Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. Appendix: Compounds in Human Semen Which Alter Female Psychology, Behavior, and Physiology.

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Table Source: R.L. Burch and G.G.Gallup,

“The Psychobiology of Sperm,” Cambridge University Press.


Cholesterol 6148 Valsa et al. (1992) Steroid hormone precursor.
Cortisol 63 700 Brotherton (1990a) Increase approach behaviors, parental care, affection.
Cortisol 20 000 Abbaticchio et al. (1981)
Transcortin 12 000 000 Brotherton (1990a) Stress response, accentuate dopamine effects, increases oxytocin, corticotropin-releasing hormone, and opioids.
Testosterone 500 Hampl et al. (2000) Sexual drive.
Testosterone 559 Asch et al. (1984)
Dihydrotestosterone 695 Asch et al. (1984)
5a-Dihydrotestosterone 300 Hampl et al. (2000)
Androstenedione 2018 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3a-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5,16-Androstadien-3-ol 600 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
5a-Androst-16-en-3-one 800 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
4,16-Androstadien-3-one 800 Kwan et al. (1992) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
7a-Dihydroxy-5-androsten-17-one 1808.18 Hampl et al. (2000) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
7-Dihydroxy-5-androsten-17-one 1694.97 Hampl et al. (2000) Precursor to other steroids, immunological properties.
Estrone 157 Ney (1986) Trigger ovulation, elevate mood, vaginal lubrication,absorption of hormones, pheromone production.
Estradiol 70.2 Ney (1986)
Estradiol 46.9–91.3 Luboshitzky et al. (2002)
Follicle-stimulating hormone 8 500 000 Ney (1986) Steroidogenesis, egg development, ovulation.
Luteinizing hormone 220 000 000 Ney (1986) Steroidogenesis, egg development, ovulation, sex drive.
Luteinizing-releasing hormone 31–71 Chan & Tang (1983) Induces luteinizing hormone release.
Prolactin 86 000 Ney (1986) Antidepressant, facilitates pregnancy, maternal behavior, appetite, oxytocin secretion, and ACTH secretion.
Prolactin 7500 Aiman et al. (1988)
19-Hydroxyprostaglandin E Kelly (1995) Immunosuppressant.
Prostaglandin E1 Ney (1986), Kelly (1995) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Prostaglandin E2 Ney (1986), Kelly (1995) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Prostaglandin F2 Ney (1986) Uterine contractions, ovulation.
Oxytocin 1.72 Goverde et al. (1998) Increases testosterone, prostaglandins, involved in orgasm, affiliation and bonding, elevates mood.
Vasopressin 1.84 Brotherton (1990c) Arousal, attention, vigilance, sympathetic function.
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone 12 200 Pekary et al. (1983) Antidepressant.
Melatonin 9.7–45.4 Luboshitzky (2002) Increases steroid effects, affects reproduction, induces sleep.
Relaxin 1240–73 000 Loumaye et al. (1980) Sperm motility, fertilization, implantation, uterine growth and accommodation.
Human chorionic gonadotropin 232.067–2510 de Medeiros (1992) Pregnancy maintenance.
Human placental lactogen Seppal a et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Pregnancy-specific 1-glycoprotein Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 5 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 12 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Placental protein 14 Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Pregnancy-associated plasma protein Seppala et al. (1985) Pregnancy maintenance.
Serotonin Garcia-Hjarles (1990) Antidepressant.
Tyrosine van Overveld (2000) Precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine.
DOPA 40 230 Fait et al. (2001) Precursor to dopamine.
Norepinephrine 151 810 Fait et al. (2001) Attention, cognition, concentration.
B-Endorphin 154.7 Zalata et al. (1995) Immunosuppressant, opioid.
B-Endorphin 308 Davidson et al. (1989)
B-Endorphin 192 Singer et al. (1989)
Calcitonin 331 Davidson et al. (1989)
Calcitonin 754 Singer et al. (1989)
Enkephalin Sastry et al. (1991) Prevents acrosome activation, opioid, orgasm.
Substance P Sastry et al. (1991)
Cytokine interleukin 1a 26.1 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 4 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 6 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Cytokine interleukin 8 Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Tumor necrosis factor- a. Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant
Interferon-y Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Macrophage colony-stimulating factor Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Granulocyte elastase Maegawa et al. (2002) Immunosuppressant.
Carnitine Ruiz-Pesini et al. (2001)
Carnitine 256.92 Menchini-Fabris et al. (1984)


Additional Human Seminal Chemicals

which Manipulate Human Females:

Multiple sources. (See References)

Cells: PMN Leucocytes, Monocytes, Macrophages, Prostasomes.

