Male Bullshit Stories: Porn (Part V)

Part five of a seven part series.  View parts one, two, three and four.

Necrophilia Explained, or Trust Your Perceptions Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Porn is a male bullshit story on a whole other scale: “Porn” is “Men.” (And is used here interchangeably to name the agent). Radfems know WHAT MEN ARE SAYING: That hurting women and children and animals excites them. That urinating on females and forcing females to eat feces excites them. That naked females stomping small frightened animals to death excites them. That naked and bound females in gas masks who have been lynched and are choking excites them.

But ask radfems WHY MEN ARE SAYING THIS — and you will be met with incredulousness and denunciation. If pressed, radfems will tell you it’s because men fear women, or hate women. (Please note: Attributing male full-spectrum violence to “socialization” is a transitional stage to radical feminism. As author BevJo has asked: “Who socialized the male animals?” Feminist Faith Healers for Dudes (Hallelujah! He’s healed!): Please stick around town watching your consciousness unfold, unless you prefer it done experiencing redundant male trauma, which isn’t recommended. (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post:“What is Testosterone?,when Trust checks Nigel’s veins)). Radical feminists – the feminists who see mens’ problem as inherent the feminists who see patriarchy as the taproot of all political systemsthe feminists unafraid to expose patriarchy’s roots by digging passed the rocks, — and, undeterred by the hardpan, — raising up the pick-axe — surely radical feminists can strike deeper than incredulousness.

What is know? It is known that porn – the majority of male Internet traffic — is men, documenting their abuse of women (and children and animals) and broadcasting this abuse for other men world-wide. That porn is becoming less about PIV, and more about humiliating, degrading and torturing women. That to virtually ALL MEN ON EARTH, seeing women being hurt is met — not with horror, — but with pleasure. That men constantly demand to see new ways to hurt women (and children and animals). That new ways to hurt women increases mens’ excitement and pleasure. That yesterday’s novel way to traumatize is normalized and instated as a “sex act,” while today’s novel way to traumatize, is, for men, never enough. That males can’t seem to ever get enough of seeing females being hurt. (“Wreck the bitch.”) Have dudes told you they need porn? That porn helps them?? Dudes are telling you they need to see women being traumatized by men. Dudes are telling you that watching women being “wrecked” by men helps them.

What else is known? Trust Your Perceptions has shown that male existence is now facing – biologically — multiple serious thmelinda_backhoe_4reats. That mens’ biological predicament is irreversible. That already, the biological backhoe has excavated side-by-side graves for the Y chromosome and sperm. That the backhoe operator, — wiping the sweat from her face as the day heats up, — awaits the procession.

Porn as Grim-Leveling

We may now be in the terminal stage of male existence.

The Y chromosome is almost completely degraded. — At the same time, male existence is experiencing multiple additional threats. Consequently, males have undertaken a campaign to “restore the balance between the sexes” by leveling females. Porn is a male campaign for “equality” with females – though since males can’t ever improve, and will, in fact, continue to degrade, — men confederate to degrade women down to mens’ grim level, — which, in dudephrase, “levels the playing field.”

The last thing women need is Equality with men.

“Porn,” it’s often said, “is degrading to women.” And that is porn’s purpose: degrading, downgrading, the downregulation of women. The male Y is nearly totally degraded. Collectively, males crave an equitable degradation of females. Males demand that females collaborate in their own degradation (meeting male “needs).” Males demand that females collaborate in their own silencing and inactivation (gagged and tied psychologically or otherwise). Faced with standard male threats and rewards (eg, poverty or promise of approval), the female is “wrecked” by the male(s) for the camera. This Xing-out of the female, having been documented, is circulated among males, satisfying their collective craving for equitable degradation. The female, having had inflicted upon her the male state of quasi-death, has been degraded, downgraded, downregulated — and psychologically thereafter lives in the normalized male state of quasi-death — dude-par.

Mainstreaming kink has been an especially exciting breakthrough for dudes – gas masks, dead animal skins dyed rot-black, torture, — an entire regulatory agency for females. A regulatory agency for females devoted, symphonically, to The Male Cause of Never-Ending Female Traumatization. Never-Ending Female Traumatization, — besides domesticating females, preparing them for a life of unrestricted sexual transgression from men and compliant Y perpetuation, — besides forcing females, through trauma-bonding, to bond, beseechingly, to men, — also, like any rampaging “gunman,” — or the Grim Reaper himself, — “equalizes” for male doom.grim_reaper-2

Like the Grim Reaper wielding his scythe (bonus dick metaphor), — men level females (and all living things) down to mens’ grim level. Trust Your Perceptions therefore names this grisly blade-swinging males do: “GRIM-LEVELING.”

Grim-leveling explains how anyone could be bodily gratified by seeing others hurt. Grim-leveling explains why — when males watch men hurting women, — why — when males excitedly wank to women being traumatized, — their dying Y chromosomes, — literally, — ERUPT IN JOY.

The Y is the worst hell in the genome. Unable to escape, males must endlessly accumulate damage. For males then, to damage is to reconcile. For males, to damage the female reconciles the female to the male. Males do not document “sex” as affirming, unifying, generative. – Males document “sex” as damaging the female.

When men say they “need” porn, that porn “helps” them, we can see it’s more than men being standard misogynistic selfish-fucks, demanding their right to hate-squirt chromos and hoodoo chems in their manhands. (Trust wants to know how they turn on that Dude Vacuum, — sucking up women, sucking the life out of women. Is the Dude Vacuum switch in that hoodoo goo?) Dudes, in fact, seem to be telling their sick truth: Damaging the female (“Wrecking the bitch”) is the best hope-fix they can fathom.

Porn is itself a Male Reversal. – It is not the Female but the Male of our species who is degraded and damaged. (Since Parasitism is IN AND OF ITSELF a Reversal, — that men relentlessly dole out Reversals shouldn’t surprise…)

As the parasite goes down, the parasite must bring down its host. — This is the only way the parasite can assure continued access. Dudedom has established Universal Standards for Male Parasitism, — standards males constantly strive to meet. These standards are for males, exclusively, having nothing to do with your gratification, or even you. Males must focus on “Doing a Good Job” — for parasites. (Which explains why dude may not have noticed you “as a person,” or why certain wants you have may have been preemptively dismissed). Males, of course, must assure access to females in order to replicate themselves. Porn keeps males up-to-date on the degree of damage currently required to assure continued access. With impending Dude Demise, dudes must keep current, as Universal Standards of Male Parasitism are becoming more demanding, calling for regular increases in damage — “to fine-tune the balance between the sexes.”

Porn — The Male Think Tank maintaining Universal Standards for Male Parasitism — documents every method man-imaginable by which parasites can damage/manage/control hosts, — this information made conveniently-available to flagging parasites. Mankind, in fact, has been busily ARCHIVING their grim-leveling of Womenkind. And this vast global archive is continuously being expanded. — Any man, any boy, any handmaiden, any fool funfem can sit and study mens’ grim-leveling of women (and children and animals). — Grim-Leveling Bibliotheque. — Now the largest lending-library in the history of the world.

Porn combines mens’ love of all things Deathy — mens’ effort to “equalize” their pre-death status, — with their enthusiasm for self-replication — as clone-calibrated sperm-spurting parasites. (Win-Win).

Doesn’t it make sense then: That males are constantly demanding to see new ways to hurt females? That new ways to hurt females increases male excitement and pleasure? That yesterday’s novel way to traumatize has become instated as a “sex act,” while today’s novel way to traumatize is never enough? That males can’t seem to ever get enough of seeing females being hurt? That seeing females being hurt, for dudes, whatever their culture — (Their Culture is Patriarchy) – is an insatiable obsession?

Porn is a male bullshit story. And like every other male bullshit story, porn serves the Y. Like the Godstory, it lays out the rights of God-Men over incubators. Like the How-It-Is Story, it locks up and safeguards a system rigged for parasite. And like Daily Dudeplots, it emboldens the sickly Y, — feeding it a drip-diet of delusions intravenously. But porn isn’t just Y-encouragement in 100-proof shots – dudebros swigging, whooping, and backslapping eachother. For the Y — Porn necro-corrects for Y demise.

Yet an interesting thing is happening: While the Y keeps going down, the XXs keep coming up.

Because of the success last century and the continuing success this century towards Women’s Liberation world-wide, many women, to one degree or another, have escaped male control, management and drain. And so, alarmed parasites cannot fill their brains/torture-chambers full-enough of documentation to the contrary, — the documentation of females, through repeated damage and trauma, being permanently de-graded, inactivated, and grim-leveled, — for the record.

Porn may be the male campaign to grim-level women, — but as Trust Your Perceptions has shown, because male existence is facing multiple threats, because we may now be in the terminal stage of male existence, and because, in all this extravagant pornjacking, consequent-unreasonable-sperm-production damages sperm and therefore men, — porn may turn out to be far more effective at leveling men instead.death10

Radical feminists such as Valerie Solanas and Mary Daly have long observed that males have a deadening affect on everything around them. Mens’ grim-leveling of women is the precedent for mens’ grim-leveling of All Living Things. Men are grim-leveling everything on Earth to attain Mass Inactivation. With the help of foremothers Solanas and Daly, Trust will assemble this and other pieces of standard male bullshit into an emerging picture of how the dying Y may account for mens’ heretofore puzzling nature.

With God and religion the Y instruction manual, patriarchal family and patrilneal descent the gun-packing Y courier, entertainment the Y cheer squad, and porn the Y leveler, we can see how the basic and bombastic bullshit stories of dudes (not to mention their relentless individualized cons) serve to comprehensively and systematically aggrandize and perpetuate the Y chromosome, — while obfuscating the truth of its rot.

Male Bullshit Stories: God, How It Is and Daily Dudeplots (Part IV)

Part four of seven part series.  View parts one, two, three and five.

Necrophilia Explained, Or, Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


We live in male bullshit stories. Male bullshit stories are simplistic and monotonous dude-delusions dudes repeat incessantly. The repeating enshrines the delusions into religion and culture – coalescing into the gaseous Patriarchal Atmosphere we all live in.

Male bullshit stories, as simplistic and monotonous dude-delusions dudes repeat incessantly, act like huge external palindromes for the Y. They have the same interminable repetition as the Y’s genetic palindromes, and are likewise consulted by the Y for instruction and repair. For males, male bullshit stories can be seen as palindromes which the male has externalized — palindromes which the male has externalized into “culture.”

A female is cultured in male bullshit stories from birth, regardless of which culture she is born into. “Culture” is foremost a particular set of male bullshit stories, a particular version of patriarchy. Rumors of rare exceptions exist, but do not affect the fact that the actual dominant world culture is patriarchy.

Whatever version of patriarchy, male bullshit stories serve the Y by training females to believe in men (women usually have to endure unbelievable amounts of abuse before they can let go of this bullshit; and still, many women can’t). Male bullshit stories also simultaneously induce female self-betrayal. Female self-betrayal is portrayed as not only natural, but as the only way to win male “love,”– ie, male authorization of a female’s right to exist. Having your right to exist authorized by a male is shown, in male bullshit stories, to trump any other female need, including such foolishness as female self-possession and female allegiance. Ubiquitous male bullshit stories also assist the male in his individualized cons (ie, “courting”) wagered in the hope of winning female self-betrayal.

Cultured in and familiar with the “western world,” Trust Your Perceptions will focus on this particular version of patriarchy. In the non-stop dogfight dudes have with eachother for Y dominance, — the white dude version of patriarchy has of course been viciously forcing itself on the rest of the world for quite some time now. Consequently, other patriarchal cultures have been forcefully “encouraged” to “accept” alpha dog’s male bullshit stories. Meaning you can now find these fucking stories almost anywhere. In this post, we’ll look at the “western” male bullshit stories of God, How-It-Is, and Daily Dudeplots, checking how all this delusional bullshit serves the Y. In In the next post, we’ll look at the male bullshit story of porn – a male bullshit story on a whole other scale – and in seeing how porn serves the Y, we will begin to formulate an original explanation of what in hell is wrong with men.

God, How-It-Is and Daily Dudeplots

God’s Seminal Work

thundererIt’s been a couple thousand years now, and despite the capacity to use the mind in way-better ways, still, the Jewish/Islamic/Christian Thunderous One remains the world’s most popular deity.

According to the Christian Godstory, God forces a woman into pregnancy. But he’s not rapey just any-ole-way… Thoughtful, he sends a Pregnancy Alert by Angel, — before kidnapping the woman’s uterus and making it make a babyboy (in his own image). (The male messaging the female about her impending zygote is some loco shit; whether dude gets the news is at the female’s discretion). But this is how you know dude’s All-Powerful, ie, GOD: He does this magic boybaby-making without PIV. That’s his trick. Hey look, no PIV! And a SON! (Though, c’mon. If Dude was Totally All-Powerful, he wouldn’t need to hustle up an incubator). So Pappadude makes himself a Son, and somehow, this is a big fucking deal. — Pappadude making himself a Son is a big fucking deal. That’s most of the story right there. The Son is the world’s SALVATION. Check it: Magik DUDESON = SALVATION.

So Mary, who was supposed to be a human being, doesn’t get a word in. She reportedly happily-obliges as silent incubator for Magik Dudeson, and seems to get Pappadude’s assembly instructions right. God, whose all LARGE and shit, puts Mary in a stable to give birth – the place domesticated animals are kept. (Y’all ever been in a stable? Pee-saturated straw stinks). Mary is Incubator/“Lowly Beast/”Domesticated Animal. For taking this shit, Mary gets a side shrine. (Take a stick and light a candle). Mary gets a lot of candle-lighting for being so good and selfless in doing the free incubation work for Pappadude/Dudeson. Mary (under GOD’s direction) gave birth to a baby without PIV. In the Godstory, her formal title is “Virgin Mary, Mother of God,” or “Virgin Mother,” for short.

