women believing this shit – not once, both times).

Males use females to evolve themselves into a more and more formidable evil, – thereby establishing themselves in the genome, – inextricably. Males drive their evolution towards inextricable indestructible immortality, – however delusional that may be… The physically-threatening outcome of males’ experiments in genomics – ie, themselves – dissuades females, as intended, from easily reclaiming control of the genome.

Once rapists have seized control of a genome, females wanting to reclaim their right to manage that genome as Makers of the Species must evolve extremely radical strategies. Alternately, females can regain genome management following a genomic or environmental catastrophe by evolving new strategies to survive. Because females have the ultimate biological power, females across species have done both these things – and in fact, females have done both these things many times. (Trust hopes to write about this in the future). When females decide males have become too costly, or when females face a crisis, females have completely rewritten their species, – sometimes even in a single generation.

Yet in our own species, given the degree to which Homo sapien females have capitulated – (holy shit, we got handmaidens wanna end females’ inherent Species-Admin Rights, we got women killing their babygirls because men want them to, we got alpha-patriarchy males sterilizing women they see as makers of beta-patriarchy rivals, we got females taken lifetime host-hostage because abortion might mean jail time, we got women everywhere forced to birth babies they do not want, we got planet-altering overpopulation cuz women convinced men’s non-stop dick-sticking is something they have to abide, we got females not allowed to remove rapists’ chromosomes from their bodies, we got women surrendering or selling their daughters to men and pimps, we got illiterate 10-year-old girls confined by men who rape them and will make them breed more rapists of 10-year-old-girls because women accept this as “tradition,” we got women putting no hope or resources into daughters and all they’ve got into sons, we got feminists breaking bonds with other feminists because they all oxytocin-high on babyboy, we got females everywhere consistently “selecting for males” who can physically overpower females – if and when the fuck they want) – given this sorry scene, – it seems highly unlikely that prior to extinction, – which might not kill us all, – or even after extinction, – females will reassert control over the genome. – Because for females to reassert control over the genome, they would have to become Feminist Mothers. – Feminist Mothers are not mothers who hand babyboy a doll he will try to stick his dick into or beat his sister with. Feminist Mothers select for, for example, smallest, least aggressive, lowest-testosterone, far fewer or no males (think how much male violence could be averted, think how our world would change, if Feminist Mothers selected males to just be smaller than females). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to use any female cell (another woman’s or even their own) to fertilize an egg (this has already been done in mice and is now being perfected by Dr. Orly Lacham-Kaplan (female), who *wantsta help* sperm-tanking dudes by using any male cell to fertilize an egg, discovering any female cell also could be used). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to merge two eggs (also already done in mice and extremely possible in humans, with biologists hoping to cash in, in fact, by making stem cells this way, “avoiding moral issues,” because life created without sperm isn’t considered life). Or else, Feminist Mothers hit the lab to figure out how to get back to parthenogenesis (harder, but not necessarily impossible, being initially technically similar to merging two eggs in that male-blocked gene Igf2 would have to be unblocked). Feminist Mothers could try any of these options. – If we only had Feminist Mothers. – Here in Homo sapien land.























Trust is also sorry to report that the biological problem of maleness can never be solved by Spinsterism/Radical Feminist Lesbianism/Separatism alone. In fact these are only ass-saving strategies good for one lifespan (hey, nothing wrong with saving your ass). Evolution is about whose offspring inherits some advantage to survive. That offspring must also reproduce, inscribing that advantage into the genetic code. Because this is how Life works, Spinsterism/Radical Feminist Lesbianism/Separatism are, by themselves, unfortunately, evolutionarily meaningless. – Stepping away from the genome while males tap whole nations of handmaidens to re-create themselves does not solve the biological problem of males. For Spinsters/Radical Feminist Lesbians/Separatists, there is only the small consolation of not having made any, of not having done that to women.


Females of some species never conceded species management to males in the first place. These are the golden orb spiders, the black widow spiders, the praying mantises of the world. The practice in which females eat males, called “sexual cannibalism” by male biologists, has been, until recently, totally misunderstood. For a long time, it was thought that the female ate the male post-copulation, that the male, in an act of “self-sacrifice,” served as a food source for the female, providing nutrients towards her reproductive efforts. Males were cool with this, the theory went, because males were “investing” in their offspring. While the female sometimes does eat the male post-copulation, it is now known that in 40 out of of 49 species of spiders under female species management, the female eats the male without copulation occurring. These females are in fact usually hostile to copulation, and routinely kill males upon detection. (Though walking on eggshells, males being males, still try sperming females, despite very low odds of sperming and very high odds of dying). These female spiders, – successfully managing their species, – select for kind of male they want to live. – All other males, – they eat.