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Watch for these future posts from Trust Your Perceptions:

*The Chicken IS the Egg. Parthenogenesis and the Mysterious Evolution of Males.

*Testosterone:What it Does.

*X-Inactivation: How Dudes’ Dying-Y-Asses Get Saved as One of Women’s Two X-Chromosomes is Turned Off for Life.

*Genetic Mapping Shows a Global History of Rape.

*Artificial Wombs.

*The Geneva Convention and Hunting Regs: Dude Rules of Engagement.

*The Language of Birth: Concealing the Female Power of Generating Life.

*The Multiverse: Daughter Universes and Mother Stars

*Female Bonding/Female Trashing: Chimps, Bonobos and Homo Sapiens

Please note: Postings, though promised, will be highly irregular.