Usetabe, Trust Your Perceptions saw this boring-ass story as maybe the main propaganda dudes used to normalize patriarchy and patrilineal descent. But the story takes on new meaning when looking down a microscope at dude’s Y. Holy Book needs a subtitle, like, The Bible: The Y-Survival Manual. Or sell more titles with: Y-Relay4Dummies.dinojesus

Simple steps for simpletons. Step 1: Parasites, Behold! Kidnap-ye a vag-uterus-contraption. Step 2: Make ye A SON! Step 2 is indeed a big fucking deal, cuz if Pappadude “makes” a daughter, his Y is dead in the Nile. The Y functions like a clone and needs a SON to survive. Dudeson IS THE SAVIOR – for Y.

The female is given clear instructions on her role in the Y-chromosome-operation: Shut up and make it. We mean: You get to be the Mother of God! Y-Relay4Dummies talks about women as incubators, because to the Y, that’s what females ARE. (Sperm had to overcome a lot to get next to the Almighty Egg. (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post:“Chemical Warfare Between the Sexes, or the Many Ways Females Have Tried, From Under Their Skin, to X-out the Y). The first conscious effort by the incubator to Y-flush — frightened Ys and the females they’ve hoodwinked and bamboozled aren’t standing for this. (Have you seen Y-Relay4Dummies-Thumpers over in India and China putting a stop to the mass-flushing of female fetuses? Have they even mentioned that shit?) The effort to economically and legally force women to pregnate has been called by fighter-writer Jacqueline S. Homan “forced organ donation.” For precarious parasites, not just politically, but biologically, “forced organ donation” is required, and is clearly prototyped for females in Y-Relay4Dummies). Female as incubator is a Male Reversal. Women don’t exist as empty vessels for men; in species-reality, men exist as vessels of sperm for women, who are responsible for managing the species — as they see fit.


So why doesn’t God just abracadabra his own damn Dudeson? He’s got abracadabra experience with that Adam-and-Eve rib trick. (Male Reversal: The female was not male first; the male was female first. The female was not a scion cut and rooted from the tree of man; the male is a scion which roots itself, a genetic parasite, in the nutrient-rich waters of woman). God doesn’t whip up his own Dudeson, because this is, after all, Y-Relay4Dummies. God must show dudedevotees how to target a woman “to have your baby,” “to give you a son.” (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post: “The Language of Childbirth: Naming the Agent).” Dude-points-and-it’s-done Y-transmittal, — this spectacularly delusional demo for dudes — is another Male Reversal: It’s not the male who picks the female for reproduction. (Date-asking, marriage proposals, marriage arrangements, elaborate feminine plumage, beauty contests, pitting women against each other, first sexual “moves,” etc.: Dudes have been working on reversing who-picks-who forever, as they fear this truism most). If there’s picking, it’s the female who picks. — Or not.

Parthenogenesis exists within all organism classes, with the exception, presently, of mammals. (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post:“Parthenogenesis: A-How-To-Guide).” Parthenogenesis seems miraculous to dudes, but only if, Supermagiklike, God micro-manages the whole thing top-down, — which, – why would he? It’s parthenogenesis. GOD, according to Y-Relay4Dummies, is placed ABOVE the auto-generating female, — clarifying that All Reproduction, — even parthenogenesis, — should it occur, — is Dude-Directed. The truth is dude directs nothing. Dude is not “The Decision-Maker.” Dude is a decaying parasite at the casino. An opportunist with semi-functioning-gunk, he half-assed dispatches SRY to intercept for dudebaby, hoping chance forces his blueprint onto some female willing to spend the next 21+ years of her life in babydude-devotion. (Jennifer Graves has even suggested SRY may not be an “activator,” but a suppressor. In other words, SRY may turn OFF a testis-making inhibitor, which means something is trying to inhibit testis-making, which wouldn’t be dudes. Dudes love testis. (Plus, — slapping an extra gene DAX1 on the X chromosome overrules SRY – turns a going-male fetus back female (ie, SRY is not the final word on sudden aberrant embryo shift)). Even male geneticists who show themselves advanced beyond their peers enough to receive the precious-rare Radfem Honorable Mention — (Thank You Bryan Sykes) — refer to SRY as the “Master Switch.” The Y, who never talks to anyone and lives in his basement, where he apparently amuses himself with Delusions of Grandeur, isn’t pulling a “Master Switch.” He is yanking the string tied to the cheap ball-metal-chain from the lightbulb in his dank-packrat-basement where he is yearning for a replica. Reproduction – CREATION — as Dude-Directed – whether by God or SRY – are Delusions of Grandeur on a scale no meds can fix.

Clearly, these some Magic Powers. But NOT DUDE’S. The Godstory is a Male Reversal: Any male – God-Thundering Fictional Prick to day-dreaming basement-dweller, — claiming the Generative Power and potentially Self-Generative Power native to females as his own has sucked in too many moldspores. Men are not Omnipotent Creators. On the contrary…

Through absurd Male Reversals, the Godstory turns The Equation of Life on it’s head. The Godstory isn’t about women and men having children together. The Godstory is about Fathers Begetting Sons. About the lineage of Y – surviving onward. (Other Godstory chapters touch on all matters Y, including, eg, Y-competition, where you send your own Y to war so YII can terminate other Ys and rape-spree your Y everywhere). (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post: “Genetic Mapping Shows a History of Rape).” (Note: Trust Believes In Personal Accountability – be you dude, or be you radfem. Address all comprehension-failure-hate-mail to: His Holiness, Pope Francis pp, 00120 via del Pellegrino, Citta del Vaticano (remember, don’t put “Rome” on the envelope; they are their very own patriarchal nation-state). Y-Relay4Dummies concludes by warning Y readers of their Around-the-Corner Endtimes, predicting more Hell + Salvation with the return of Junior, who apparently was just pretend-killed. Oh, Invincible Boybaby!

If females believe this male bullshit story, they might happily-oblige as silent incubators for Ys, tactfully choking down morningsickness Sunday morning in the pew. There, they can listen for free to Skyperp as he models every abuser tactic imaginable, and come to believe one-on-one psych-ops is perfectly normal too.

How It Is

And this bullshit story you know too: Grow up, get married, have kids, work/climb/amass until you retire, and if you can, leave a little something for the kids. (This unimaginative froth forming-brains are cooked in…) Ask most-anyone in this westernizing world, and they will tell you: that’s just how it is.

Just how it is? — And why’s that?

Most radfems get that “civilization” originated with males out to impress => control females. Ask radfems why males were out to impress => control females, and they will tell you: their peens. More specifically: To insure female access, commonly through het marriage and “family,” the window shade for their true psycho-rooster selves. Why their peens? Why female access? Why psycho rooster? Radfems will tell you cuz Dude is all-about Dude. And this is true. But why’s that?

Trust wonders if the extent dude is all about dude is not yet even recognized.

Let’s contemplate: What if this how-it-is situation is the Y strategy? What if this how-it-is situation is the ordering of things exclusively for the survival and perpetuation of the Y chromosome?

Sensible mammals keep males separated from the females and their babies. (Elk, big cats, etc). The females and their babies are the CENTER of the culture. Females and males negotiate a couple weeks a year, and the rest of the time, dude mammals get banished to the brush, where they are vulnerable to predation, easily dispensed with and not missed. But humandudes been working this-here-thing long time now. They got it just how they like it. Insanely: Dudes have made dudes the CENTER of the culture. (Even where people are culturally tight-knit, and/or “egalitarian,” eg, Cuba, — males retain THE CENTER). Females and their babies are cast to the periphery, which is often considered “private” (owned, cloaked in silence). They are isolated, usually separated from each other, under house arrest in some cultures, and, unless they are single mothers, are managed one-on-one by a dude. That now some dudes change diapers once in a while in No Way Changes the Dudes at the Center of the Culture/Females and Babies Banished to the Brush set-up here. Whether it’s public housing or private vaults in the city, suburbs or country – females and their babies have been pushed from the CENTER to the outside…

Males as the CENTER – this wacky shit is maintained by inanities such as “Men Do Important Things,” “It’s a Man’s World,” etc. — All Male Reversals. Males are NOT the CENTER (of anything). Males are biologically and in all other ways peripheral. Among mammals, females and their babies, should females chose to have babies, are in and of themselves the CENTER. (How long were males loitering in the brush with hardons, having nothing to do but pick their earwax with a twig, not liking this situation at all, before figuring out how to rig it for the Y? (When a male courts a female, he restores her to her place at the CENTER. But like all cons, it’s a temporary means to an end, ie, winning female self-betrayal)).

Unless dude is loaded and fairytale material (which is, c’mon — a fairytale), outskirt isolation with dude does not confer advantage to females. And as loaded dudes tend towards psycho too (actually, tend towards particularly psycho), and as the most dangerous place for females is the home, (cuz, uh, dude’s there) outskirt isolation, for females, often incurs disadvantage. For Ys however, locking up your own personal incubator to which you have total access any time… Clearly, the optimal set-up. A seemingly even-better situation is the Mormon-Sultan-Fela-type harem. The main problem here is having your own womenzoo locks out other Ys, and this pisses them off. (Plus the women may band against you). One-On-One Dude-On-Chick is the International Dude Treaty which accedes not to lock antlers all the time, so as to spend more time PIVing. This is a bit of a let-down for dudes, but they try making up for it with War. For dudes, ultimately, One-On-One is the best set-up, as it confers advantage to all Ys. Females agree to this set-up because males are so fucking dangerous that females mistakenly believe, and the propaganda has been in fact delivered to their brains, that you need a man to protect you from all other men. A “set-up” alright. — Dudes got it locked up.

Patriarchy maintains itself, as feminists have long pointed out, by the nuclear family and patrilineal descent. Trust often finds this to be true even beyond the “western” nuclear family. For example, Trust knows a dude from Ghana with 10 brothers and sisters. They are Ashanti – matrilocal with matrilineal land inheritance. Yet all his brothers went to school and excelled (one is a prominent member of the Ghanaian Parliament), while all his sisters remain illiterate. The females get the water, do the landwork, raise the children, and cook three meals a day for the entire extended family who come together to eat. (All that sweeping afterwards,… and doing dishes only means having to get more water). His sister called his brother a fucker in Ashanti, and was swift-deposited before the Crowned Ashanti Dude. This potential feminist was made to apologize before the crowned dude, her brother and the entire town, who took time out from their busy schedules to come to the misogyny party. (The only Ashanti still colonized are the women). Ashanti Dude Trust knows explained that when he gets back to Ghana, the town’s families will line up all their daughters — so he can pick.

The problem here and everywhere is the codification of entanglements with men, and genetic entanglements in particular, into “family” at all. Historically and presently, in a general-world-way, from West Africa to the “American” West, let’s look down the microscope to check how codifying entanglements with males into “family” serves the Y.

You didn’t have to grow up with the Christian Godstory to understand patrilineal descent. Whether you’re from Japan, Bhutan, Polynesia, Patagonia, or Persia, whether you grew up in gang territory, mob territory, or war-torn territory, you are imprinted with

the patrilineal-descent paradigm of your land’s crowned dudes.

Whatever land, whatever crowned dudes, men created wealth and power to get laid. The entire oil-pumping civilization is a by-product of the dude-endeavor to get laid. Historically and now, getting laid meant a chance to spermpass your Y. The more wealthy and powerful the spermpasser, the better his chance of making a woman recast him in babydude form – prince, junior, the second or third – whatever you wanna call him. The world-over, queens who did not produce a “male heir” — ie, cough up a mini Y – were shamed, abandoned, and/or murdered. “Family”– part thuggery, part mindfuck – is the vehicle for Y transfer.

Any dude who couldn’t make the incubator make a boy would experience a personal Apocalypse, since, from “Adam” on down, he was now the last-standing Y. Last-standing Ys felt they were failing their fathers. “Mulier autem familiae suae et caput et.” — “A girl is the end of the family.” The Y is both debt and duty. In a recent survey asking people who planned to have children their reasons why, only males said: “To see myself in the next generation.” Today, more young males than females say they “want to get married and have kids,” with dudes, sex-stereotype-au-contraire, sounding sooo romantic. But whatever the generation, from dudes’ point of view, codifying genetic entanglements with females into het patrilineal “family” is critical. Indeed, “family” is the only way dude can track his Y.


Successful Y-tracking also requires the comprehensive sexual management of females by males, through, for example, defining sex as PIV, “instructive” porn, shaming, name-calling, condemnation, public humiliation, purdah, burkah, clitorectomy, threats of physical abuse, beatings, “honor killings,” prostitution and destitution, — just to name a few. To birthe a baby which hasn’t been Y-tracked, in many cultures, brings “shame” upon the mother. Genetically, to women, — within reason, it doesn’t matter who spermdonor is. — The only one it matters to is Y. — And to Y, – Y-tracking – fuck yes – matters.

“Family” is female extortion. Males, on a mission to maintain their Y line, thug women into “family,” — which bubblewraps and tracks their Y. “Adam” to grandfather to father to son, — patrilineal descent is a Y-chromosome protection racket.

The newborn boy is wrapped in a thousand down comforters of privilege – a comforter for you’re a boy, escape suffocation – wrap – a comforter for everyone has big dreams for you – wrap – a comforter for your mother cutting her own dreams short – wrap — a comforter for you eat first, and eat as much as you want – wrap – a comforter for teachers grading you higher than you deserve – wrap — a comforter for commanding attention whenever you talk – wrap – a comforter for everything your father taught you but not your sister – wrap – a comforter for your father tapping his connections to get you a job – wrap – a comforter for your mother doing your laundry even after you’ve moved out – wrap – a comforter for your wife doing your laundry – wrap – a comforter for your wife buying the bullshit that you were made in the image of God – wrap – a comforter for your wife believing PIV is the only sex, and to submit is to be “good” – wrap – a comforter for the nurse asking you to spell your name for the birth certificate — wrap.