Peptides: 5-nucleotidase, Tripeptide amides, Calcitonin, Glutathione,

Carnitine, Fibronectin, Bradykinin, Prostate specific antigen (PSA),

IL-8 H,  IL-12 H, sIL-2R, sIL-6R, TNF-alpha,

Transforming growth factor (TGF), Semenogelins, Phospholipases,

Angiotensin, Endothelin, LL-37, PAPP-A H, Transglutaminase,

Proteases, Immunoglobulins, Transferrin, Lactoferrin,

α2-macroglobulin, β2-microglobulin, Fc-receptor-binding protein,

ACTH H, Acid phosphatase, Prostate steroid binding protein (PSBP),

Albumin, Gastricsin, Leptin, Vitronectin, Lysozyme

Amino acids: Taurine, Polyamines Putrescine, Spermidine, Spermine

Catecholamines: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, DOPAC, Eicosanoids

Alkaloids: Endogenous opiates

Steroids: Dihydroepiandrosterone

Sugars: Fructose

Salts: Bicarbonate, Ascorbate, Urate

Metals: Zinc

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive inventory.

pregnant gun photo


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Semen: Men’s Chemical War Against Women. No-Skip Intro.

all original writing copyrighted, 2016, by Trust Your Perceptions

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. Part IV here. Part V here. Appendix & References here.

Men wage war against women, it’s said, by injecting masosadism continuously into women’s minds, – masosadism defined as doubting the validity of one’s own being, doubting the validity of other women’s being, and the willingness, then, to self-betray.

But masosadism isn’t injected into just women’s minds. For women who are fucked by men, masosadism is injected literally – chemically – as an arsenal of chemicals in fact – into women themselves. This arsenal of chemicals – which men evolved – this arsenal of chemicals – which all men make – induces women to self-betray.


Sperm swimming in semen

Male ejaculate is composed of: 1). Sperm and  2). Semen.

“Sperm” and “semen” are commonly regarded as the same thing. They are not. While it’s true sperm and semen together compose male ejaculate, sperm and semen are in fact two totally different things.

1). Sperm, those squiggly things that look like tadpoles, are chromosome sets with tails. Males constantly make sperm in their testicles. The number of sperm males make – “sperm counts” – as well as the Y-chromosomes in sperm – are both in steep decline. Sperm constitutes only a miniscule amount of male ejaculate – 1-5%. Sperm is suspended in, protected by and swims via semen.

2). Semen is a cruel brew of liquified chemical compounds. Men constantly make semen in their male accessory glands (the seminal vesicle, the Cowpers gland, and prostate), under the direction of testosterone and other male hormones. Semen, the subject of this post, is not in decline, and is in fact thought to be rapidly evolving. Semen constitutes 95-99% of male ejaculate. This means almost everything which shoots out of an erection is semen.


Semen is an arsenal of chemicals, – an arsenal of chemicals which alter female psychology, behavior and physiology. Over 100 chemicals which alter female psychology, behavior and physiology have been identified in semen thus far. (See Appendix). Since almost everything which shoots out of an erection is semen, this means almost everything which shoots out of an erection is meant to manipulate, manage and modify women.

Most women of this world are continuously injected with men’s seminal chemicals, – as men demand to dick-stick women with insanely-abnormal regularity (for practically all life on Earth, this happens only certain times). This means most women of this world are being continuously regulated by the chemicals in semen. Semen regulates women for men.


In this piece, Trust Your Perceptions will explain: I. Male Chemical Munitionswhat semen does to females, II. Shit’s Lethal what happens to females prevented from evolving resistance to semen, III. Past Evolutionary Context for Seminal Engineeringhow females not signaling estrus trumped dudes, IV. Present Evolutionary Context of Seminal Sorcery and Investment Planningsemen responds to unprecedented barriers, and V. Maleness in Context cross-species sperm-transfer-tactics reveals what maleness is.