This is how it works: Patrilineal descent bubblewraps and tracks the Y, packaging it for safe passage down the line with the hope it manifests new males. Any males this Y does manifest are additionally wrapped in the thousand down comforters of male privilege. The Y chromosome – and the Y chromosome alone – is pre-cushioned for generational transport.

Additionally, when daddydude dies, he traditionally hands off whatever he managed to hoard to his son. (Though, in some parts of the world, feminism has succeeded in undoing this, the history of father-to-son wealth transfer has created lasting advantages, particularly when compounded over generations. In many places, this “tradition” continues). Already bubblewrapped, already swathed in a thousand down comforters, this Y package now gets — depending on how corrupt, lucky, and/or hardworking daddydude was — either gift wrapped, or, for superlucky dudes, its own Brinks truck. Protected with armed guards, this Y gets serious special delivery. The protection and opportunities inheritance bequeaths cannot be overstated.

Wealth and power are an INSURANCE POLICY for the Y in its current and future manifestations, insuring safe and prosperous passage down through the treacherous straits of wombs. Patrilineal descent, patriarchal privilege, and compounding patrilineal inheritance insure the fragile contents of the Y in perpetuity.

The Y chromosome is the only part of the human genome which acts like a clone, yet parasite-like, must use another body to clone itself. This “impulse” to “clone” must be strong, because not to clone is to perish. In the western world, feminism, cost of children, garnishing of wages, and Earth-consciousness, have, to some degree, blunted this under-the-skin impulse for junior incubation. But it should be remembered that males are not “fixated” on baby junior. — They’re not-all-that sophisticated. Male interest in child-care is famously low. They don’t even seem to understand that child-love benefits the Y. It’s not that a dude is obsessed with having a son. — The Y baggage of males is knuckle-lugged-along by dudes’ single-minded obsession with PIV.

Dudes’ single-minded obsession with PIV – a dude-characterization unlikely to meet disagreement anywhere – is in need of some Trust Your Perceptions reframing: A dude’s obsessive fuck focus is his unconscious under-the-skin impulse to clone himself.

Biologically, for a male, PIV is a cloning opportunity. PIV, aka “sex,” is about dudes. (You thought it was, and you were right) A penis is a sperm applicator; testicles are a sperm production warehouse; and biologically, dude’s reason for living is to pass his Y. It’s a life-or-death situation for males; if they don’t pass their Y, it dies. This is why dudes insist “sex” is an “urgent need” – and put it on par with eating.

The male’s urgent need to fuck is the male calibrated to clone himself, himself, himself, himself…

Can we recognize the extent Dude is all-about Dude?

The Y putting itself at the CENTER, pushing females and their babies to the periphery, where they are made manageable and dependent (ie, domesticated), these genetic entanglements with men codified into “families,” the patrilineal descent of families used to bubblewrap and track the Y, male privilege coddling and cushioning this fragile chromosome at every life stage, inheritance underwriting the Y, safeguarding it while opening doors for its survival and perpetuation, as PIV-obsession, the calibration to clone, urges Y on — All this serves the Y beautifully.

How is it that the Y chromosome – the most mutated, decrepit part of the human genome, currently in a less-than-3%-left condition — has every poli-social advantage at its disposal to assure its survival and perpetuation? Because dudes sure as shit have their assess covered.

Women: Can we recognize the extent Dude is all-about Dude??

Daily Dudeplots

Daily life is full of weird stories. And Trust isn’t even talking about the newspaper. No. Trust means: weird dudeplots. Women are “teased” for not relating to these weird stories — the same bombastic four all-the-fucking-time:

Plot 1: Dude-Gets-Chick Stories (Y scores)

Plot 2: Dude-Saves-Chick/Day/World/Whatever Stories (Y uses whatever bullshit it takes to lull women into trust (music scored for Believe In Dude-You Can Depend On Dude-Need Yourself A Dude-conditioning))

Plot 3: Dude-Overcomes-The-Onslaught of Enemies/Armies/Aliens/Evil Forces/Covert Forces/Spies/Whatever Stories (triumph of one group of Ys over another, or else, Y, more-or-less alone, overcomes the onslaught targeting it for termination (mutations, decay, sperm failure, etc))

Plot 4: Apocalypse Stories (doom & gloom coming down on the Y) and Dude-Survives- Apocalypse Stories (Y beats doom & gloom)

Have you noticed? High culture to pop culture, movies to gaming: All the same plots, — with Plots 3 and 4 gaining, as dudes face down their demise.

Plot 1 — Most stories are Dude-Gets-Chick Stories. These are basically tips on how-to-bullshit-your-way-into-a-receptive-host. Spanning every genre, these stories end when dude scores wide-eyed babe because Y Mission Accomplished. The dude-written stories females get from cradle-onwards – Fairytales — also end when Chick Gets Got. Chick Happiness = Getting Got. – No time wasted planting that bullshit in developing XX minds. And why is Prince with Ballet Company carriage the special one? Dudes aren’t special. According to Hunt Willard, an XX researcher from Duke University: “Genetically speaking, if you’ve met one man, you’ve met them all. We are, I hate to say it, predictable. You can’t say that about women. Men and women are farther apart then we ever knew. It’s not Mars or Venus. It’s Mars or Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and who knows what other planets.” Women are interchangeable is a Male Reversal. Men are interchangeable. If you’ve met one Marsprince, you’ve met them all. Getting “got” by some interchangeable Marsprince is suppose to make the female eternally happy. Happily-ever-after is so not like life in a box, isolated and trapped with a PIV-demanding dude and screaming offspring. Though don’t ever tell females. You want a chick in a box? — Tell females Fairytales.

Romance/Romantic Comedies are Fairytales for grown-women. Fed this bullshit already, and given the limited menu, women eat this stupid shit up, because at least there’s some connection portrayed. Which works well, cuz the Y needs women to believe dudes are capable of connection. For dudes, simulating connection is usually just another con, employed towards dickery/Y success. These “romance” stories are vampire-host-demos, sometimes literally, as the vampire motif gets a redo each generation, cuz apparently, deep down, — rings true. Romance/Romantic Comedies also serve dude as “date movies,” — doing all the softening-up-the-chick work before dude drives her home. (“If I could just stop picking the wrong guys. What is the matter with me? I just need to find the right one. Roberto seems nice.)” One step beyond how-to-bullshit-your-way-into-a-receptive-host to: Here, let us salt her neck.

Plot 2 — A lot of the Dude-Saves-Whatever Stories are just Dude-Gets-Chick Stories, with the added twist of chick gratefully indebted to dude for being “rescued.”Another Male Reversal: Males do not rescue the female. Males traumatize the female. Yet it is imperative for females to think males rescue. If female brain is formulated to Dude = Rescue, but in reality, dude makes female’s life Hell, she either blames herself or devotes all energy within the cosmos of her being to bring dude up to paramedically-inclined prince, in hopes of, hello, that rescue she was promised. And what is this rescue from? Typically, Y rescues XX from other meaner Ys. Dude-Saves-Chick-Stories show how to trauma-bond a female to you. Radfem thinkers Fact Check Me, Radical Wind and Terri Strange have explained how trauma-bonding females is the most effective method for female domestication. In Dude-Saves-Chick Stories, if the female is trying to escape trauma-bonding with some other psycho, this presents an opportunity to transfer the pre-initiated trauma-bonding to you. (Dude Racket: Eenie-Meanie-Miney-Moe: Pick your Trauma by the Toe…) The dramatically-rescued XX in Dude-Saves-Chick Stories becomes Obliging Host to Herodude. Compliance of the eternally-grateful chick is assured: Because scared-shitless damsel now has welcome mat mind.

A necrophilic variant on Dude-Saves-Chick is solving the murder of a female (by unknown “twisted,” gosh, — dude?) The honor of the female is rescued by Dude-Who-Isn’t-Like-That, seeking justice for the female between voyeuristic visits to the morgue. The female, instead of being “rescued” before imminent other-dude trauma, is here necrophilicly “rescued” post other-dude trauma. This is, besides dude hardon for dead females disguised in a cape, another Male Reversal: The Makers and Admins of a Species, — Females – are responsible for managing male numbers. In some species, males are only allowed to live in “bull markets.” Under favorable environmental conditions, females may consider the expense of males an affordable risk. On a sunny day, females lounging by the gene pool may decide to roll the genetic dice. (Unless they’re risk-adverse). — Males don’t solve the murder of females. Females solve the murder of males.

Dude-Saves-Whatever Stories include the Superhero Blockbusters, where Dude Saves The World. This is a Male Reversal: Dudes don’t save the world. Dudes have been busy destroying it. Yet in most dudestories, dude is saving something. Regardless of what dude happens to be saving, Dude-Saves-Whatever Stories are considered family fare — bullshit EVERYONE can watch – as dude needs everyone to internalize Dude = Hero. Watched together as a family, eg, Superhero Blockbusters depict Dude as the one who saves lives, Dude as the one everyone turns to when shit goes down, Dude as the one who rights wrongs and restores justice. This insidious male bullshit story trains everyone to believe in dudes.

Dude-Saves-Whatever Stories also trains everyone to believe the male is critical to survival. Again, Male Reversal: Survival does not hinge on dudes. Any geneticist will tell you: Males aren’t necessary. Steve Jones: “You don’t even need the (male) sex slaves. You just need their cells in a freezer. You’d have to have a very good electricity supply… In the end, males are uncertain little creatures and the way they are made is very different in mammals, birds, insects and worms… Males are by no means necessary.” Bryan Sykes, who has publicly stated that had he been female, he could not have reported on Y demise, additionally clarifying he has “no feminist agenda,” was asked by a reporter in 2005 if men are necessary, to which Sykes replied: “Clearly not.”

In reality, the saving dudes do is their own asses. Mosttimes, it’s women who make sure dudebabies survive and thrive. A woman’s life energy is poured into the optimal development of an unnecessary and unpredictable juvie parasite, whose ultimate developmental life-stage is the parasitism of other females. If you’ve got a dude helping with that, other women will tell you you’re lucky. Because genetically and often otherwise, dudesaving ends with a spermdeposit. (Even God, with all those Magic Powers, wouldn’t cover for a piss-free place to birthe). Men are not saving women, the day, or the world. Men are saving themselves from the reality of their precarious and peripheral position to women by selling themselves as saviors. It’s a non-stop sales pitch blast. If females believe in males, male survival is protected. If females believe in males, spermdeposits in the preferable Y-denomination can be easily made. Dude-Saves-Chick/Day/World/Whatever Stories are all Male Reversals. The real story here is Dude Saves Dude.

Plot 3 – Dude-Overcomes-the-Onslaught Stories comes in two renditions. In Rendition 1, the onslaught is other Ys, as one gang of Ys triumphs over another. In Rendition 2, the onslaught is external forces, as Y, more-or-less alone, stops these forces from taking him down.

In Rendition 1, two opposing Y “brotherhoods” are in a “shoot-out,” a mutual murder contest, trying to kill each other with – hark — phallus-emulated weaponry. (How does this obvious-thing of Earthdudes lovingly “reproducing” their dicks into weapons (guns, knives, swords, bombs, grenades, cannons, bayonets, anti-aircraft missiles, mushroom clouds, etc) in dudeplots and real life for colossal dick fights for dickery rank never get noticed?? The impulse to clone himself, himself, himself, himself apparently spilleth over). This is a Y supremacy showdown. Bro-soldiers win access to new territory/women, or else defend their established territory/women. Brotherhood is cooperating for individual Y success. Usually there is a woman-prize in the end upon which to proclaim Y victory and vigor. Genres include “Westerns” and “War Dramas.” (So you thought it never made sense that whupping someone’s ass meant you were right, that you won the argument? To dudes, this makes perfect sense, — when ram racks no longer crash, XX-access has just been settled).

In Rendition 2, the storyline parallels the monotonous tribulations of dude equipment – with Y — out there alone — taking hits. The actual Cosmic Forces wreaking havoc in dude’s Y organ are cast as Aliens/Evil Forces/Covert Forces/Spies/Whatever. Dude himself — through phallus-emulated weaponry, lethal confrontations, total-demo crashes, devastating explosions — jolly phallic phantasm! — Vanquishes unto Victory! Genres include “Sci-Fi,” “Thriller,” “Action,” “Adventure” and “Spy.” But whatever the genre, dude writes and rewrites the same “happy” ending, whereby the forces trying to take dude down are Defeated. (What? All that blood and all those piles of dead bodies never seemed like a happy ending to you?? You must be a woman then. Cuz dude just bore witness to the Quashing of The Cosmic Forces. No happier ending possible).

Westerns, War Dramas, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Action, Adventure and Spy. — Males have created entire film genres based on dude overcoming termination. These genres may shuffle stage sets, but the story is the same.

Take “Spy:” How many Bond posters are in your head? Can you see James Bond? At the CENTER? Cool, cocky, gun/dick cocked, wielding his accessory babe? (This is a Male Reversal: Women, their “attributes” displayed, are not accessories for men. Men with attributes women want displayed are accessories for women. Men are, biologically, Sperm Purses. — Sperm Purses women can forget to leave somewhere). Yet whatever era, it’s the same Bond poster, it’s the same damn story. In species-reality, males are completely defenseless against the constant onslaught of mutations wreaking havoc in their netherparts. Yet this same-damn-story wishfully chronicles Life in Balls where two happy-things always happen: Y overcomes the onslaught and Y gets strewn. Bond, who can be counted on to overcome, and to overcum again, considering the countless eager women spydude sperms, is celebrated anew each generation – glorious paragon of Y success.

Unlike Romantic Comedies for grown-women/het couples, or Dude-Saves-Whatever Stories “for the whole family,” these Dude-Overcomes-the-Onslaught Stories are strictly stories for dudes (and attendant XXs whose eyes have been replaced, most grievously, by the eyes of men). It’s the highly-fantastic My Balls memoir. (“Balls” meaning “courage” and “invincibility” is a Male Reversal: Balls hold the weakest most vulnerable part of the human genome. Balls are also the weakest most vulnerable part of the human body. A woman in China recently killed a man just by squeezing his testicles). Whatever “storyline” men project onscreen for the blitzkrieg they’re experiencing down under, men do not tire of dramatizing the life of their balls, especially when, most impossibly (all these stories are science fiction), it ends with a man’s-man neutralizing the blitzkrieg.

Still: Dudes Need More. The traditional tale had dude mozying along, when-all-of-a- sudden: Evil Forces. Tolerance has been developed watching this same story over and over, while, simultaneously, dudes’ condition worsens. Dudes have had to write a new script; they’ve upped the dose. Unable to distinguish Evil Forces (bad and getting worse mutations) from good, the Y is in a Blind Crisis Condition. Under Blind Crisis Conditions, when you can’t see who’s attacking you, when your existence is at stake, indiscriminate killing is best. As dudes say: “It’s kill or be killed.”

The Gaming Industry made $67 billion last year by providing the apparently much-needed dude-experience of MOWING DOWN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. (Not just in their path. EVERYTHING IN SIGHT). Dudes no longer have to play defense to the onslaught. Dudes can reach new highs in total slaughter by BECOMING THEIR OWN FUCKING ONSLAUGHT. The Pre-Emptive Extermination of Everything seems just what dude needed.

Plot 4 – Apocalypse Stories

The Apocalypse Story resonates too dude-deeply just to be left with Skyperp.

It would be nice to think this regularly-regurgitated dudeplot is just a White Dude Issue. — But unfortunately not. Hindu dudes, Mayan dudes, Muslim dudes – all these dudes and more presage their own demise. The concept of “Apocalypse” predates Christianity, being Ancient Greek for “Revelation.” Apocalypse Stories are “revelatory,” intended to reveal the truth about the future, and of course, the fear there for dudes is: not having one.

Deep identification with the Apocalypse Story had primarily scared-shitless white dudes – the Y having the most to spend and everything to lose – dropping $500 million last year alone to push back The Endtimes, with underground womb-like bunkers a big seller. (We’re not even talking amassing weapons, batteries, beet seeds and pinto beans. (And of course, other Y factors loom: White Ys have gone to great trouble to Y rule – putting indigenous Ys in reservations, African-American Ys in prisons, and walling off Latino Ys. (Asian and other Ys are regulated by visas). That other Ys know what’s up isn’t helping white dudes’ nerves). But whether they can afford their own underground bunker or not, men the world over keep feeling – in the chromosomes of their bones – that the end is near.

Scientists who study the evolution of sex say The Story of Males is the same: To be male is to be genetically in decline. Males are an unenduring means for genetic diversity. Even among creatures in whom sex has developed most recently, scientists say males are characterized, genetically, by an inevitable unraveling.

No wonder then: This neverending dudestory of Total Destruction, The End. (Chick Flicks don’t deal in Apocalypse. However inane, they are a reprieve from dude’s non-stop Necrophilia. Total Destruction, The End is a guy thing. — Because that’s their trajectory). Any self-respecting parasite is naturally concerned with its future prospects. Concern heightens when, additionally, that parasite’s genetic math is taking it to zero vector. And so dudes obsessively forecast. In completely hopeful ways.

In the other Daily Dudeplots, the pure hell of life in dudes’ balls is projected onscreen, so dude can be shown overcoming the onslaught. In the Apocalypse Story, DudeHell ignites into an uncontrollable Global Inferno. (If you see no hope here, you aren’t male).

In the Christian Apocalypse, the Savior for Y shows up to Savior even more. (Like why make two trips?) Anybody who believed that shit gets relocated to Heaven, where, watching the genocidal fires of Earth blaze, — their hearts swell. — Everlasting Patriarchal Groupthink is now possible, — and they, its only hope. In the traditional secular version – dramatic TWIST – those outlasting the ashes of Earth are the human species’ only hope. — In the seeds of pessimism, — a germ of optimism. — Yet despite the billing, the optimism isn’t for survival of the species, but, — if there’s a happy ending, — dude’s germline itself.

The Apocalypse Story is about everything ending, — except maybe for dudes. (Everything ending, — except maybe for dudes — is another Male Reversal. Given the state of the Y chromosome and sperm, dudes are at the front of the line). In the traditional Christian tale, a new Patriarchal Age, — a new Kingdom, — Arises. Raptured-dude(s) who jumped through the hoops are this Kingdom’s new Adam. There is nothing more dude-excellent, — as hereafter, — all the Kingdom’s males will bear Adam’s Y. In the traditional secular tale, Herodude, despite slamming face-first into trashed Earth, now smoldering, lives (sometimes that’s enough), or else Herodude(s) find themselves some baby-ovens and “the world starts over” — the highly-traumatic hetrosex-mess continues down the spiral of time. In this case, all dudes hereafter will bear Herodude’s Y. An entire planet of Herodude Y clones spewing forward. — Dude-ultimate.

In many species, when males disappear, — which does not occur infrequently, — females shift to parthenogenesis, — spontaneously. — Clearly not a standard these stories seek to maintain, or even entertain. Traditional focus of the Apocalypse Story is DUDE beating doom.

These some crazy-parasite fantasy forecasts. Earth devastated, — Most-other Ys out of the picture, — Then just hit “Reset Male Germline?” The Apocalypse – Endtimes for Germline — The hell down below raining fire upon Earth, – with Earth destroyed but Man surviving — is a MAN STORY, — by men, for men, and only making any-sense-whatsoever TO MEN. Men love the Apocalypse Story because not only does it predict for an invincible Y, overcoming The Ultimate Onslaught, reseeding the Earth with himself, himself, himself, himself, The Apocalypse Story is also – in itself — undiluted Necrophilia. “Necrophilia” is defined by Mary Daly as “the most fundamental characteristic and first principle of patriarchy: hatred for and envy of Life…death worship.” And, in fact, Necrophilia, — as Trust will ultimately show, — is how dudes equalize their doom.

Recent Apocalypse movies try to outdude eachother in portraying – oh, hell-with survival — TOTAL NECROPHILIA. This is planet pornography: the Earth razed, gone to flames, littered with carnage. The Earth brought down to dudes’ grim level, as Necrophilia Reigns. In the past 60 years, about 200 Apocalypse movies have been made. This tally does not include Post-Apocalypse movies, Dystopian movies, Zombie movies and the too-many-to-count category of Horror. (A mutilation fest where women are leveled left and right, cut down in gleeful revenge, often by zombies, ie, dudes already-dead). So many flavors to a dead body. Who knew? While connoisseurs are able to differentiate, ALL OF THESE “GENRES” — Apocalypse, Post-Apocalypse, Dystopian, Zombie, and Horror — are Male Necrophilia. Because the other option is: If dudes can’t survive this planet, nothing else has to to either.

The traditional Apocalypse Story – whether Skyperp’s or Hollywood’s – is beloved by men because the Y, defying the hell-and-damnation of its own self-destructing germline, proves itself unstoppable, and with any luck, springs anew from it’s own Necrophilic Hell. Stepping out of the movie theater, however, we can see dudes won’t actually have much “luck” springing from their own Necrophilic Hell. “Men’s molecular genetic basis is really quite weak, and is going to go,” explains Bryan Sykes. “…(T)he Y chromosome is going to become extinct soon.”

Dude Gets Chick, Dude Saves Day, Dude Overcomes, Dude Beats Doom — all these dumb plots – “entertainment” — are the travails of the Y.Plots diverging from the my-balls-my-dick-shall-overcome don’t hold mens’ attention. Dudes are facing their own Apocalypse. These plots are told, retold and experienced as Y-encouragement. These weird dudeplots comfort and encourage the knocked-down Y. They shake their pom-poms and cheer Y on.

The Stars of the Show (Part III)

Part three of a seven-part series.  View parts one, two, four and five.

Necrophilia Explained, Or, Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Individual scientists may have been aware of the Y chromosome’s problems as early as 1932, though a wider discussion didn’t start until the 1950s, when a hot topic in research papers was comparing mens’ Y size. But with the success of the Human Genome Project (1990-2005), and the sequencing of the Y chromosome, genetic research has gone full frenzy. Thousands of researchers world-wide are publishing papers on sex- , sex-chromosome- and reproduction-related topics. Many of these papers are free to read on Google Scholar. (But be prepared for your head to hurt for days, as scientists are loathe to name the agent, much less the problem. “Suboptimal levels of X-linked expression,” for example, is how to say/not say: “Y decrepitude is SO bad, not even the normal X dude gets from ma can save his ass.” Though Trust is in agreement with the female researcher quoted here on dudes’ suboptimal levels of expression). While the research teams and scientific journal editorial boards still tilt male, many many women are taking part in this race — yet patriarchal mind prevails.

A handful of geneticists have stepped forward to dutifully report mens’ demise. Permit Trust to introduce some of the stars of this unfolding drama.

Dudes Are Doomed, the Docudrama, Starring:

Jennifer A. Marshall Graves, PhD, of Australia. A former Fulbright Scholar and world-renowned geneticist, Dr. Marshall Graves headed jg1the Comparative Genomics Research Unit at Australian National University. She is an expert on marsupials, as well as mammalian sex chromosomes. Dr. Marshall Graves was the first geneticist to suggest in a 2000 paper that the Y chromosome is declining and will inevitably disappear. (Graves’ work to date is written for other geneticists, so isn’t easily quoted here).

Bryan Sykes, PhD, of the UK. One of the world’s leading geneticists. Dr. Sykes is Professor of Genetics at the 5fe0fdaa32c10ad8986cff.L._V192575469_SX200_Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University. He is also Science Adviser to the British Parliament. Dr. Sykes was the first to map the lineage of Womankind through mitochondrial DNA, back to our original African mother, “Mitochondrial Eve.” Sykes focuses on the 7 mothers of Europe in his book, The Seven Daughters of Eve. Dr. Sykes was also the first to take the subject of men’s inevitable demise to the general public in Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men. For his efforts, Dr. Sykes receives hate mail regularly.

Jones200Steve Jones, PhD, of Wales. Dr. Jones was professor of biology and genetics at University College, London. He appears regularly on BBC Radio and writes a science column for “The Daily Telegraph.” Dr. Jones is the author of Y: The Descent of Men, which “updates” Darwin’s subtitle, (The Origin of the Species:) The Descent of Man.

David Page, PhD, of the US. Director of the Whitehead Institute, affiliated with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Pagedavid-page1 was responsible for sequencing the Y chromosome (predictably, the actual work, tedious beyond-human-patience, was done by two women on his team: Tomoko Kuroda-Kawaguchi and Helen Skaletsky). Page has publicly stated repeatedly, and even while pursuing grant money from the US government: “I’ve spent the better part of my career, thankfully with the (financial) support of the National Institute of Health and the National Genome Research Institute for the past 21 years, defending the honor of the Y chromosome in the face of innumerable insults to its character and its future prospects.” (bold and emphasis, Trust’s) Page and research assistant Jennifer Handmaiden Hughes have recently made news by arguing that the Y isn’t dying. Ms. Hughes has appeared in the scientific and general media on behalf of the Whitehead Institute, arguing that the Y is stable, healthy, and ingenious. Page and his team focus on the Y.

Nettie Stevens, PhD (1861-1912), of the US. One of the first geneticists. Dr. Stevens discovered the XX female-sex-chromosomes and the Y-male-sex chromosome. She was the first to realize chromosomes existed in pairs, and are different in males and females. With her NettieStevenschromosomal theory of inheritance, Dr. Stevens’ work put an end to Aristotle’s 2,000-year-old unintentionally-hilarious dudeponder that dudeheat (said to be exceptional) makes babyboys. (Dr. Stevens’ work was stolen and commandeered, ala Rosalind Franklin, who discovered DNA and lost the Noble Prize to public schoolboys Crick and Watson, who literally crept into Franklin’s office when she wasn’t there, and lifted her work, and Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife, who lost her shared ideas and the Noble Prize to ex-husband Albert, world’s most famous Dudegenius, who then left her by the roadside). Thomas Hunt Morgan has regularly been given credit for Dr. Stevens’ discoveries. Hemorgan_thomas was awarded the Noble Prize after appropriating Dr. Stevens’ work, — which he initially dismissed. Morgan used Stevens’ work to improve on Gregor Mendel’s work through studying fruit flies — fruit flies Stevens brought him. (Fruit flies and rodents are “studied” by scientists because they mirror male (and female) – sex chromosomes). When Dr. Nettie Stevens died of breast cancer in 1912 at the age of 51, only 9 years after economically-struggling and otherwise overcoming manblocks to earn her PhD, having published 38 scientific papers in 11 years, Thomas Hunt Morgan dismissed her in an obituary he wrote for the journal Science, declaring Dr. Nettie Stevens not even a scientist.