First, let’s remember: Fucking, for a male, is a cloning opportunity. A man’s Y-chromosome, – what makes him him (without it, him would be her, the biological norm), – is the only chromosome which doesn’t recombine. The Y-chromosome acts like a clone, but needs a female to copy it into Dude, Jr. Biologically, dude’s reason for living is hooking a host who will copy his Y, or as many hosts as he can for the job. The male exists as a genetic parasite. The penis is a chromosome syringe; the testicles, a chromosome lab, the male glands, dude’s own chemical weapons factory. “Sex,” for dude, is not about chocolate and hearts or mystical unions; sex, for dude, is all about dude. (Noticed?) What looks like males being nonstop pervy and promiscuous is actually males trying to get their Y into the endzone to score. The more time in the endzone, the better dude’s odds. Male biology has calculated for favorable statistical odds, not investment in aftermath. The more females dude can get his sperm into, the better his odds of getting his Y copied, and if enough time in the endzone results in his Y being copied by more than one female, this increases the genetic variety of his sons, which increases his sons’ survival rate, which increases the odds for successful perpetuation of dude’s own Y-line. For males, Y-perpetuation is a life-or-death situation, because if a dude doesn’t pass his Y, dude’s Y dies with dude. This renders all amassed valor in Y-perpetuation by his father’s-father’s-father, etc. biologically meaningless, – a colossal fail. This is why men call fucking an “urgent need” – and put fucking on par with eating – when, eating, – completely unlike fucking, – if you don’t do, you die. – This is not, as Dr. Richard Dawkins got genius-rank for claiming, both males’ and females’ “selfish genes;” it’s Dr. Dick’s very own megalomaniacal chromosome, Dr. Dick’s Y pushing to make more little Ys, Dr. Dick’s thrust to make more little dicks. Male and male-identified biologists are blind to the obvious: The male’s urgent need to fuck is the biologically parasitic male calibrated to clone himself, himself, himself, himself…



The arsenal of seminal chemicals men shoot into heterosexual women serve this end. These chemicals subdue women, make women receptive Y-hosts, at no or optional cost to men, but at great cost to women, who unwittingly abdicate their lives for the cause. From the male biological perspective, women’s bodies and lives are merely resources for Y-perpetuation, an energy substrate, the seed coat they feed on, food for the Y-worm. This is why males can’t see females as anything more than material bodies which exist to serve male needs, – service-providers, domestic servants, personal transcriptionists, – things to be owned and used – functional objects, – and why – never-ever – even if feminists inherit the Earth – will males see females any other way. (Nigel just a dude who gets blown for his tact).

Semen has evolved, not figuratively, but literally, to narcotize females into Y-perpetuation. This is both easily evolved and easily “continuously improved,” – because those chemicals in semen which do the job on women likely result in Y-copies – and are therefore passed down into the next round of dudes. Males of this new generation who “refine” their seminal chemicals on females are also likely to score their own Y-copies, passing their “improvements” in male chemical munitions down to the new batch of dudes, etc.


We live in a time when we think we have free will. We have lost the ability to see ourselves as animals. We are even less able to see ourselves as made of and managed by chemistry. But as astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson asked: “What is Biology if not the most complex expression of Chemistry we know?” We should never underestimate how chemistry controls us. And yes, at the same time, as a Laureate in Literature said when asked about free will: “Of course I believe in free will. I have no choice.”

To preface: Research presented here on the manipulation of females by seminal fluid is not intended to enable heterosexual women in het-hell to justify why they’ve stayed or why they’re staying, and Under No Condition does Trust Your Perceptions accept the use of this research for any-such-kind of cowardly shit.

Also, some womxxn may be creeped out by pictures of semen and sperm, and Trust, initially, wasn’t gonna subject y’all. But hystorically, womxxn have not been allowed to look at the biological basis of men. And so we should. – This is especially important in the Age of T(y)ranny. – Patriarchy’s avant-garde effort to destroy any remnant ability we may have to trust our perceptions.