Jennifer A. Marshall Graves was the first to state the obvious. In 2000, she published a paper in the scientific journal Biology and Reproduction titled, amazingly: “Human Y Chromosome, Sex Determination and Spermatogenisis – A Feminist View,” in which she stated: “…I wish to argue that, far from being a macho entity with an all-powerful role in male development, the human ‘Y’ chromosome is a ‘wimp… (The ‘Y’ chromosome) is merely a relic of the X chromosome.” Ultimately the evidence shows, Graves concludes, that: “The wimpy Y chromosome is disappearing fast…” Disrespectfully trashing centuries of Dudegenius, Graves then (be)mused: “Perhaps then, it is time to reassess the adage that maleness is dominant, and femaleness (an understudy) condition. The view of females as some sort of deficient, mutant males (is wrong)… the genetic element that defines maleness – that is the mutant element.”

Graves’ piece was not noticed much, until she rewrote it with a new lead (ie, Sperm are Dying! Dying-Sperm Linked to Dying Y!), her name now appearing after “R. John Aitken” in the journal Nature (The Future of Sex. Vol 415, 28 February, 2002. p 963). This time Graves got the scientific world’s, um, – attention.

David Page, who still calls humans “man,” gets laffs every time with the same line recounting the impact of Graves’ article in his public speeches: “A grad student came rushing into my office with the Nature article, tears streaming down his face. — We held an emergency lab meeting and resolved to pick up the pace of our research.” Page, weirdly, never mentions the article’s authors by name, though refers to the Nature article in public speeches as “an editorial.” The dudeaudience – rimshot – laffs.

In 2003, Bryan Sykes summarized the research on the Y chromosome in Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men, bravely intended for a general audience. The same year, Steve Jones published Y: The Descent of Man.

Trust Your Perceptions will step aside for Sykes and Jones, who, in their own words, explain the State of Man:

On maleness:

“…(T)he human template is female. Men are genetically-modified women.” (Sykes on ABC)

“Freud’s antique notion of women as diminished men is quite wrong. Biology reveals instead every man’s battle to escape the woman within.” (Jones)

“Maleness…was a mutation….We can tell this because there are still a few genes on the human Y-chromosome which have recognizable counterparts on the X-chromosome… pointing to a distant common ancestry.” (Sykes)

“Sex is an extremely inefficient way of reproducing yourself, simply because the production of males is cripplingly wasteful.” (Sykes)

“(Sex) is a truly enormous burden which falls primarily on females who have to spend half their time and effort producing essentially useless males…” (Sykes)

“Males are, in the genetical sense, parasites upon females.” “(Men) use female flesh to copy their own DNA.” “Males are, in many ways, parasites upon their partners. Their interests are to persuade the other party to invest in reproduction, while doing as little as they can themselves. Like all vermin, from viruses to tapeworms, they force their reluctant landladies to adapt or to be overwhelmed. As the host evolves to cope with her unwelcome visitor, the two parties enter a biological dance. Each has its own agenda, and as one gains, the other fights back…Whenever a new illness emerges or an old ailment flares up, those under attack must respond or die. The parasite, whatever it may be, constantly tests it’s hosts fortifications with new mechanisms of virulence – which in turn are fended off. Neither party can afford to relax, and little by little a complex and rickety structure of defense and counterattack evolves…” (Jones)

On the Y chromosome:

“Research on the Y-chromosomes (ran longer than expected because) all Y-chromosomes seemed to be exactly the same.” “After many years of late nights in the lab and sequence after sequence of frustrating uniformity, enough differences were found to enable researchers to begin sorting out the spectrum of Y-chromosome variation.” “…(I)t had been far more difficult than anyone had predicted to find genetic variations in Y-chromosomes.” (Sykes)

“(The Y-chromosome) is filled with parasites, redundancy and decay. The chromosome unique to men is a microcosmic metaphor of those who bear it…” (Jones)

“The Y-chromosome itself is a graveyard of genes…” “One by one, (the Y’s)…useful genes were lost until now only 27 remain – and they are under constant threat.” (Sykes)


“Once a chromosome has been denied the opportunity to recombine with its partner this limits its capacity to repair the damage inflicted by mutation. Sexual recombination has a healing effect, allowing damaged genes to be resuscitated by their healthy companions on the undamaged chromosome during the “final embrace” before they go their separate ways… Chromosomes denied this nursing care get sicker and sicker. Mutations, almost all of which are inevitably harmful, silence genes one after another…” “Without any capacity for repair, the mutations keep on accumulating.” (Sykes)


“To make matters worse, the Y-chromosome is hit by mutations more than any other chromosome. The reason for this extra insult is that the Y-chromosomes must spend their entire lives, for generations after generation, in the…testis.” “And cells in the testis never stop dividing. To keep up with the massive daily output of sperm…they are never allowed to rest.” “… (It’s a) hothouse atmosphere…” “…(These are) hostile conditions…” “Not only do the male (sperm) cells have to keep dividing day and night to keep up the supply of sperm, (but toxins are produced in making the tail of sperm. The more sperm, the more toxins).” “A toxic environment coupled with rapid cell division makes the male germline cell a very DNA-unfriendly place indeed.” (Sykes)

“(Additionally)…When mutations hit vital genes, they cause genetic diseases, and these damaging changes are ten to fifteen times more likely to happen in (men, who then introduce them into the species).” (Sykes)

“But not all mutations are quite so drastic in their effects. They can wound a gene without killing it outright. The wounded Y-chromosome, just a little bit less healthy than before, probably will get through. Then, a few generations later, another mutation will sting again. Not fatally, but enough to weaken it a little bit more. This is death by a thousand cuts. Unable to make long-term repairs themselves through sexual recombination, and isolated from external help, the wounded Y-chromosomes will stagger on through succeeding generations, gradually becoming weaker and weaker. One by one they will succumb to the effects of the final mutations that render the men who carry them completely sterile and only then will they disappear.” (Sykes)

“Even the ultimate master switch, the SRY gene itself…has been pounded… The SRY genes are changing far more quickly than their counterparts on the other chromosomes, and that alone shows the long-term effect of living in the ultra-hostile environment of the testis. However, only the SRY mutations with minimal effect can survive at all. If a mutation did cripple the SRY gene so that it could no longer switch on the path to male development, any embryo that did develop would be female. This is exactly what is found in XY females. They all have a Y-chromosome, but because the SRY gene didn’t work when it should have, the embryos developed into girls. Sequencing through the SRY genes of XY females, the damage becomes clear. The gene has been blasted and the mutations have hit vital parts of the instructions.” (Sykes)

“It is a race against time. Can a species get the genes it needs off the Y-chromosomes, or recreate them elsewhere, before it goes under? Always the last gene to go will by the SRY,

the master switch itself. We know it is capable of jumping ship and smuggling itself onto another chromosome. The evidence for this abandonment lies in the few cases of XX males… SRY can’t be located on the Y-chromosome – because they don’t have one. The SRY genes are stowed away on another chromosome. In the germline cells of their fathers, SRY became detached from the Y-chromosome and re-implanted somewhere else. However, iimagesn its hurry to leave the Y-chromosome…SRY has left the other genes behind. The few remaining genes on the Y-chromosome are still necessary for proper sperm production, so the XX men are, sadly, sterile.” “If these few genes had already left the Y-chromosome, or had their functions been reproduced elsewhere, the XX men would have been completely fertile and the species would be saved. Everything needed to make a man would then have escaped the doomed Y-chromosome and it could have been left to rot.” (Sykes)

“We are in the midst of an ascent of women matched with an equivalent descent of men.” (Jones)


On sperm and infertility:

“Sperm are in a bad way these days.” “Low sperm counts were found in men in places as far apart as Peru, India, Libya and Nigeria.” “Low sperm counts are a major factor in male infertility. This is serious.” (Sykes)

“In 1950 Americans known to be fertile because they already had a child had an average count of around 100 million sperm per mililitre. In 1974 came the shock. The numbers had dropped by half, and a mere one husband in twenty could reach the previous standard.” (Jones)

“A recent worldwide study of thousands of volunteers suggested a drop from over 100 million sperm per mililetre of semen in 1940 to just 66 million a half century later. At this rate, (men) will make no sperm at all by the end of the (21st) century, and the population crisis will be solved.” (Jones)

“Great numbers of our own sperm fail to mature, and about a third are abnormal… Some have a swollen head, or a tail unable to lash in the correct way… Why men are so feeble, nobody knows.“ (Jones)


“Between a third and a half of human sperm is anatomically abnormal, adopting an array of weird shapes that prevent it from swimming in the right direction. Some people excuse these deformities as devices to outwit sperm from other men that might be after the same egg. I doubt this is true because in our closest primate cousins, the chimpanzees, whose sperm really do face a lot of competition from other males because female chimps are copulating right, left and centre, 100 percent of the sperm is in excellent shape. Our poor performance against other animals can be judged by the fact that men produce approximately the same number of fit sperm per day as do hamsters, only a fraction of our size.” (Sykes)

“…(S)ome men with gaps in their Y-chromosomes do experience problems with fertility….when their sperm is examined at a fertility clinic, there is something obviously wrong with it. Either there are far fewer than normal, sometimes none at all, or the sperm are even more misshapen than usual, or they are very sluggish. These men have suffered because the chunk of DNA missing from their Y-chromosome…contains one or more sperm production genes.” (Sykes)

“These are fresh mutations which disabled a Y-chromosome (as infertility cannot be inherited from a fertile father)…” (Sykes)

“…(T)he continuous and cumulative decay of the Y-chromosome will progressively and inexorably reduce male fertility to the point where men do become extinct. I deliberately use “men” instead of our species…” (Sykes)

“Mutations are random events that happen when DNA is copied as cells divide. So by a straightforward numerical logic, the more cell division there is, the more mutations their DNA will experience.” (emphasis, Trust’s) (Sykes)

“Whatever insults it may suffer from the external world, a sperm’s main cause of damage comes from within, and is, alas, impossible to avoid. Men make their reproductive cells all the time, from puberty to death.” “The chances of a mistakes (increase) each time the DNA is copied.” “For (mens’) secretions damage (men).” (Jones)

“ …(T)he testis are held outside the body in order to cool them down by a couple of degrees. If (sperm) were kept at normal body temperature, sperm production would fail completely.” (emphasis, Trust’s) “In fact, so sensitive are they to temperature that warming the testicles has proven a very effective, and easily reversible, contraceptive.” “Bakers, welders, and furnace workers all suffer from high testicular temperature and low sperm counts, as do taxi-drivers and other men who spend all day sitting down without allowing a draught of cooling air to waft over their parts.” (Sykes)

“…(A)fter a couple hours behind the wheel the scrotum is two degrees warmer than after the same time on foot. All drivers suffer, and men who are wheelchair bound are at particular risk as their testis never get a chance to cool down… A sauna does the job even better (and it can take weeks to get back to normal). Even worse, baby boys who wear plastic-covered diapers are warmer below the waist than those in cotton. Diapers themselves go on for longer in the lax Western world… Boys whose testicles are hot because they do not descend from the body cavity tend to be infertile, and wearers of high-technology baby-wear may pay the penalty when they grow up. One treatment uses a fan directed at the male organs while their owner sleeps.” (Jones)


In 2003, the same year Sykes and Jones published for the general public, Page and his team also announced they had finally succeeded, after 13 years, in sequencing the Y chromosome. Spinning from the get-go, “The Male-Specific Region of the Y-Chromosome is a Mosaic of Discrete Sequence Classes” (which sounds way-better than “We Finally Found A Way to Tell Dudes Apart,” or “Dudes Hardly Left”) appeared in the journal Nature.

Page reported that the Y chromosome, ingeniously, copied itself in an attempt to fix its own mutations. Unable to do mutual-relationship-type-recombination like all other chromosomes, the Y chromosome created 8 intensely redundant “palindromes,” — writing, for example, AM ADAM, MADAM, A, seemingly fucking endlessly — then bending themselves in half to try to get their dying-asses fixed. According to Page, “Indeed, nearly all of the >99.9% sequences (highly-redundant palindromes) exist as pairs in inverted orientation.” He called this “our discovery of abundant recombination.” Scientific journals reported Page’s team’s finding with headers such as:“The Y Chromosome: A Crystal Palace of Mirrors,” ad hilariousum. Generaldudewriters even wondered if all that freak-out activity on the Y qualified as evolution: “Are Men More Evolved than Women?” they asked.

In 2004, in an article titled, “The Degenerate Y Chromosome – Can Conversion Save It?” Graves responded to Page: “(The discovery of palindromes) will not lead to a drive towards a more functional Y. The forces of evolution have made the Y a genetically-isolated non-recombining entity, vulnerable to genetic drift and selection for favorable new variants sharing the Y with damaging mutations. Perhaps it will even speed up the decline of the Y…” (emphasis, Trust’s)

Sykes, in his 2004 American edition of Adam’s Curse, also responded to Page: “…(T)his kind of internal recombination is not without its dangers. There is no guarantee that the gene conversion will repair a damaged copy. The essential ignorance of the DNA makes it equally likely that the good copy will be spoiled instead. Also, the palindromes themselves are vulnerable to deletion by the very process of internal recombination… If this happens, entire chunks of Y-chromosomes will be lost, often taking vital genes with them… Deletions of this type are a common cause of male infertility.”

Sykes continued: “(Mens’) ability to recombine internally, deduced from the study of one man’s Y-chromosome, was totally unexpected. It is certainly recombination of a sort, but a far cry from the vivacious gatherings enjoyed by the other nuclear chromosomes…where there is a chance to change partners at every generation. In comparison to these full-blown sexual liaisons, this is a lonely shuffle where each gene dances with a mirror image of itself and engages in a bit of mutual grooming. There is no chance for new gene combinations to arise, no protection against the onslaught of parasites, no contact with the outside world. It remains to be seen whether this sad gavotte has slowed down the pace of decay, or accelerated it. The Y-chromosome is as lonely as ever, but now we know it talks to itself as it spirals towards oblivion.” (Sykes)

surnames3Sykes then warns Mankind that they are now “…put on notice.” He lays out mens’ options:

“We now know, thanks to David Page’s work, all the genes that are present (in the Y)… Even with today’s comparatively primitive genetic engineering technology, it would be comparatively easy to cut them out of the wreckage…and assemble them them together in a compact genetic package. Or they could be made from scratch, even with present-day DNA synthesis instruments. From there, it would be a relatively straightforward task to insert the package into another chromosome…”

If invading and occupying another chromosome doesn’t work, Sykes alternately suggests enslaving another chromosome’s genes: “One strategy is to recruit genes on other chromosomes to take on the job of male development. It might only take a small mutation to convert a gene on another chromosome so that it becomes capable of duplicating the job of one of the endangered Y-chromosome genes… But it is a very risky strategy, and failure to have a backup somewhere else…have driven many species to extinction.”

Of course, according to Sykes, should these desperate measures fail:Many people (sic) would rejoice at the extinction of men. Valerie Solanas was one.” (Sykes is a reader, but lives in too rarefied a tower (not to mention he’s a dude) to comprehend life on the other side of men; no comprehension as a girlchild who was raped by men, no comprehension as a woman, who, in order to eat, was raped by men, and not a clue on the link between. Sykes refers to Solanas’ writing as “venomous).”

Trust cannot judge whether this final suggestion by Sykes was written in earnest. — Or written to scare the shit out of dudes. But this is how Bryan Sykes concludes his book: “One final genetic solution that I offer for scrutiny is the most radical. That is to abandon men altogether… There are no sperm to do battle, no Y-chromosomes to enslave the feminine. The destructive spiral of greed and ambition fueled by sexual selection diminishes and, as a direct result, the sickness of our planet eases. The world no longer reverberates to the sound of men’s crashing antlers and the grim repercussions of private and public warfare. The great sexual experiment…is over. Mitochondria and the female have finally triumphed…and Gia can resume her…sleep.”


In 2010-2011, Page resurfaced with Jennifer Handmaiden Hughes to tell the world the Y is not – Repeat: NOTDYING. This followed another Page article in Nature, but this time (ohsocleverly) headlined by Hughes. Page and Hughes appeared together and separately in

both the scientific and general media. Page made himself heard on The Colbert Report, NPR, and in The New York Times. The written-word media, which follows the lead of The New York Times, disseminated the article widely.

According to The New York Times article by staff science writer Nicholas Wade, who carries on the time-honored tradition of Male Reversal: “This DNA swapping process (recombination) is forbidden between the X and Y pair, keeping the male-determining gene from being transferred into the X-chromosome, creating gender chaos.” (Not that the Y chromosome can’t recombine because it’s decayed to the point that someone should be calling HOSPICE. No. The Y chromosome can’t recombine on purpose. Dude Integrity is like — maintained — through dude-exclusive space, cuz — special. It is SO NOT that we wouldn’t just die to get our limping asses onto an X-chromosome. And-how-are-we-suppose-to-know who’s been stealing your genetic shit? Why do you even leave that stuff laying around?)

The article continues: “A new look at the human Y-chromosome has overturned longstanding ideas about its evolutionary history. Far from being in a state of decay, the Y-chromosome is the fastest-changing part of the human genome and is constantly renewing itself.” “The hallmark of the Y-chromosome now turns out to be renewal and reinvigoration, once the unnecessary burden of…genes has been shed.” (We’re NOT on our deathbed. We’re at the gym, — Getting in shape. Lean and mean! We WANNA lose our genes. GENES SUCK).

And this thoughtful little dudegift from our science writer: “The Y-chromosome’s rapid rate of evolutionary change does not mean that men are evolving faster than women.” (Aw, a gentleman. And you didn’t even think there were any left. (Church is always a good place to look…))

Of course all this “information” came from Page, who then steps out from behind the curtain to say: “It is now clear that the Y-chromosome is by far the most rapidly evolving part of the human (genome).” So: “Evolving” is not synonymous with “Bombed.” On the contrary, Dr. Page: The Y chromosome, because of its inability to recombine, is by far the slowest part of the human genome to adapt to changing conditions – which is, duh – why it’s in its death throes. Also, “evolution,” biologically, means species-wide adaptation to changing environmental conditions which encourages survival, as in: “The extinction of males will catapult human evolution, as males had proved too costly.” Page, who fersure-fersure didn’t mean: ‘Y death, hallelujah, harbinger of the common good,’ misused “evolution” — spun it around – to introduce yet another Male Reversal to the world. The Y is NOT “evolving.” To be necro-Waitsian about it, the Y is “combing back his feathers as he feels the BLOOD in his shoe.”

Page has been clear: No amount of evidence will stand in the way of his defense of the Y chromosome. Obviously, science derived from and historically served white male world domination. But nowadayz, scientists the world over collect empirical evidence from which they draw conclusions. No scientist announces their preferred conclusions in lieu of empirical evidence. Because to do so makes you not a scientist, — but a propagandist.

page2_bannerPatriarchy’s little Himmler is working on making himself a public figure, the world-expert on the Y-chromosome, it’s spokesman, the guy-you-go-ask. Trust has noticed major media science writers sticking to Page. The Wikipedia entry on the Y chromosome also relies heavily on Pages’ work.

In 2011, Page, — appealing for funding from the National Genome Research Institute (NGRI), the US government agency which funded the Human Genome Project and continues to fund genetic research, — assured fellow-dudes that his life’s work has been to defend Y’shonor.” He then asked the NGRI for money to map the X and other non-sex chromosomes: “I will recommend we scrutinize about 160 of the most structurally-complex euychromatic sites on the human X and in autosomes by haploid iterative mapping and sequencing,” Page said. These structurally-complex sites, he added, “are crying-out for a little closer scrutiny.”…“There are about 160 sites that account for a disproportionate burden of disease…,” Page continued. “This investment will be returned a billion times.

It’s usually the start of something VERY BAD when white men start making maps. Page wants to better map the X and other chromosomes so he can figure out how and where to stick mens’ 45 dying-ass sperm-making genes, — or what? Sykes, after all, suggested that these genes be inserted into another chromosome. (The Director of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine recently said, most creepily: “We might see a move towards artificial chromosomes and ‘genetic cassettes’ that can be inserted at the embryonic stage to correct for particular diseases…” Artificial chromosomes?? But who could need those?) David Page also impressed upon the men handing out money his desire for improved technology “for the naughty private parts of the genome…that we’re not even prepared to talk about entering yet.”


Also in 2011, Graves and Hughes faced off at the 18th International Chromosome Conference in Manchester England to debate the the death of the Y chromosome. They headlined as: “THE GREAT DEBATE: Is the Y-Chromosome Disappearing?” The audience consisted of 300 sex-chromosome researchers — half women, half men.

In her introductory remarks, Graves assured the audience she was no “male-basher” and harbored no ulterior motive. (Has-one-dude-ever felt the need to open a debate this way?) Graves covered all research to date, and, (compared to jenny_gravesSykes’ 125,000 year estimate), was quite conservative in offering a 4.6 million year dude-expiration date. (Jones being much-too-generous in his 10 million years prediction). Graves gave these reasons why she thinks the Y is, as she said, “on its way out:” “Evidence that there is practically nothing left of the original human Y and the added part of the human Y is degrading rapidly.” “Evidence that the Y in other mammals undergoes lineage-specific degradation.” “Evidence that the Y has already gone nuts or completely disappeared in some rodent lineages.” “Evidence from right across the animal kingdom, and even plants, that Ys…degrade inexorably.” And that, because it can’t recombine, “The Y chromosome is subject to…inefficient selection.” So, NEAR DEAD, HAPPENING IN ALL Y MAMMALS (and other Y creatures and plants, with a few examples of having already happened). And CAN’T F*ING FIX ITSELF.

Jennifer Hughes
Jennifer Hughes

Hughs, on the other hand, pointed to the palindromes discovered by Page’s team. These, Hughs insisted, were the trick Y had up his sleeve – the brilliant way the Y counters its own decay: “The Y chromosome has shown it has ways to outsmart genetic decay in the absence of ‘normal’ recombination.” (Dudes tricky and smart. They are so, like, smart, laws of nature, can’t like, touch dudes. And what’s ‘normal’ anyways? Like what could be more normal than dudes?) The main argument from Hughs: “The Y hasn’t disappeared yet, and it’s been around for hundreds of millions of years.“ (DUDES STILL HERE! Plus: DUDES WERE HERE BEFORE!) (Trust will take on this-hundreds-of-million-of-years-of-dudedom idea in a future post: “The Chicken IS the Egg. Which Came First: The Chicken or the Rooster?) So, from Hughs: DUDES SMART, and like, DUDES FOREVER! (Hughs mustagot some dinner invites that night, — no?)

When the moderator asked the audience to vote on the persuasiveness of these two

geneticists’ arguments, the vote came back tied: All women voted for Graves, the men

unanimous for Handmaiden.


In 2013, Page gave a talk on sex-differentiating medicine. (Which alert readers will note was an appeal Page used in asking for money to map the other chromosomes. Is Page really switching to male disease? Or creatively funding more Y research? Or is this self-proclaimed defender of the Y chromosome tying to acclimate people to the idea of sex-segregated ‘medical treatments?)’

Opening his talk, Dr. Page addressed the audience: “Across the course of time, scientists, no matter how brilliant they are, have gotten things wrong in a big way. For a long time, we thought the Earth was flat. And we thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Well, in this time of the Human Genome Revolution, it turns out that we are missing something of critical importance.” Page pauses. — Before launching into how medicine needs to be sex-differentiated.

What Page should have said next, in front of the banks of cameras, microphones and journalists of The World Media, is this:

“I am here to announce that scientists have been wrong in a big way again: We have been wrong about men and women. We have been wrong about men being the true human being, the important human being, the superior human being. When we learned the Earth was an orb revolving around the sun, contrary to how things seemed, our world-view was turned upside-down and we had to radically reconfigure our thinking. Now genetics has turned our world-view of men and women upside-down, and we have to radically reconfigure our thinking: Men are sperm accessories, who are in free fall to extinction. Women are the true human being, the important human being, the superior human being. Women are the center of the species. Women are what matters…”

Dudes Are Doomed (Part II): Sperm is Tanking

Part two of a seven part series.  View parts one, three, four and five.

This is part of an ongoing series on Sex and Science. Scientific knowledge is constantly changing, — particularly Genetics, which is in its infancy. Trust Your Perceptions makes an effort to present current knowledge. Women, consider entering Genetics. (This piece is speculative, and meant for mind-fliers who appreciate spectacular views).

Necrophilia Explained, or Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Dudesperm — and therefore Dudes — are Done-for

In addition to the over 97% loss of the Y chromosome, a second stunning circumstance is also hastening dudedoom: the Y’s package delivery system – sperm – is also failing. Infertility clinics “helping couples conceive” have — have you noticed? — popped-up everywhere in recent years. Yet these clinics primarily serve men — because most fertility problems are caused by defective sperm.


“Male infertility” usually means “sperm decay.” As the Y’s sperm-making genes become mutated – those paltry few genes Y still has get wrecked, — and sperm can’t “perform.” The sperm itself decays. (Other factors, such as pesticides, and possibly estrogen from birth control pills found in public water supplies (turning on the tap) are also implicated in sperm death).

Sperm counts between 1940 and 1990 dropped world-wide, according to researchers, by at least 50%. This is based on individual sperm “head counts.” Often these head counts included immobile, deformed, and Y-mutated sperm, ie, abnormal sperm. But including abnormal sperm in sperm head counts results in an erroneous number. One-third to half of sperm world-wide have been found to be abnormal. (Recent more-standardized counts have come up with abnormal sperm figures as high as 85%). Researchers are nervously standardizing count procedures now. Once procedures have been standardized world-wide, no longer including abnormal sperm in sperm counts might result in a global sperm decline figure almost as shocking as the near-total decline of the Y chromosome. Except — unlike the Y chromosome, sperm hasn’t taken a hundred thousand years to degenerate. – Sperm has degenerated in just a few generations.

One just-released regional study, eg, found that between 1989 and 2005, sperm counts of 35-year-old men in France dropped by 32.2%. Relying on the information above, if, between 1940 and 1990, sperm counts dropped world-wide by 50%, this would mean that since 1940 – in just 65 years – sperm counts for 35-year-old men in France may have dropped around 80%. — An 80% drop in sperm counts in just two or three generations.

In 1950, sperm counts measured at 100 million per ml, before dropping precipitously. Drops have been so serious that the World Health Organization (WHO) revised its recent “normal” sperm count threshold of 60 million per ml to 20 million per ml. Additionally, WHO is now considering further revising its “new normal” rates of 20 million per ml to 10 million per ml – cutting in half the already radically-revised number. (At 20 million per ml, male fertility becomes highly questionable. At 10 million per ml, sperm are more or less zombified). At this rate, production of viable sperm may become a much more immediate crisis than the nearly-dead Y.

Because: No sperm, — no dudebabies.


When dudes start talking all-mild-and-dull about “infertility,” pay attention.

In the labs of infertility clinics, sperm ability is tested by shooting the dudesperm in question at a hamster egg to see if it penetrates. (Rape + Target Practice. So totally Dudely!) Should the hamster egg (prove impenetrable? prevail? — this is so pathological, Trust can’t even find the word) – dudesperm clearly needs help, and a needle of this decayed wank product is then shot directly into the egg of the woman who wants to be a mother (in a dish under a microscope). Called ICSI, over 100,000 babies have been born this way. The problem with this trend in circumventing sperm failure is that, should the baby be a boy, dudebaby just inherited dad’s can’t-make-a-baby-without-a-clinic sperm. For this reason, many couples chose a girl in the dish to implant into the future mom.

It should be noted that mens’ selfishness in having “their” woman have “their” child, never mind the decrepitude of their sperm product, strews sewage into the gene pool. Evolution exists to filter out bullshit that’s not working. These poor-specimen men and their women-wives are paying to circumvent evolution, paying to pollute the gene pool. Sperm decayed to the point of needing a fertility clinic has been shown to result, for example, in female and male babies with neurological problems, nervous-system disorders and behavioral and learning difficulties. Disturbingly, it is the women-wives who have willingly abdicated their right to manage reproduction for the well-being of the species. As succinctly stated by writer Beata Murrell: “Reproduction is women’s responsibility.”


Dudes make sperm non-stop. In the Dudeball Factory, production runs 24/7, as it takes two months to make sperm. Sperm then spend another 10 days in the kiddie pool learning to swim (which, contrary to popular belief, they don’t do well and are getting worse at). These stages of production are slow, but sperm-making is dude’s biologically-mandated life-long job. Dude exists to be the end-of-the-hall sperm pop machine at the all-girls school.

But this isn’t fortunate for dude. — Because every time a male makes sperm, he incurs more and more mutations. — Every time a male incurs more and more mutations, he contributes to the demise of his Y and the Ys of his progeny. — Every time a male contributes to the demise of his Y and the Ys of his progeny, he is contributing to the demise of his sperm and the demise of his progeny’s sperm. — In other words, the more sperm a dude makes, the more dude is destroying his own sperm — and the sperm of his male descendants. Which brings us to this moment. Trust has a scientific announcement to make which is solely the work of Trust Your Perceptions: Porn is ACCELERATING dude demise. Dudes cuming in their hands to porn is exacerbating Total Male System Failure.

Between 1953, when Playdude first got dudes to wank in concert, to the present day, — a mere 60 years, — porn has, well, “skyrocketed” and “exponentially exploded” does not even suffice. Increased porn correlates over 60 years perfectly vertically parallel to increased wanking. (And Trust can’t help but notice, drop in sperm counts correlates downward).

Wanking, of course, seems like just wanking, but is in fact, an insanely unreasonable demand on the male, who is, afterall, not unlike the pop machine. You keep feeding that machine quarters and smacking that pop button, eventually — no pop. Sperm is expensive for dudes. An example some of you may be familiar with is ease with which dude slips, post-coital – INTO A COMA. — Checking, you may have discovered he’s not dead; he just LOOKS dead. The Tantricas were onto something when they warned men against ejaculating. Sperm wastes dudes. (Some male creatures, because sperm is so expensive to make, only make it once a year). The lifespan of hermaphroditic worms who go male for the sole purpose of sperm production is shortened by a quarter. Not only can sperm production shorten dudelife (is this why, despite every benefit conferred by patriarchy, men have shorter lifespans?), unreasonable sperm-production-demands contributes to sperm failure. Human males have no viable sperm left – ye old “shooting blanks” — after only 6 ejaculations within 24 hours.

When virtually all dudes on Earth masturbate in concert, at high-frequencies, as they are doing now with porn, the Y and sperm in all men get wrecked, while this wreckage gets passed down to all future dudebabies, who, like their fathers, wank on, working those wrecking ball levers themselves, wrecking the wreckage into dudedust.

For boys, pornjacking is suicide. Boys who pornjack are hereby decreed “Suicideboys.” In Suicideboys’ Global Pornjacking Extravaganza, — should a mutation take down the “male making” gene SRY, — this gene already now wounded from mutation strikes, — dudedust is NOW. (No more SRY means only girls get made). Male scientists from Japan to Macedonia were worried this had already happened with XO Turner’s Syndrome females, — but were relieved to learn not yet.

The condition Trust posits here can be referred to as “DEAD” — Dudedoom Enthusiastically-Accelerated through Dickwanking. Though clueless just how hurtful, funfems are accidentally correct: Pornography hurts men too.

Oh. — But there’s more. —

This “DEAD by porn” scientific announcement is hereby supplemented with a second scientific announcement, also solely the work of Trust Your Perceptions: Heat Immobilizes Sperm. Increased global temperatures will make dudesperm look like a bunch of shot-up nodding dopefiends crossing into overdose. With Global Warming, sperm may fail completely. And as we’ve seen: No sperm, — no dudebabies.

The reason dudesperm is made in dudeballs is because dudeballs are outside of dude’s body, — where it’s a couple of degrees cooler. If dudesperm were made in dude’s body, which would be smarter for avoiding mutations, dudesperm would nonetheless DIE from the extra couple degrees of warmth. (And what doesn’t die, can’t swim).

Heat makes sperm nod out so effectively that ball-warming is sometimes used as birth-control. A dude trying to bullshit you into hot tub sex by saying his sperm go to sleep after taking a bath, though definitely bullshitting you, isn’t lying. Scientists in India found that three weeks of daily dudebaths lulled dudesperm into a deep sleep for an average of six months. If dudesperm can’t handle three weeks of baths, dudesperm won’t be able to handle what’s coming. In fact, as we shall see, there are already signs that dudesperm can’t handle the warmth already here.

The second condition Trust posits here can be referred to as “STOP” — SpermatozoaC_67_article_2067511_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage Toasting on Planet.

Not only are men expediting their already-in-the-works-demise by committing Y- and sperm-suicide through pornjacking, but men are also expediting their already-in-the-works demise of sperm failure by not-giving-a-shit about the global warming they caused in the first place.

So this is how it is: The nearly-dead Y, skipping the hospital, is driving itself straight to the cemetery. To make matters unbelievably worse, the sports car Y is driving to personally deliver his own precious cargo has gone all-asudden-fucky, accelerating out-of-control, no brakes, crashing through the brick wall of the cemetery, and coming to a – you got it – DEAD STOP.

Now Fewer Babyboys

The male birthrate is slowly but surely dropping. — Worldwide. The women of the world just aren’t making as many.

Females are currently giving birth to 17 fewer males per 10,000 births. (If female infanticide in China, India and elsewhere was not taken into account in calculating these scientifically-accepted figures, — which is probable, — women are birthing even fewer males). Under normal conditions, females already spontaneously-abort (“miscarry”) more males than females. Hard times – economically, poli-psycho-dude-wise, environmentally — all bad news for dudebabies. Because then women make even fewer.

An increase in the unemployment rate, for example, causes an increase in the spontaneous abortion of males. The higher the unemployment rate, the higher the spontaneous abortion of males. A bad economy, which for most USians, eg, doesn’t usually mean life or death, still makes for fewer games of dice down by the gene pool – less biologic interest in producing males.

Male birthrates also drop after poli-psycho-dude incidents and environmental traumas. Well-documented examples include the London Great Smog in 1952, Jerusalem after the Six Day War in 1967, the political collapse of East Germany in 1991, the earthquake in Kobe, Japan in 1995, and the 2001 Twin Towers bombing in New York City. In the Kobe example, scientists found Y-sperm lost viability after the earthquake. In the New York example, scientists found pregnanting females spontaneously-aborted males, with this single dudes-are-insane incident resulting in a 5% drop in making New York City babyboys. The impact of 9/11 reached all the way to the West Coast, as male birthrates in California dropped 2%, — with girl rates holding steady. When environmental trauma does occur, the more serious the environmental trauma, the more seriously dudebabies stop being made. The Aamjiwnaang First Nation Reservation (in what is now Canada) is surrounded by petroleum and chemical plants. The air is the worst in Canada. The water is defiled by mercury and PCBs. An astonishing 40% of pregnanting Aamjiwnaang women spontaneously abort. Male birth rates have dropped so dramatically, the school hockey team has been disbanded because there are too few boys. But Aamjiwnaang boys, though few, are still being born. In Seveso, Italy, however, after a 1976 dioxin explosion — to those most exposed — no boys were born for seven years.

And now, with Global Warming, Earth enters a new phase. Initially, as temperatures rise, women may birthe more girls than boys. Girl-making is more likely in a slow-motion sperm situation. This is because while Y-chromosome-sperm can live three days, X-chromosome-sperm can live for five. Under warming conditions, odds in favor of girl-making increases. Women living in warmer climates already birthe fewer boys, probably because of heat’s stoner affect on Y-sperm. Scientists say they can’t explain the drop in male birth rates world-wide. But heat-stoned sperm alone would explain it.

We may now be seeing Global Warming’s initial impact on men. According to Trust Your Perception’s STOP Theory, because heat devastates sperm, because the sperm which survive heat devastation can’t swim well — as Global Warming continues, sperm may fail completely – meaning no more males would be made. But as we shall see in the Epilogue, however, no more sperm does not mean extinction.

Women of the world are rising. Women are becoming more literate, more educated, more self-sufficient, more conscious, more connected, more organized. Women in the west now earn the majority of degrees at every level. Women everywhere who are demanding equality with men may realize women and men aren’t equal. Women have about 1.5% more genes than men, — the same difference between women and female chimps, — or men and male chimps. Humans don’t have that many genes to begin with; plants have more genes than humans. An approximate 1.5% difference is major — major enough that it can result in an entirely different species. As the world’s women experience globalization, the world’s women will see, inevitably, that the main problem, everywhere – is men. The women of the world have untapped potential. And unlike men, who are gene-broke and sponging, — all of the women of the world are gene-rich.


Dudes Are Doomed (Part I): The Y Chromosome

Part one of seven part series.  View parts two, three, four and five here.

This is part of an ongoing series on Sex and Science. Scientific knowledge is constantly changing, — particularly Genetics, which is in its infancy. Trust Your Perceptions makes an effort to present current knowledge. Women, consider entering Genetics. (This piece is speculative, and meant for mind-fliers who appreciate spectacular views).

Necrophilia Explained, Or, Trust Your Perceptions’ Unifying Theory
of Standard Male Bullshit


Since time immemorial, dudes of Earth have pondered themselves:

What is the meaning of man?


While women handed them plates of food, special thinker-dudes have sacrificed their entire lives to dude-ponder. In fact, certain dudegeniuses have gone full-out immortal for their unintentionally-hilarious tomes of crap (the Why-R-Dudes-Here question being the basis of philosophy and religion everywhere).

What is the meaning of man??

The meaning of man is:

To make a better woman.

Not only are dudes falling down on the job, they are slowly degenerating into non-existence. And this could explain almost everything.

In Parts I and II , Dudes Are Doomed, Trust Your Perceptions explains the genetics of sex, and looks at some examples of genetic war between the sexes occurring under our skin. Trust shows how male existence is now facing a number of serious threats: 1). The male Y chromosome is almost gone, while simultaneously: 2). The male Y chromosome delivery-system of dudesperm is losing its will to swim. Other biological threats to male existence are additionally noted. Trust then presents Trust’s own riveting theories on the hastening of Dudedoom.

In Part III, The Stars of the Show, Trust introduces some of the geneticists who have, since the year 2000, uncovered startling truths about male genetics. They’ll share their discoveries, as we watch this drama unfold.

In Part IV and V, Male Bullshit Stories, Trust looks at how the incessant male bullshit stories of God, How-It-Is, Daily Dudeplots and Porn all serve the Y chromosome. Trust will also present an original theory of porn.

In Part VI, Necrophilia Explained, Or Trust Your Perceptions’ Unifying Theory of Standard Male Bullshit, Trust (with assist from Radfem Foremothers) applies the genetics of sex to decode seemingly inscrutable yet universal male bullshit and the consequent patriarchal horror story we are living in. The puzzling pieces of patriarchy will be pressed together into Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory, which may finally begin to solve the riddle of men.

And finally, in the Epilogue, Prepping for Dude Rapture, Trust will update you on what the world’s geneticists have been up to lately. Trust is telling you: It will make you happy.

This is Part 1 of a 5-part post. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here.

Necrophilia Explained, Or,

Trust Your Perception’s Unifying Theory of Standard Male Bullshit


Normal X chromosome (Female) and normal Y chromosome (Male)

Sex Ed

No one tells females the truth about sex. Do you want to know the truth about sex? All it takes is understanding sex chromosomes. And then you’ll understand why no one tells females the truth about sex.

Every human being has 23 chromosome couples in every cell of their body. 23 couples in every tongue cell, every gut cell, every brain cell – 23 couples working as event planners and housekeepers in every one of your cells, making you happen and keeping you happening. The 23rd couple is the sex chromosome couple, which, setting aside the rare condition of intersex, makes you either female or male. Like all the other 22 couples, this 23rd couple look alikein females. You are female if your 23rd chromosome couple is an X from your mom, and an X from dude which mom PIVed (daddydude got his X from his mother, meaning your second X comes to you ultimately from your grandmother). To females, males are the mere conduit for femaleness. You are male if your 23rd couple is an X from your ma, and a shriveled-looking Y dude which ma PIVed sent over from out of his balls (the foolish place the Y chromosome cache is kept). Males’ 23rd chromosome couple – XY — is the only chromosome couple in the human being which is wacky-ass different from each other.

Before dude injected ma with his concoction of X and Y chromosomes (aka “cuming),” dude had to have a sperm-making party. During this honky-tonk two-step of meiosis, while all dude’s other chromosome couples were having a good time recombining, dude’s Y hung in the corner alone. The Y is the only chromosome in the human genome which cannot recombine – meaning the Y – that which makes dudes dudes, — can’t share or improve itself (the Y can’t recombine physically, due to the shrivel, and because if the Y tries to recombine with the X, X hurts Y bad). To males, females are the mere conduit for maleness. The Y is passed down male to male to male — the only chromosome in the human genome which functions like a clone.

The female X is in possession of about 2,000 genes. The male Y, — once a normal X, has corroded over time into the shriveled lower-case-letter it is today. The Y coming gift-wrapped in the sperm of most any dude you now know has lost about 1,955 genes — ie, over 97% of itself. Currently, the Y chromosome is a trainwreck of about 45 surviving genes. (Some geneticists count 27). These hangin-on-by-their-pinkies-genes are primarily devoted to sperm-making. The rest of the Y chromosome is a wasteland of meaningless repetition. This rate of repetition is between 99.94 – 99.997%. Scientists were shocked by this repetition, and at first, could not distinguish one male from another, — not even from opposite ends of the planet. Sequencing the Y took longer than planned due to the excruciating tedium of this repetition. This repetition is the frantic but failed attempt of the Y at do-it-yourself self-repair.

Chromosomes are constantly hit with mutations, most of which are bad news that need fixing. The first 22 chromosome couples have this mutual-relationship-type-thing; they help each other repair themselves. Chromosomes make each other strong and pretty by sharing. No such luck for the loner libertarian Y, the only chromosome to travel down the generations alone, cordoned off in the hellhole of dude’s balls. The balls are the worse place ever to stash Ys, as they are, geographically, exposed to dangerous oxidation and easily bombarded by mutations. Males are defenseless against this constant onslaught. In fact, with each generation of men, mutations take hold at a rate thousands of times higher than mutations on other chromosomes. The Y, despite its best efforts, cannot repair itself, — and so dumps all mutations from one dudegeneration into the next. “Adam” passes all his mutations onto his son, who passes his father’s mutations and his own mutations onto his son, who passes his grandfather’s mutations, his father’s mutations and his own mutations onto his son… The destruction, — because it is cumulative, — is astronomical. Each dudegeneration becomes more and more damaged. Each dudegeneration becomes weaker and weaker.

The X chromosome, on the other hand, has the lowest mutation rate of any chromosome in the entire human genome.

War Between the Sexes: Intro to Silencing

So there’s Y, — hanging in the corner at dude’s sperm-making party all alone. While all the other chromosome couples are honky-tonking, the XY is put into deepfreeze. This frozen isolation, called Meiosis Sex Chromosome Inactivation (MSCI), is the bargain Y makes to die gradually – (by failing to recombine) rather than dying NOW – (for even trying).

When the Y and X are thawed at the party (tinkering scientists tried it), when the Y is nudged into asking X to dance, — X kicks Y’s ass, — damaging sperm and rendering infertility. More specifically, the Y is left incapable of making any more males.

This going-deepfreeze happens so Y gets through. Avoiding forced sterilization, — preventing the X from putting one serious period after your ass cuz something about you ain’t right (called “aneuploidy” and “apopotosis),” — this allows the Y to keep making Ys – specifically, his Y. His Y hopes to get relayed to a son, a son who will inherit the mutations of his forefathers and accumulate his own mutations, before, again, wagering for unavoidable gradual death rather than death right now.

It is Trust’s best guess that tinkering scientists, in thawing and nudging the Y, were trying to induce Y recombination, and btw, maybe rescue dudes. It also seems likely that tinkerers were on a reconnaissance mission, trying to see if they could move Y’s 45 dying-ass sperm-making genes onto the X chromosome – getting the X to do even more shitwork for dudes. (The X already provides genetic material dude needs for, for example, making his brains (40% of the X is devoted to brain-making), making his balls, and making his future sperm tails lash. (That’s right. Man’s raison detre – and they can’t even make their own balls. “He’s got BALLS.” Sure he does… From mother)). Given the precarious state of the Y chromosome, many genes4dudes once on the Y are now eating out of the fridge over at dude’s other chromosomes. All by themselves, they got up and left. Perhaps tinkerers hoped, if arranged for before the Y totally discombobulates, this colonizing-another-chromosome final strategy could keep dudes around. Since the X isn’t turn-key quite yet, scientists interested in saving their danglies may have to look at hotwiring another chromosome from dude’s own lot.

A second silencing is called “Genomic Imprinting.” This occurs when an embryo is being made. The male targets certain genes on different female chromosomes, turns them off, and snaps his own genes — intrusive puzzle pieces with different instructions — in their place. Females likewise reciprocate. Scientists treat genomic imprinting as if it’s an equal tit-for-tat between the sexes. But this is incorrect. The female is acting in self-defense. Genomic imprinting serves males in several astonishing ways.

Most commonly, males use genomic imprinting to make sure they stick around. Males regularly disable female genes instructing for a small embryo, imposing their big embryo instructions instead. The female defensively counters, which only ends up tempering dudedictate.

When scientists merge two eggs, the embryo is tiny. But when they merge two sperm (you can’t merge two sperm; they irradiate an egg first then put their sperm donor contribution inside), the embryo is super-sized. Neither embryo lives. But what this shows us is that males try to make “their” embryo super-sized for maximum extraction of female reproductive resources. This is a merciless vampirism by the male of the female’s bodily resources, in the male interest of making females make bigboy dudebabies, ie, the successful perpetuation of their Y — at the expense of the female. According to scientists: “(Genomic imprinting) apparently occurred because of a parental (sic) battle between the sexes (sic) to control the maternal expenditure of resources to the offspring. Paternally expressed genes promote growth, while maternally expressed genes suppress growth. Thus, paternally expressed genes enhance the extraction of nutrients from the mother during pregnancy, whereas the maternal genome seeks to limit it. This genetic battle between the mother and father (sic) continues after birth, since lack of a particular male-imprinted gene results in reduced maternal nurturing behavior.” (It’s like they always told you: Women made to be mommas). This has Trust wondering if the “fight”over embryo size ultimately results in sexual dimorphism. This would make perfect sense, despite scientists claiming they have no idea why males tend to be bigger than females.

Dudes also make sure they stick around by every once in awhile imprinting genes which help females (a gene deterring breast cancer, for example, — which you’ll notice, is also helpful to males, since somebody needs to raise the (baby(boy). This, like dude fixing your flat tire, isn’t benevolence. (Does dude fix bro’s flat tire?) It’s more like the news story of the guy who slashed a woman’s tire in a parking lot, and when she came back to her car, offered to “help).” Dude needs his Y transferred, and so makes the female need him.geants-mini-bebe-doigt-543po

The most sinister aspect of genomic imprinting was discovered in 1984 when scientists tried to create parthenogenesis in the lab. Two teams attempting parthenogenesis at about the same time arrived at the same conclusion: Male genes block parthenogenesis. It was eventually shown that in mice and presumably humans, male genes Igf2 (primarily) and Dlk2-Gtl2 are The Size12 Dude Foot which stops women from shutting their door. (Two guesses why: 1). Because they love you and wanna be with you and take care of you for eternity?? 2). Because males force females – genetically — to keep producing males?) Gotta keep your foot in the door.

This genomic battle of swapping out each other’s puzzle pieces has been going on a very long time. When the female’s turned-off genes are turned back on, when dude’s intrusive puzzle-piece genes are removed, the embryo isn’t viable. It’s genetic trauma-bonding (can’t live without dude…) Down the long spiral of time, it’s become a highly co-dependent heterosex mess – which, at this time in evolutionary history — generally results in viable fetuses. (Of course, females are the only ones with unlimited control over reproductive outcomes. — And reproductive direction).

Interestingly, scientists have figured out how to manipulate genomic imprinting, how to close the door on The Size 12 Dude Foot genes to prevent the need for a male in reproduction. It’s very preliminary work (done in mice). Trust will bring you up to date in Part V, The Epilogue, as this is some seriously shocking shit. For now, the important thing to understand is that warfare between females and males goes all the way down to the gene-level, and a weapon of war is silencing.

A third type of silencing happens only to females. As the future girl unfolds from her mother’s egg, the girl’s 23rd XX chromosome couple do the damnedest thing: One of the future girl’s XX chromosomes goes silent. At first, the X from pa goes silent, but then pa’s X gets reactivated — and either the X from pa or the X from ma is then shut down seemingly randomly in almost every cell of the future girl. – For life. Scientists call this “X-inactivation” or “dosage compensation,” — an indirect way of saying that after all X chromosomes are nearly doubled to shore-up dude’s dying Y (oh gosh, scientists always forget to mention that part, — how X chromosomes first rescue the Y, — but Trust will explain this small detail next), — after all X chromosomes are doubled to rescue dudes, the female’s XX chromosomes then get halved.

X-inactivation “happens” because the Y is dying. Imagine three life jackets hanging on a pier – X, X, X. With Y, — out in the water, — drowning. Somehow, in response, all X, X, X life jackets get super-inflated. — This is called “X-upregulation.” The Y needs the super-inflated X life jacket ma tosses him. Her super-inflated gene-rich X saves his drowning ass. If dude couldn’t float on this super-inflated X, all the genes on it

nearly doubled just for him, dude would go under. (Remember, the Y only has 45 genes; a pre-inflated X has 2,000). Since all X chromosomes are super-inflated, even in females, females now have two super-sized XX chromosomes. According to scientists, in order to (get this:) “restore and fine-tune the balance between the sexes” to “equalize dosage,” — these 2 super-sized XX chromosomes are then “downregulated.” Which means: One super-sized X chromosome is then deflated and stowed in most cells of the human female. This is a lot of work: The human female has 10 trillion cells. (Given the ongoing genetic-chemical warfare between males and females, doesn’t it seems kind of strange that the XXXs, having pity on their water-choking bros, agree to super-inflate so he can use one of them, thereafter selflessly crushing down one of their own blown-up XXs – in an act of genetic communism?) Scientist agree that men’s dying Y has triggered X-inactivation in all the world’s women, — yet they are weirdly unclear on meaningful details. (This is because scientists aren’t looking at how the XXXs super-inflate. Scientists are fixated on the crushing down and storing of one X in females instead. They have poured themselves into looking at how girl goes silent). (Watch for Trust Your Perception’s future post: “X-Inactivation: How Dudes’ Dying Asses Get Saved While One of Women’s Two X-Chromosomes is Shutdown for Life).”


Why Have Males?

According to scientists, the reason males and heterosex exist is to mix it up for females, — to provide diversity to females who otherwise face a world where monocrops (clones) can easily perish. A man holds more than his Joker Y, — should a woman feel like a game of cards. All his other chromosome couples recombine normally (because none are sex-specific). Dude brings this deck to the genetic card table. And if inclined, the female draws. (But as we shall see, a new game may be in order because genetic conditions are changing, — and men aren’t the only ones holding a deck).

So in species-reality, the meaning of man is to make a better woman. To offer females, — the Makers and Admins of the Species, — a full deck of genetic options. The Makers and Admins of the Species use this full deck of genetic options to hedge against the vagaries of the real world. Females, it appears, have biologically decided that the genetic “second income” males provide outweigh the high cost of making males. This was a species-management decision by pre-human ancestral foremothers, who, we are told, did the math. Once males are genetically involved in a species, however, this species management decision can’t be easily re-examined. Or at least that’s the schmoozing-over the card sharks deal out. Because of course, while all this is true, it is important to recognize that males have their own motive.

Males aren’t necessary in large numbers. This makes males expendable. – A fact even redneck hunters know. Hunters set their sights on males — because males don’t matter much. The critical being is female. And not only is the critical being female, but females are the norm.

A woman who is pregnanting will always make a girl. Fetuses are female, — unless derailed by the Y chromosome – specifically gene SRY on the Y chromosome. (You’ll notice dudes have vestige nipples – because before they became boys, they were going to be girls). Males inject gene SRY, which is itself a mutation, by sperm, into women. SRY is called the “the sex-determining gene.” But this is incorrect. A fetus’ sex is pre-set female. After about 8 weeks of girl-making, SRY, if present, conscripts the female-fetus male. SRY intercepts the girlchild plans, forcing the pregnanting woman to reproduce the spermdonor in babydude-form.

To males, females are walking copy machines. Some male scientists have even called maleness a “parasitic stratagem,” by which “males trick females into copying their genes for them.” Males use females to copy male genes, while minimizing their own labor and cost. And so, for preferred parasites, — ones who can fix their flats, — females unwittingly provide a low-cost Male-Genetic-Perpetuation Service.

But it doesn’t stop there. To males, a female is a walking copy machine and genetic ATM. (Dude’s got your PIN). As we’ve seen, the male’s dying Y needs a super-sized X to survive. The gene-poor male makes genetic “withdrawals” from the super-sized X he gets from ma. The X is a genetic bank to males, — and dude is seriously in debt.

Males are in a biologically weak position: 1). Males aren’t necessary in large numbers. 2) Males are an aberration from the norm. 3). Males are parasitically-dependent on women to a). copy their genes for them, and b). “borrow” the bulk of genetic material they need to get made and survive. In this biologically weak position, men’s genetic interest is not the same as women’s.


The Makers and Admins of the Species keep males because genetic diversity beats back the barrage of virulence. Diversification, an optimal species survival strategy, is in the female’s genetic interest. But the male’s genetic interest isn’t to help the female with her species survival strategy. Men understand, in their cells, they are as expendable as the bucks they shoot. Given men’s weak biological position, men’s genetic interest is to keep females making them. Or more specifically, a man’s genetic interest is his urgent need to make a female copy and genetically-support his particular Y. (We’ll see how this works in Part IV). But as we’ve already seen: Dudes make sure they stick around. Male genomic imprinting, by preventing parthenogenesis, literally blocks the female from re-examining this entire arrangement.

The sexes have different genetic interests because biologically, females are the Makers and Admins of the Species, while males, as supplemental genetic material, are precarious and peripheral. Genetic interests not only differ, but due to males’ genetic parasitism, can even be said to be in opposition. — Yet weirdly, these interests are not mutually exclusive. — Not as long as the Makers and Admins of the Species continue to feel the math works out. — Or unless males become extinct, and females have to come up with a new calculus.